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If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, improve your health, level up your performance, and stay up to date with the latest research, this show is for you. Eclectic Athlete Radio is dedicated to providing you quality, and easy to digest inform?

Milestones Movement | Is Stretching a Waste of Time? NEVER do this exercise, Gaining Mobility vs Stability, and Getting Rid of Pain
Jul 24 • 53 min
Exercises that you should never do? Why having bigger muscles doesn’t always mean you’re strong, The real reason behind tight hamstrings, Why we feel pain and how to actually get rid of it
Nick Palladino-King | Improving Physical and Mental Performance through Yoga, Mindfulness and Setting Intentions
Jun 25 • 43 min
Yoga for athletes, gaining a mental edge, boosting productivity and reducing stress through simple tactics
Kellie Davis | Health is an Investment, not an Expense, and Navigating Women’s Health
Jun 3 • 48 min
Viewing health as an investment, and changing the conversation around women’s health
Aaron Guyett | Battleropes, Mental Toughness, and Rising to the Occasion
May 21 • 53 min
Battlerope training, and building mental toughness
Andy Hsieh | Looking good vs Moving Well, Functional Movement, and Getting out of Pain
May 10 • 68 min
Why you may want to rethink only training for strength, aesthetics, or performance
Silent Mike | E-Sports, Hoop Dreams, Getting Strong AF, and Finding your Passion
Apr 26 • 39 min
Video games, lifting weights, and the impact of social media on the fitness industry
My 6.5 Day Fast, Finding Perspective, and Challenging the Norms
Apr 9 • 54 min
Reviewing expectations and results of a 6.5 day fast
Holistic Performance Training with Drake Berberet of Strength2Speed
Mar 29 • 56 min
Holistic Performance Training, Importance of Athlete Readiness, Sports Tech, and more
Coach Rich Thurman | The Steel Mace, Training like an athlete good or bad? Why capacity trumps skill, and Functional Training
Mar 20 • 49 min
Utilizing unconventional training tools and methods, like the steel mace, FRC, and more
The Arnold Classic, 1000lb Deadlifts, Bang Energy Drinks, Liver and Heart Burgers?
Mar 8 • 13 min
The Arnold Classic, 1000lb Deadlifts, Bang Energy Drinks, Liver and Heart Burgers?
Do You Need to Supplement?
Feb 27 • 28 min
Why you might need to supplement, and the top 5 supplements that could help.
Truth, or Dairy?
Feb 11 • 33 min
Is dairy good or bad? What about “healthy” alternatives like almond, or soy milk?
Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, The Fad Diet edition
Feb 1 • 25 min
Keto, Paleo, Intermittent fasting, and the CARNIVORE diet
Top 5 Training Mistakes
Jan 25 • 18 min
The Top 5 training mistakes I see in the gym keeping you from seeing the best results
Do Calories Matter?
Jan 17 • 25 min
Calories in vs. Calories out, Fact or Fiction?
Episode 1: Be the Hero
Jan 8 • 16 min
How to take control of your life, and prevent the frustration of not reaching your goals this year!