One Thing Real Quick

One Thing Real Quick
A podcast about design + creativity

Lex Noteboom of The Deca Tapes (Part 2)
May 31 • 52 min
This week we answer the question we asked in part one: How do you build an audience for a creative work?
Lex Noteboom of The Deca Tapes (Part 1)
May 24 • 16 min
Answering the same question we asked in part one: How do you build an audience for a creative work?
Rachel Alina – Mixing Engineer
May 13 • 32 min
What role has mentorship played in your development as a professional creative?
Eric Karjaluoto – Designer & Author
Apr 26 • 28 min
How do we slow down and focus on what really matters?
Mary Kate McDevitt – Illustrator & Lettering Artist
Apr 11 • 35 min
How does where you are, affect what you make?
Brand Naming Expert Misty Johnson
Mar 29 • 18 min
How do you respond when people react negatively to brand name changes?
Designing a Creative Culture
Mar 15 • 20 min
Who gets to own the label of ‘creative?
Dustin Lau – Film Composer & Producer
Mar 8 • 29 min
How do you calculate the risks needed to live a creative life?
Niles Grey – Filmmaker
Mar 1 • 29 min
What attracts you to these little cameras?
Graphic Designer Seth Lucas
Feb 22 • 29 min
What do you do about unfinished projects?
Leslie Chapman – Goldsmith
Feb 15 • 27 min
How important is your connection with the source of your materials to your creative work and process?
Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods – Illustrator
Feb 8 • 28 min
What has been the most effective way you’ve found to promote your illustration business?
James Best – Comedy Writer
Feb 1 • 25 min
How does failure fit into your creative process?
Experience Designer Lauren Celenza of Google
Jan 25 • 23 min
What impact has travel had on your work?
Sinkane – Musician
Jan 18 • 21 min
What role does your history, and your origins as a Sudanese American, have on the music that you write?
Industrial Designer David Dombrowski
Jan 18 • 15 min
How has the intangible, digital world influenced the physical objects that you design?
Filmmaker Joaquin Azulay Of Gauchos Del Mar
Jan 18 • 13 min
What’s the relationship between your passion for surfing and the craft of creating films?
Annie Spratt of Unsplash – Photographer
Jan 18 • 26 min
What impact has giving away your photographs had on the way you approach your work?