Life's Learning Curve

Life's Learning Curve
With an appreciation and love toward our LIFE EXPERIENCES, our podcast is a true combination of various tones -comedy, drama, and nostalgia. Through story-telling, we are reminded of how it feels to be young, middle aged & beyond. Our podcast feels lik…

Unintended Detainee
Nov 3 • 28 min
True stories of being detainees. -Some painful, some full of joy, all retold with humor intact.
Tropical Turpitude (conclusion)
Oct 9 • 42 min
When the story behind the scenes of a Key West documentary presents itself, beer & dolphins AND a great local mentor help us bring the project back to normalcy.
Tropical Turpitude (pt. 1)
Sep 9 • 33 min
Behind the scenes of a documentary are more nefarious than we ever dreamed.
Keeping Quality Time
Aug 19 • 34 min
Listen as Paul interviews musician Robert Broz. We discover besides music, LIFE is his ‘work of art’ He makes each day new, special and one of a kind. The human spirit succeeds once again!
You’ve Been Identified
Jul 30 • 28 min
Stories of dreamers of the night versus day dream achievers.
My Dad’s Voice
Jul 3 • 27 min
Do our parents have an impact on our psyche?
Vaguely Enforced Rules
Jun 9 • 30 min
Intentionally, Rules & regs. are often pushed aside and become VAGUE. Meh.
May 13 • 28 min
Are mischief & prankishness necessary? YUP.
Jimmy and the Yardstick
Apr 14 • 37 min
A turbulent beginning, leads to a smooth result, if…
California 1968
Apr 2 • 37 min
I felt my childhood coming to an end, until a vacation to California changed everything!
Apple Orchard Summers
Mar 8 • 31 min
Amazing Summer adventures are retold as seen through the eyes of a six year old.
Bilateral Butt Lift (& other P.T. stories)
Feb 14 • 46 min
Learning about life through the eyes of a “new” physical therapy doctor.
The Path Reveals Itself
Jan 25 • 43 min
Physics Plus Calculus Equals a Music Teacher.
With Gratitude and Confidence
Jan 4 • 61 min
After finding value in his unique voice, Joe fulfills his life with family, friends, DJ-ing and Broadcasting
Hindsight Made Foresight
Jan 3 • 65 min
At 17, Vaughn became a creative and supported and helped build a community of like-minded people.
Your Last Flight Out
Jan 3 • 40 min
Climbing life’s mountain has never been so fun!