To Love Honor and Vacuum

To Love Honor and Vacuum
Tired of Christian pat answers about marriage? The podcast that goes in-depth into marriage, parenting, and even sex—to see how we can live the passionate life we were meant for. Paired with To Love, Honor and Vacuum—the blog!

43: Family Trouble Around the Holidays
Dec 12 • 42 min
Let’s get through the holidays with our relatives
42: Is It Your Fault If He Watches Porn?
Dec 5 • 40 min
Let’s talk about why porn starts, why it continues, and what we can do about it.
41: All About Erections
Nov 21 • 28 min
My husband who is a pediatrician joins me on the podcast to address a slew of reader questions about erections
40: How Do You Know When Someone is Grooming You?
Nov 14 • 37 min
How to recognize the warning signs when someone is grooming yourself or others
39: Postpartum Blues
Nov 7 • 30 min
Let’s talk about postpartum recovery
Start Your Engines Ep. 2: Starting Conversations About Sex
Oct 31 • 39 min
How to start those uncomfrotable conversations about your sex life with your wife
38: How To Actually Get Your Life Together
Oct 17 • 27 min
How are we making life more difficult for ourselves and what can we do to fix it?
37: “We Have a Newborn, Husband Wants and Xbox!” and More Reader Questions
Oct 10 • 38 min
Answering Reader Questions from after the honeymoon years
36: The Honeymoon Years of Sex (Figuring it Out)
Oct 3 • 40 min
Sex in the first few years often doesn’t start off as great as we expect, but have the rest of our lives to improve!
Start Your Engines Ep. 1: Understanding Female Sexuality
Sep 26 • 39 min
Gentlemen, this episode is for you!
35: Using the Bible to Gaslight Women?
Sep 19 • 74 min
The author of Love and Respect addressed criticisms that have been aimed at his book’s effect on marriages, and there is a lot to unpack.
34: Sexonomics
Sep 12 • 38 min
We talk a lot about libido issues getting in the way of sex, but today we are talking about life issues getting in the way of sex
33: What’s Stressing Out Your Marriage?
Sep 5 • 32 min
“If you buy a mouse a cookie,” but about bad financial decisions
32: What Does Headship in Marriage Really Mean? It’s All Greek to Me!
Aug 28 • 39 min
What Does Headship in Marriage Really Mean? It’s All Greek to Me!
31: The Only Way to Grow Your Marriage
Aug 22 • 37 min
We want change to be easy, but sometimes we need to challenge ourselves
30: Yoga Pants and Why We Need a Better Shame-Free Message
Aug 15 • 41 min
A deep conversation about modesty culture
29: The Lonely Generation
Aug 8 • 45 min
Today’s society is facing a crisis of loneliness
28: Taking Back Sexy
Aug 1 • 42 min
It isn’t sinful to feel sexy, and we may have lost sight of that.
27: The Purity Culture and the Prosperity Gospel
Jul 25 • 38 min
The purity culture is falling
26: Communicating with Your Grown Up Kids
Jul 18 • 43 min
Sometimes the way we talk about dating and marriage with our kids can seriously hold them back when it comes to finding a good spouse
25: Making Marriage Easier and Pregnancy Etiquette
Jul 11 • 32 min
Making Marriage Easier and Pregnancy Etiquette
24: I Was Naive But Now My Eyes Are Open
Jun 27 • 44 min
Discussing what is heavy on my heart lately
23: Emotional Needs and Emotional Affairs
Jun 20 • 29 min
The importance of emotional needs, and how to recover from emotional affairs
22: How Sex Can Start Off Badly
Jun 13 • 35 min
How to start your marriage off with good sex and intimacy
21: Resolving Conflict With 5 Why’s
Jun 6 • 34 min
Solving conflict with the “5-Why’s” method
20: Horrible Scorecards for Wives
May 30 • 39 min
We examine and criticize marital resources being used by churches in marital counselling
19: Sex Ed for Adults
May 23 • 33 min
Why God made our bodies the way he did
18: Remebering Rachel Held Evans: Don’t Let the Church Drive You Away From Jesus
May 9 • 37 min
Let’s not let doctrinal differences get in the way of knowing and following Jesus
17: Can We Stop with Gender Stereotypes Already?
May 2 • 40 min
God created man and woman, but culture created masculine and feminine.
16: Forgiveness, Healing, and Lust
Apr 25 • 32 min
Is healing the outcome of forgiveness, or is it the other way around?
15: Women and Porn, Creepy Men, and More
Apr 18 • 39 min
Men are not the only ones who struggle with porn
14: Seriously? Are Women Actually Stumbling Blocks?
Apr 11 • 34 min
Are our ideas about modesty actually harming women’s faith
13: Speak Up in Your Marriage
Apr 3 • 28 min
Let’s talk about how to fix our marriages before they are broken.
12: The Burden of the Household
Mar 29 • 16 min
Being in charge of chores is challenging, so let’s talk about finding balance with your spouse!
11: A New Take on Resolving Conflict
Mar 21 • 37 min
Let’s talk about how to resolve “conflict” without someone needing to be in the wrong!
10: A New Definition of Sex
Mar 14 • 45 min
A new definition of sex, cosleeping, husbnads in high-pressure jobs, and more!
Epidode 9: Two Keys to a Successful Marriage
Mar 7 • 40 min
Here are two key changes that can revolutionize your marriage!
8: Who’s being deprived
Feb 28 • 53 min
Have we been using the do not deprive verses all wrong?
7: How Our Bodies Work, Sexual Health, and More!
Feb 21 • 45 min
Let’s flip the conversation about sex in marriage and talk about sexual health
6: Valentine’s Day! Being a Sexually Confident Woman
Feb 14 • 44 min
Today is our Valentine’s Day special, so we are talking all about sex and romance!
5: Hot and Holy Sex, Control Freaks, and More!
Feb 7 • 36 min
To have truly hot and holy sex, you need to let go of control.
4: You Don’t Get to Be Selfish
Jan 31 • 39 min
Is it okay to say you regret being a mother?
3: Creating Conditions for Success in Marriage
Jan 24 • 36 min
How can we handle time wasters in marriage, and find our joy in the process?
2: Love and Respect
Jan 16 • 42 min
Let’s have an honest conversation about what’s worrisome about the book “Love and Respect”
1: Health, Sex, and Wine Culture
Jan 7 • 38 min
Today let’s talk about getting healthy, wine culture, and what rejection does to husbands!