Maze Marketing Podcast

Maze Marketing Podcast
Run paid ads profitably, and build marketing follow-up systems that really work.

18: Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
May 24 • 21 min
In this episode Rob and Jonathan discuss Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Most of us are familiar with remarketing on Facebook or Google Display, but remarketing for search is generally under-used. Listen now to learn: What RLSA is, how it works,…
17: ‘The Dirt’ on hiring a Google Ads agency
May 17 • 27 min
We all need help with Google Ads from time to time. It’s a big system, and nobody can specialise in all of it. The problem is, getting help from a consultant or agency is fraught with risk. It’s a Wild West industry, that seems to be getting more wild as…
16: Levels of Buyer Awareness
May 2 • 25 min
Building a remarketing maze isn’t right for everyone. So what is the use case? And should you begin on Google, Facebook… or somewhere else? The answer comes down to your buyer’s level of awareness. In other words, how much do they know about the problem…
15: Automated Webinars (feat. Damian Qualter)
Apr 25 • 43 min
Webinars are a viable sales strategy in any marketing maze, and automated webinars are often positioned as the ultimate ‘quick fix’. Supposedly all you need to do is record a webinar, automate it, and watch the money roll in… What would possibly go wrong?…
14: How to better understand your customers (feat. Luke Szyrmer)
Apr 19 • 40 min
All the profits in your business come from one single source: your customers. No matter how much you know about marketing, you HAVE to understand your customers and what makes them tick. Luke Szyrmer learned all this the hard way. After seeing multiple of…
13: Facebook Conversion Tracking Explained
Apr 12 • 26 min
In this episode Rob and Jonathan discuss common Facebook conversion tracking misunderstandings, mistakes and omissions. If you’re spending decent money on Facebook ads, this is a topic you need to get to grips with. Listen now to learn: The essentials of…
12: The 80/20 Principle of Ad Testing
Apr 5 • 24 min
The ‘80/20’ or Pareto principle is an established mathematical fact. Everything in the world that can be impacted by positive or negative feedback loops is impacted by this… including your ads. A small number of your ads will drive the most profit… While…
11: Messenger Marketing and Bot Building Explained
Mar 29 • 21 min
Messenger marketing - the act of communicating with prospects and customers through Facebook’s messaging platform - is a big deal right now. Most of us have at least one messaging platform installed on our phone, and on the face of it open and click…
10: Essential Landing Page Insights
Mar 21 • 31 min
How to construct and test appropriate landing pages for your paid search traffic, and key mistakes to avoid. Rob and Jonathan discuss: Why ‘ugly’ landing pages can sometimes convert best Whether to create pages in a page builder, or just use your existing…
09: Email Storytelling
Mar 15 • 39 min
How to tell engaging stories that sell in your emails, and how to build profitable long term customer relationships. Listen now to learn: How to tell your story in a way that builds trust Where to place your story in your marketing systems The fundamental…
08: Email Deliverability Myths Debunked
Mar 8 • 26 min
This episode is all about deliverability: specific tips for getting your emails delivered to your recipient’s inbox (and preferably avoiding their spam folder or promotions tab). Email is still an important part of any marketing follow-up system, and your…
07: LinkedIn and Twitter ads
Mar 1 • 23 min
Have you tested LinkedIn and Twitter ads? Did you know you can create retargeting audiences on these platforms? LinkedIn and Twitter may not be a core part of your marketing strategy, but most of us make assumptions about these platforms. In this episode…
06: What is the maze?
Feb 1 • 30 min
Rob and Jonathan answer the question: what exactly is the maze? How is it different from conventional funnel-based marketing? This episode covers: - Why marketing is less linear than ever before, with many more touch points - Why impression-assisted…
05: Facebook Ad Policy Violations
Jan 25 • 19 min
In this episode I complain bitterly to Jonathan about the fact that Facebook have inexplicably disabled my ads account. Without explanation or recourse. The Facebook machine has effectively just said “no”. Ad policy violations have become a regular part…
04: The Funnel Analogy
Jan 11 • 32 min
Jonathan and Rob discuss the pervasiveness - and limitations - of the marketing funnel analogy. Including: - When the funnel analogy helps, and when it doesn’t - Why the funnel is becoming less and less relevant
03: Content for remarketing ads
Jan 11 • 26 min
Rob and Jonathan talk about appropriate content for remarketing ads, including: - Whether to lead with a story - What type of stories to use - How to differentiate between hot and cold traffic - Why your content is probably good enough… but your stories…
02: Conversion tracking
Jan 11 • 53 min
The REAL ins and outs of conversion tracking, for Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other platforms. - What conversion tracking really means - Why all conversion numbers are relative not absolute - Why attribution is changing (and what that even means) -…
01: The retargeting journey
Jan 10 • 68 min
Rob and Jonathan discuss retargeting, and dig into Jonathan’s in-depth retargeting experience.