The Bloke Cast

The Bloke Cast
Just a little podcast changing the world of men one episode at a time! Tune in as each week we bring you an inspirational guest or message to help inspire you to living a holistically healthy lifestyle!

Alipate Carlile
Jun 11 • 61 min
On this weeks episode Brendan chats with Alipate ‘Bobby’ Carlile. Bobby played 167 games for Port Adelaide FC and is an absolute bloody legend! Enjoy
Rob Beverige - NBL Legend
Jun 3 • 53 min
In this weeks episode Brendan is joined by a legendary coach of the National Basketball League, Rob Beveridge. This is one of our absolute favourite episodes so PLEASE do not miss it! Enjoy!
Jerry Lienert - Workout For Awareness
May 27 • 55 min
Join Brendan in this weeks episode as he interviews Jerry Lienert, a police veteran who is doing a 48 Hour Workout For Awareness! Enjoy. Be sure to check out Jerry’s social media pages and follow his incredible journey:…
Emotional Awareness And How It Will Change Your Life
May 21 • 45 min
A slightly shorter episode than normal where Brendan sets out how you can literally start to change your life in just 30 minutes a day. A must listen to every bloke out there! Enjoy you bloody legends!
Hugo Toovey - Part 2
May 14 • 68 min
Join us for part 2 of the incredible journey that is the life of Hugo Toovey. An incredible bloke with an incredible journey. Bloody Legend! Enjoy!
Hugo Toovey - Part 1
May 6 • 51 min
In this weeks episode we delve head first into the incredible journey of a bloke still in his 20’s who has been diagnosed with cancer not once… but twice! Enjoy Be sure to tune in next week to hear the rest of this incredible journey!…
John Denholm - Founder of S.A. Brothers
Apr 30 • 57 min
In this weeks episode Brendan sits down for a fireside chat (minus the fire) with John Denholm Founder of the 18k strong men’s group S.A. Brothers. Its groups like these that are doing so much for the health on men out there today. Run correctly and with…
Anzac Day Special
Apr 23 • 56 min
This is an Anzac Day Special where Brendan takes you on a journey telling the stories of four Victoria Cross recipients. Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC and Bar. Captain Charles Upham, VC and Bar. Warrant Officer 2nd Class Keith Payne, VC, AM. Corporal…
Dr Jon Lane - An Incredible Interview
Apr 15 • 80 min
An incredible episode with psychiatrist Dr Jon Lane, who delivers so many golden nuggets for us to take on board, reflect upon and apply to our lives. Enjoy! If you want to find out more information about STAIR check out the links below:…
The Journey Thus Far. What An Absolute Blast!
Apr 9 • 63 min
What a journey it has been so far! Join me on this episode as we look back on the best questions I have received so far from you as well as reflecting on everything we have achieved. Enjoy!
Leon Ruri - Haka For Life
Apr 1 • 77 min
An incredibly raw and emotional episode where Leon takes Brendan on the journey that has been his life. From being physically and sexually abused as child, to becoming an ice addict, to inspiring thousands. Leon is a legend and this is an incredible…
My Battles With Addiction
Mar 26 • 79 min
In this weeks episode Brendan talks honestly and openly about his addiction to prescription medication. It is a raw and emotional episode that was a challenge to record. Enjoy. If you would liek to reach out to the resources mentioned on the podcast:…
Matthew ‘Willy’ Williams
Mar 18 • 78 min
An absolutely incredible episode with Matthew ‘Willy’ Williams! A 22 year old bloke with incurable and inoperable brain cancer. This is a podcast that will change your outlook on life. Seriously. Enjoy! If you want to follow Willy check out below:…
Walt Collins - How body image is crippling blokes
Mar 11 • 50 min
In this episode Brendan speaks to an absolute legend of a bloke, Walt Collins. Walt is the star and host of 3 hit channel 10 TV Shows and today they discuss body image in males. It can be just as big of an issue in males as females yet why do we not…
Tom Moore CEO and Founder of WYWM
Mar 4 • 47 min
In the latest episode of The Bloke Cast, Brendan sits down with the CEO and Founder of With You With Me to talk about purpose. What does it mean to us and how can we apply purpose to our workalike to help us become fulfilled. Enjoy!! If you’d like to get…
The Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
Feb 25 • 54 min
I hope everyone enjoys Episode 9 of The Bloke Cast. This week Brendan takes time out from his recording schedule to run us through the sings and symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. I hope you take something away from this! Enjoy! There is SO much…
Warren Davies - The Unbreakable Farmer
Feb 18 • 83 min
In this weeks episode Brendan sits down with Warren Davies - The Unbreakable Farmer and what an incredible episode it was! This is a story of persistence, patience, sadness and happiness. But it is truly inspirational with so many lessons and takeaways…
Brad Ness OAM
Feb 11 • 59 min
In this episode Brendan sits down with 5 time Australian Paralympian Brad Ness, an incredible bloke who has so many little lessons that we can all apply to our lives. Brad captained the Austrlaian Wheelchair Basketball Team for over a decade and is now…
The Pathway to Healing
Feb 5 • 28 min
This week Brendan sits down and takes you on his Pathway to Healing where he delivers three powerful strategies that you can apply to any type of adversity in your life. Enjoy and share with your friends.…
Pete Rudland
Jan 29 • 44 min
In episode 5 of The Bloke Cast Brendan talks to Pete Rudland, an ex special forces soldier involved in a helicopter crash and gains some incredible insight into recovery from such a horrific incident. What a legend of a bloke! Enjoy!…
Damien Thomlinson - Part 2
Jan 22 • 60 min
What we have all been waiting for! The Part 2 of the incredible Damien Thomlinson story. Brendan and Damo talk candidly about Damo’s recovery and how we went from injured veteran to megastar! I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did. Damo has some…
Damien Thomlinson - Part 1
Jan 15 • 72 min
In this weeks episode Brendan interviews Damien Thomlinson, an ex special forces soldier who was injured in an IED attack whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009. His journey is an incredible one. This is Part 1 of a two part episode with Damo. We had so…
Smashing Through The Stigma!
Jan 10 • 29 min
This weeks episode is a solo episode where Brendan smashes through the barriers that surround mental health in todays society. Things can always get a bit emotional when we discuss these topiscs so if you or anyone near you needs to reach out for help…
Welcome to The Bloke Cast
Jan 10 • 36 min
Welcome to The Bloke Cast where each week we bring you an inspirational guest or message to help you develop a holistically healthy lifestyle! In this episode Brendan describes his vision for The Bloke Cast and takes you on the journey of his life. Enjoy!…