Ask Christopher West

Ask Christopher West
Christopher and Wendy West answer questions about faith, life, love, and sexuality, in light of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.
Wendy and the “Good Bread” | ACW11
Mar 18 • 35 min
As a newlywed, how can my spouse and I live out the TOB message in our parish community? What do we do when our first year of marriage doesn't feel like a "honeymoon year"? Where should unmarried couples draw the line at physical intimacy? Christopher and…
In Which Christopher Quacks | ACW10
Mar 11 • 33 min
As a single person in my thirties, how do I cope with the desire to be married? As a happily married man, how do I ensure that my sexual desire for my wife is expressed in love and not lust? How can couples develop a deeper practice of marital prayer?…
The Socks on the Floor | ACW9
Mar 4 • 33 min
A lot of people support the Sexual Revolution (and everything that comes with it) out of genuine compassion for their fellow man. How do we best address or dialogue with people in this position? What are some ways that married couples manage conflict…
Our Kids Have Two Parents, and You’re One of Them | ACW8
Feb 25 • 33 min
Do I have to be a "slave" to God? As a minister, how do I figure out the balance between work and life balance? What role does male/female complementarity play in parenting? Christopher and Wendy answer these questions in this week's episode of Ask…
Getting Un-Stuck | ACW7
Feb 18 • 36 min
Why all the emphasis on dressing modestly? Why are we focusing on that and not on seeing others as people, not objects? As a youth minister, how do I help my teens see the beauty of Theology of the Body? Why does the Church seem to be overly concerned…
The Fridge is Dead, but My Soul is Alive | ACW6
Feb 11 • 30 min
Cake or pie? Seriously, that's a question this episode. Also, do you have any advice for my husband and I as we give a talk about NFP to a group of engaged couples? How do we begin to teach some TOB principles to our young children? Christopher and Wendy…
The Best a Man Can Get? | ACW5
Feb 4 • 36 min
A few weeks ago, Gillette released an ad commenting on masculinity and its place within society. Christopher and Wendy answer questions people have submitted on this particular topic. Ask Christopher West is a weekly podcast in which Theology of the Body…
May Your Joy Be Complete | ACW4
Jan 28 • 31 min
I'm a gay Catholic woman, living a chaste life. Why did God make me this way? Why should Theology of the Body matter to me as much as it does to you? What do I tell my teen who wants to have sex with her boyfriend? Christopher and Wendy answer these…
The Man Can Whistle | ACW3
Jan 21 • 30 min
As a teenager, how can I share my love for TOB with my peers and friends? How can a wife continue to love a husband who seems increasingly distant? What acts outside of intercourse are appropriate in marriage? This episode contains content that may be…
Wendy’s in the House | ACW2
Jan 14 • 37 min
Does my own broken sexual past mean I can't talk to my kids about virtue? How do I talk and pray with my teen daughter who identifies as a lesbian? How do we overcome poor father figures in our lives? Christopher and Wendy lend their wisdom to these…
I Love the Way You Crack an Egg | ACW1
Jan 11 • 33 min
Should there be a Theology of the Body dating site? Do people in committed marriages need to understand TOB? What about people who are really struggling with life issues? Christopher and Wendy plunge into these questions and more on the first episode of…
Trailer | ACW0
Jan 7 • 1 min