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4 Things I Learnt About Winter Expeditions
Jul 5 • 8 min
Okay, okay I know it’s July… But cast you mind back to the freezing weather of March. In this episode I talk about some of the important lessons I learnt from my first multi-day winter camping expedition in the UK. My failed winter expedition in the…
How to Get More Followers (by behaving like a real person!)
Jul 2 • 10 min
Did you know I work in Marketing? Well… now you do! Here’s my take on how to behave on social media if you want to make friends. Aka followers that care about and like you. Original Blog Post/ Transcript: How to Get More Followers Get in touch with me: ★…
Adventure Story: My Lakes End 2 End Expedition
Jun 28 • 9 min
Storytime with Emily! Here’s what happened when I tried to walk across the Lake District in February this year. Spoiler alert: it did NOT go to plan… Original Blog Post/ Transcript: Lakes End 2 End: What Actually Happened Get in touch with me: ★ TWITTER:…
3 Ways to Make Your First Adventure Actually Happen!
Jun 25 • 6 min
Today we talk about how to turn your adventure idea into a reality. It is not about how to come up with ideas for adventures or for inspiration. We’re assuming that you know what you want to do, it’s just a case of getting around to it… Original Blog…
I Hate Being Judged - and what to do about it.
Jun 21 • 8 min
In this episode we’ll be talking about talking about your adventure! Dealing with fear of judgement and some tips to mitigate it. Original Blog Post/ Transcript: On Adventure and the Fear of Judgement Other Links I Mention: What’s a Normality Hole?…
“How I Became an Adventurer” with Alex Staniforth
Jun 18 • 12 min
Here’s an interview I did with Alex Staniforth about how he got into his career as an adventurer. Original Blog Post/ Transcript: Alex’s contacts: Facebook, Twitter @alex_staniforth,…
Find Time to Adventure - a Comprehensive Guide How!
Jun 14 • 7 min
Here’s an interview I did with Alex Staniforth about how he got into his career as an adventurer. Original Blog Post/ Transcript: How to Find Time to Adventure Links I mention: Example of a “Picoadventure”: I Got Off the Bus and Ran (5 Miles) Home We Need…
3 Business Models for Adventurers
Jun 11 • 8 min
It is possible to make a living out of adventure. Here’s my guide to the different business models that adventurers can and do use. Original Blog Post/ Transcript: 3 Business Models for Adventurers Other Links I Mention: Why Adventurers Need a Brand and…
How to Make a DIY Crampon Bag (with Jeans and Milk Bottles!)
Jun 7 • 11 min
Hopefully this episode is helpful/interesting for some of you! I wasn’t sure whether to publish it, but since I recorded it… For the written instructions with pictures see:…
I’m Back! What to Expect from 2019 (or what’s left of it!)
Jun 4 • 11 min
Well I’m back!! Sorry about the gap since January. Life just got enormously in the way, but I’m back with a vengeance. Expect two podcast episodes a week from now on. In this episode I go over what I was hoping 2019 to bring for me (and still am). The…
Advice for Wannabe Adventurers
Jan 18 • 11 min
Advice for people who want to become adventurers - either a professional adventurers, or mixing adventure with a “proper” job. Thoughts on: “Should I commit to full time adventure?” Tips for making decisions “None of them talk about careers” “Is this just…
Don’t Plan Your Adventures
Jan 16 • 6 min
Should you plan your adventures? Here’s 3 good reasons why you should keep planning to a bare minimum. Caveat - we do talk about how much planning is too much and why it’s important to stay in the Stretch Zone not the Danger Zone! Would you go on an…
My First Night in a Bothy
Jan 11 • 9 min
My First Night in a Bothy - a little story of how I spent the first evening of 2019, with snippets of actual footage. Have you ever stayed in a bothy? Do you want to? Tell me: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:…
5 Prompts for Adventure Inspiration
Jan 8 • 7 min
If you’re stuck deciding on an adventure, here are 5 prompts to help get your creative juices flowing.