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TS:E1 | Importance of Studying the Word of God
Aug 27 • 58 min
In our first broadcast together, Bill and Bernard discuss one of the most important questions we can have as believers. Why is it so important for us to study the Word of God? —- Support this podcast:
The Complacent Church
Aug 25 • 50 min
If there is anything more dangerous in the church it could be called Complacency, Jesus makes a clear yet stern warning in the book of Revelation to the church at Laodicea for their sins. and warns them of the precautions. What does this look like? How…
Spiritually Alive Church
Aug 18 • 42 min
There is no such thing as the perfect church, at least by the world’s standards. But to Jesus the Messiah, Philadelphia is a beautiful and spiritually alive church. What did this look like? What was Philadelphia doing that we lack today? —- Support this…
The Dead Church
Aug 11 • 48 min
The Dead Church. It is sad to see that many churches these days could fit under this category. Many claim to be faithful to Jesus, others claim that the church wouldn’t exist if God was not a part of it. Others claim the Holy Spirit is moving (Evidence is…
Thyatira: Tolerance
Aug 3 • 43 min
What would happen if we as a church began to tolerate certain issues? What if false doctrine was permitted to grow within the church? What would Jesus have to say about this? Today we talk about the church in Thyatira, a church that was plagues by pagan…
Ministry Talk: Pilot
Jul 28 • 44 min
Leonard and I discuss some of our concerns with the Christian faith, and our vision for the collective ministry as well as future shows. —- Support this podcast:
Pergamum: Church of Comrpomise
Jul 27 • 39 min
Pergamum: The Church of Compromise. Much like today, Pergamum was a church that welcomed/accepted false doctrines among their people. The Lord Himself is writing (through John) warning the people to correct this concern, otherwise the Lord Jesus will come…
Smyrna: The Suffering Church
Jul 20 • 41 min
Smyrna, the suffering church. This is part 2/7 of this series. Smyrna is the first of 2 churches in which Jesus does not rebuke. In fact all Jesus has to say for these people is to be faithful, even until the end. —- Support this podcast:…
Ephesus: The Lost Love
Jul 13 • 51 min
Ephesus was a well established church. Paul plants, and Timothy oversees, but over time they have lost sight of their first love. Christ calls this established church to repent or risk having their lamp-stand removed. How can we evaluate this in the…
Signs of a Firm Foundation
Jun 30 • 48 min
How do we know what to look for in a church? What are some things I need to look for? Today we will be going over some key points to look for within a church. Starting with its foundations, structure, functions, environment. Have you still not found a…
Entertainment Driven Church
Jun 23 • 54 min
While entertainment is not inherently sinful. When this becomes the focal point of a ministry, we have shown signs that we have already strayed away from God. What does this entertainment-driven church look like, and why is it a spiritual danger? —-…
The Condition of Forgiveness
Jun 19 • 54 min
We usually think of forgiveness as something that is to be done for our own condition. In past decade of so this has become the normal idea. That forgiveness is an emotion or feeling. There is no biblical indication of that. So this raises the question,…
Pardon of Sin
Jun 19 • 49 min
Matthew 18:21-35 | The Parable of the unforgiving servant is one we all know by a heart. Or do we? We may be able to recall a summarized version about it and use it to teach the importance of forgiveness in this passage. But just what else are we missing?…
Restoring a Believer
Jun 16 • 43 min
Matthew 18:15-20 | When someone sins against us, we usually want to use that at means to justify their wrongs. In the Christian community it may even be a means to justify that the offending party is not really a Christian. What does Jesus tell us to do…
Sheep that go Astray
Jun 10 • 27 min
Often times when someone leaves the church, we may feel as if its not really their thing. But what if someone within the church was the reason for them to walk away? In this episode we go over the importance of chasing after that one sheep that runs off…
Greatness of a Child
Jun 8 • 50 min
Redemption, this is an important part of the Christian life. The believers in Christ have all been restored into righteousness under the blood of Jesus. So the question stands, how do we go about restoring a brother who has sins? What if we have sinned…
Sovereign Election - P1
May 25 • 53 min
It can be really hard to grasp the idea of being “Chosen” by God, we as humans don’t like the idea of giving up control. But according to Paul, in Romans 9, that is a different story. Why is the doctrine of Election so important? —- Support this podcast:…
Doctrine Police & Traits of False Teachers
May 18 • 57 min
Why the Christian community needs “Doctrine Police” and how to identify false teachers —- Support this podcast:
