The LifeCare Alliance Podcast

The LifeCare Alliance Podcast
Welcome to LifeCare Alliance, where we provide health and nutrition services that keep people safe, independent, and living in their own homes — where they want to be. Our podcast aims to empower listeners with the knowledge to make healthier decisions. We tap into the expertise of our family of programs, including the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, the Columbus Cancer Clinic, and Meals-on-Wheels. LifeCare Alliance is a non-profit based in Columbus, Ohio. Want to reach us? Email us at [email protected]

- The Bartlett family shares daughter Aubree’s type 1 journey
Nov 29 • 42 min
Aubree Bartlett is a counselor at Camp Hamwi, a camp for children with diabetes in Ohio. Aubree is able to connect with campers because she was diagnosed with T1D as a teenager. But as the Bartletts discovered, type 1 diabetes is a family affair, and…
by CODA - Tanner Barton on overcoming challenges of type 1 diabetes as a collegiate athlete, student
Mar 12 • 20 min
Tanner Barton has thrived as a collegiate swimmer and 4.0 student despite the constant challenge of type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed at just 8 years old, Barton discusses his successful and diligent management of his T1D. He is active in the diabetes community…
DIABETESOHIO by CODA - The challenges of treating and managing type 2 diabetes
Jan 9 • 14 min
Dr. Sam Cataland, who served as the Camp Hamwi physician for more than 25 years, joins Central Ohio Diabetes Association director Cathy Paessun in this broadcast of DiabetesOhio. Dr. Cataland, a retired endocrinologist, talks about treatment of type 2…
by CODA - Marking a 50-year “diaversary” with Drs. Stephen and Patricia Gabbe
Jan 8 • 20 min
Drs. Stephen and Patricia Gabbe join Cathy Paessun, director of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, to discuss Dr. Steve’s five-decade journey with type 1 diabetes. The couple discuss the seriousness of T1D, as well as the value of having the support…
by CODA - Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed in adults as well as children
Jan 8 • 23 min
Peter Margaritis, “The Accidental Accountant,” joins Cathy Paessun, director of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, to discuss his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. T1D is often thought of as a disease diagnosed during childhood, but that isn’t always the…