Ask Realtor Jorge "George" Podcast

Ask Realtor Jorge "George" Podcast
Jorge - George Sanchez is an MBA and is a full-time Realtor in Lehi Utah. He is also the founder and owner of one of the most used real estate search websites called & This podcast was created for the purpose of ed…

E7: Open Houses, Good idea or bad idea? Guest Stefania D’Elia
Feb 22 • 18 min
Open Houses, good idea or bad idea
E6: Are all lenders the same? Guest Diego Diaz
Feb 15 • 15 min
In this episode I talk about my opinion on which lender to use when purchasing a home. At the beginning of the podcast I talk with Diego Diaz with UCCU to tell us what the interest rates are as of today February 15, 2019.I talk about m…
E5: The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved to Purchase a Home
Feb 8 • 14 min
Why should I get pre-approved before going out to look at homes
E4: Interview with Joel Bernasek - Assured Direct Mail
Jan 23 • 24 min
Interview with Joel Bernasek owner of Assured Direct Mail
E3: Why I love being a Realtor
Jan 17 • 15 min
In this episode I talk about why I love being a Realtor. I also tell you a little something that most people do not know about me. I give you an example of why a buyer should not make a major purchase while they are under contract to pur…
E2: First Time Home Buyer in Utah
Jan 9 • 11 min
First Time Home Buyers in Utah
E1: Introduction to Ask Realtor Jorge Podcast
Jan 5 • 23 min
Introduction to why I am creating this podcast