Anthem The Game

Anthem The Game
A few friends come together to talk about all things Anthem after potatoing their way to victory in many games of similar genre. The adventure by EA and BioWare is all the buzz and The Potato Heads come together to keep you updated, hoping to engage listeners with interesting topics and opinions about Anthem the game.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That - Episode 9 - Anthem The Game
Mar 12 • 5 min
The Potato Heads are changing the schedule due to busy lives. Keep strong Freelancers!
Elephant In The Room - Episode 8 - Anthem The Game
Mar 6 • 28 min
The Potato Heads address the elephant in the room and major issues in Anthem.
Never Gonna Let You Down - Episode v7.5.2 - Anthem The Game
Mar 1 • 34 min
The Potato Heads discuss recent Anthem news and review their current Javelin impressions.
Never Gonna Give You Up - Episode v7.0.1 - Anthem The Game
Feb 26 • 37 min
The Potato Heads roll through the first weekend on PS4 noting the good and bad in the current state of Anthem.
Ya Hate To See It - Episode 6.0 - Anthem The Game
Feb 19 • 39 min
The Potato Heads review the reviews in the manner of reviewing reviews… am I right?
Aspirational, Meaningful and Challenging - Episode 5 - Anthem The Game
Feb 12 • 34 min
The Potato Heads discuss all the news as the calm before the storm (Anthem release) is upon us.
Open Demo Review - Episode 4 - Anthem The Game
Feb 5 • 27 min
The Potato Heads review the Anthem open demo from BioWare and share their thoughts.
Open Demo Preparation - Episode 3.5 - Anthem The Game
Jan 31 • 30 min
The Potato Heads review tips and suggestions to prepare everyone for the Anthem Open Demo.
VIP Demo Experience - Episode 3 - Anthem The Game
Jan 29 • 28 min
The Potato Heads discuss their first experience with Anthem and how they felt.
Developer Stream Reactions - Episode 2.5 - Anthem The Game
Jan 19 • 19 min
The Potato Heads wanted to talk about the latest Developer Live Stream from BioWare.
First Impressions - Episode 2 - Anthem The Game
Jan 15 • 41 min
The Potato Heads revisit their first impressions about Anthem from reveal to current state.
Introduction - Episode 1 - Anthem The Game
Jan 9 • 12 min
The Potato Heads introduce themselves and what got them interested in Anthem.