No Condemnation in Life
May 10 • 38 min
Romans 8:1-11 | Regardless of what others say, life in the Spirit brings no condemnation. We have been JUSTIFIED through Christ and continue to be SANCTIFIED by Him —- Support this podcast:
Need for New Birth
May 5 • 42 min
Need for a New Birth | John 3:1-21 Some would argue this passage is about a regeneration, about being a spiritual Christian over a Carnal Christian. But this is not at all the case. Join us today as we dig into the purpose of Jesus conversation with…
The Battle Within
Apr 26 • 50 min
Romans 7:14-25 The live of a Christian is not an easy one, one issue in particular is the struggle of sin. We as believers have been set free from sin, so why do we continue to fall? —- Support this podcast:
Catholicism verse Christianity
Apr 20 • 50 min
What does the Roman Catholic Church believe today? Are they truly a Christian denomination or something worse? LINKS: Catechism of Catholicism Jesuit Oath —- Support this podcast:
Slaves to Rightouesness
Apr 19 • 49 min
Romans 6:15-23 | Some times we think, that because we are saved by the grace of God, that should be enough to merit the sin we chase after. God will forgive us right? But digging deeper into this idea, we need to realize that first and foremost, we are to…
Evidence: Text and Discoveries
Apr 13 • 45 min
We live in a world where people are skeptic by nature. We have some many against the bible, or even questioning the validity. How do we know the bible today as we know it can be trusted? What proof do we have? —- Support this podcast:…
Dead to Sin, Alive to God
Apr 12 • 54 min
Romans 6:1-14 | We have died to sin and now live in Christ. We must now live our lives as holy. Consider ourselves dead to sin, and Present ourselves to God as one who was brought from death into life. —- Support this podcast:…
Why Theology Matters
Apr 6 • 42 min
Why our Theology Really does matter “Don’t get lost in theology; just get into a close personal relationship with Jesus. is this a valid argument? —- Support this podcast:
Jesus of Many Faces
Apr 6 • 52 min
We have all heard it said, ” it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you focus on Jesus” But what does this really mean? Why is this phrase something that is dangerous to speak? Is it true, or does it really matter? —- Support this podcast:…
Justified by Faith
Mar 30 • 49 min
Romans 4:1-8 | In the early cultures, as well as even in some religions today, we see the concept of works based righteousness. Today we explain how even Abrahams righteousness was not based on works, but that our righteousness is by faith alone. —-…
From Sinner to Saint
Mar 22 • 51 min
Romans 3:21-26 | Beginning a new segment that discusses the justification provided by God’s righteousness, we now get into the idea of being called Saints. A royal priesthood, one guilty criminals now called innocent and holy. —- Support this podcast:…
None Are Worthy, Not One
Mar 15 • 49 min
We often assume that by our own doing we have accepted Gods forgiveness, by some miracle it was our good deed(s) that is merit. The bible is clear that there is not one who is righteous or “good enough” apart from Gods work in them. —- Support this…
Hypocrisy of False Converts
Mar 8 • 47 min
Romans 2:17-24 - We are bound to come across them, especially in the church we call home. Sometimes its the believer in the pews, but how dangerous could this be if it was the shepherd to the flock? —- Support this podcast:…
Goodness of Gods Judgment
Mar 2 • 48 min
Romans 2:1-5 Why does God judge and punish others? How is this loving to do? Today in this episode we look into the purpose of Gods judgment as well as how we see in a righteous standard how it can be defined as “good” —- Support this podcast:…
Reasons of Wrath
Feb 17 • 53 min
Romans 1:19-23 The Wrath of God is the reality of His divine nature. Why would a loving God still produce wrath? What is the cause? —- Support this podcast:
Wrath of God
Feb 10 • 38 min
(Part One) Romans 1:18 What does the bible have to teach those who are a part from Gods Children? Are we still under grace or subject to His wrath? Why don’t we talk about this in church anymore? —- Support this podcast:…
Not Ashamed
Feb 4 • 27 min
(Part 1) Romans 1:16-17, why exactly should the Christian not be ashamed of the gospel? —- Support this podcast:
Identity in Christ
Jan 27 • 39 min
Answering the Call —- Support this podcast:
P3: Identity in Righteousness
Jan 20 • 66 min
Righteousness is more than just a prideful mindset, righteousness is given to the Christian upon their repentance and rebirth as a Child of God, as well as an ongoing process into righteousness (Sanctification) through the works of the Spirit within us.…
Identifying Wickedness
Jan 13 • 47 min
In this episode we go over some attributes of a wicked person. How can we identify them? —- Support this podcast:
E:1 Convictions and Resolutions
Jan 6 • 60 min
The very first episode of Christian Cornerstone! —- Support this podcast: