Earth-9 Podcast

Earth-9 Podcast
We celebrate our love of all things DC from TV shows, Movies and Comics we like to chat about it all, so whenever you’re travelling the multiverse always be sure to stop by Earth9!

– Ep25 - DC Fandome 2
Sep 17 • 90 min
In this episode we try to talk Fandome 2, but get wildly off-topic talking Batwoman, the CW Universe, how industries need to adapt, and one of us gushes about the new Robin hardcover, but we do kinda cover most of it at the same time, so put it in your…
– Ep24 - DC Fandome
Aug 27 • 93 min
I mean what else could we talk about this week than everything from the DC Fandome event, which was amazing! Jim, Rob and Mike join forces to tackle all of the news and discuss what we’re looking forward to, so strap in, it’s a fun ride!!
– Ep23 - The Flash Age
Aug 12 • 74 min
So this week on the podcast is the start of the new regime, this is the first comics focused episode, then the movie and tv podcast will be the next one and then back to comics, just to give us the chance to cover everything without trying to cram it…
– Ep22 - A New Earth9
Jul 17 • 55 min
So we have an announcement this week on the podcast and it affects the website as a whole, don’t worry we’re not going anywhere we’re just changing things up a bit! We also talk the new Batwoman casting, Stargirl and Doom Patrol, so its still business…
– Ep21 - Comicana Pt2
Jul 1 • 100 min
We’re back with Jim and Michael as they wax lyrical about DC comics in part 2 of their Comicana, Nightwing, Superman, Action Comics, variant covers, it’s all in this epic conclusion to this chat that could quite possibly become a regular thing…..
– Ep20 - Comicana Pt1
Jun 18 • 78 min
So with Rob off for a bit Jim has had to pull in a guest host, so join Jim and Michael, our resident Superman TAS reviewer, as they deep dive into some of their favourite comics and the entire DC comics industry as a whole, it was such a big discussion…
– Ep19 - The Snyder Cut
May 26 • 79 min
So much DC stuff going on! The Snyder Cut has become reality!!! We break down all the potential scenes of the Snyder Cut in order so *Possible SPOILERS*, Also Ruby Rose has left Batwoman and we talk replacements then add to that some of our usual DCTV…
– Ep18 - with Special Guest
May 13 • 58 min
We have a very special guest on this weeks pod, Jeremy Adams, writer of a ton of amazing DC work including Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans, Justice League Action, Young Justice and ton of DC Lego movies including the recently released Shazam: Magic &…
– Ep17
Apr 17 • 78 min
Here we are with another lockdown episode! We decide to review another movie and what better film to revisit than Green Lantern, the movie that is seen in a less than favourable light, but how does it stand up today? Rob has another Flash comic to read…
- Ep16
Mar 31 • 55 min
What to do in lockdown?? Well you could listen to this weeks ep, there is no DC tv shows on at the mo so instead we decided to review Man of Steel from our twitter poll, how does this film stack up now all these years later with all the rest of the DCU…
- Ep15
Mar 18 • 64 min
This week we have some movie talk with The Batman and Superman Red Son, the usual tv talk with the Arrowverse, but also we bring something new into the show with some more comic talk! In a world full of craziness come and chill out on an Earth filled with…
- Ep14
Feb 20 • 89 min
This week is all about Birds of Prey, Jim caved and not only went to see it, but saw it on opening day so have a listen and hear what he had to say about it, we then discuss the ups and downs of the current Arrowverse shows and to finish off Jim gives us…
- Ep13
Jan 30 • 88 min
Its our sort of first podcast of 2020 and we have new opening music woooo!! Join us as we discuss a little bit of movie news, a little bit of crisis, but mostly we spend this episode discussing the Arrow finale, how much we enjoyed it and how much this…
Crisis On Infinite Podcasts - Part 3 - The Flash
Dec 18, 2019 • 43 min
Its here, Part 3 of our Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover podcast! We are joined by Neil and Martin from Get Your Comic On, Nicola from We Have a Hulk and Ben from XGeeks, so have a listen as we discuss Episode 3 of the Crossover, The Flash. Be sure…
- Ep12
Nov 26, 2019 • 76 min
This week we talk the usual, movie news, all the Arrowverse shows, Titans, Watchmen, our twitter question of who do you want to see in the Crisis crossover that we havent seen yet and we finish off with Jim’s comic recommendation, so join us and get some…
- Ep11
Oct 23, 2019 • 64 min
This week is all about Joker and the return of alllllll the DCTV shows, so join us as we discuss all the goings on with the clown prince of crime and the happenings in the Arrowverse plus much, much more!
- Ep10
Sep 17, 2019 • 73 min
This episode Jim and Rob talk a bit about Joker, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey we then chat a ton about Titans and Arrowverse shows and finish with a comic book recommendation and you favourite joker moments! So have a listen and dont forget to…
- Ep9
Aug 6, 2019 • 71 min
We are back!! Its been a crazy couple of months for Jim and Rob but they are back in the swing and we will be back with you regularly!!This week we talk all the info coming out of SDCC and our own experiences at this years LFCC, with a comic…
- Ep8
Jun 12, 2019 • 78 min
Episode 8 is here! We had a poll to see which Batman film you wanted us to review and Batman Begins won, so we dive into the first of the Nolan trilogy, we talk swamp thing and the end of Doom Patrol and Jim has picked something a bit different for this…
- Ep7
May 24, 2019 • 63 min
This week we talk possible Batman casting Robert Pattinson, the ending to all the Arrowverse shows and where they may potentially go next, Doom Patrol, iZombie and then we get into our character spotlight which this week is Swamp Thing, so what are you…
- Ep6
Apr 30, 2019 • 75 min
In this weeks ep we talk new movie news with Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad 2 and then a little Comic news, we then dive headfirst into all the awesome DCTV shows that are top notch right now and we finish with our Character spotlight of the newest…
- Ep5
Apr 11, 2019 • 71 min
In this weeks episode we discuss a little Arrowverse, some Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Stargirl, we then delve into our new section DC Movies and talk about Shazam! Then our character spotlight this week is on John Stewart/Green Lantern and we finish…
- Ep4
Mar 25, 2019 • 58 min
Ep 4 with Jim and Rob and like we promised we have begun our more frequent episodes! This week we are joined by our good friend Steve who reviews Gotham and Doom Patrol on the site to give you his take on all this weeks shows! All the Arrowverse chat,…
- Ep3
Mar 13, 2019 • 66 min
Episode 3 is here and after the huge news that Stephen Amell will be leaving the role of Arrow and the show will be ending we deal with the fall out of that and what that means in the Arrowverse and how indeed it made us feel. Then we talk about the…
- Ep2
Feb 4, 2019 • 59 min
Episode 2 is with you, we catch up on all things Arrowverse after the mid-season break, we also announce the winner of our awesome competition, one of you lucky people has won a signed picture of Stephen Amell! Then we jump into Titans *Spoiler Alert* be…
- Ep1
Jan 6, 2019 • 68 min
Welcome to the first episode of the Earth-9 podcast, once a month we will chat about all the current Arrowverse goings on, along with any new DCTV shows or news related. Also each episode we will dive into a single DC character and try and give you a…