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Coach The Sale
The essential podcast for sales professionals and sales leaders.
EP07 - Coaching A 10yr Old To Cold Call with Joe Beales
Mar 4 • 11 min
Can you coach a 10yr old kid to cold call? The answer’s yes and in Episode #7 of Coach The Sale I talk to Joe Beales - star of a video that, at the time of writing, has been viewed over 100,000 times on LinkedIn. Joe is the son of our CEO Kevin and last…
EP06 - From Inbound Marketer to Outbound Sales Coach with Carole Mahoney
Feb 18 • 35 min
Carole Mahoney founded a marketing agency, but soon realized that overly relying on inbound opportunities wasn’t going to be enough, and that in order to succeed she needed to embrace outbound sales and outbound calling. Carole shares her journey from…
EP05 - Overcoming The Fear of Cold Calling with Rich Smith
Feb 7 • 32 min
If you have a fear of cold calling, or you manage people who do, then this is the episode for you. Refract’s Co-Founder and Head of Sales Rich Smith and I discuss one of the main factors holding sales people back from being truly successful - cold call…
EP04 - Cold Call Mastery with Dan Jourdan
Jan 17 • 20 min
In today’s episode (EP04) I’m speaking with Dan Jourdan, the Sales Energizer, and as you’d expect he’s not lacking when it comes to energy or enthusiasm for making sales calls. Dan’s focus is on training sales people on how to grow their pipelines through…
EP03 - Brian Geery on Embarking On Your Sales Coaching Journey
Jan 14 • 21 min
In this episode I’m sitting down with Brian Geery, Managing Partner at CEO of where he and his colleagues support sales professionals to deliver better sales demos. But if you don’t deliver software demos don’t fret, the main focus of our…
EP02 - Mary Grothe on Sales Coaching vs Managing
Jan 10 • 25 min
Today I’m discussing a hot sales topic - coaching versus managing, with Mary Grothe of Sales BQ. Examining how individual mindset and motivation drives sales performance, and how by understanding your team’s range of motivations you can drastically help…
EP01 - Adam Zais on Modern Sales Coaching
Jan 4 • 30 min
In our first Coach The Sale episode we have Adam Zais with us to discuss modern sales coaching, nurturing and developing a sales coaching mindset, challenging individual and cultural resistance to sales coaching, and the pitfalls of a stereotypical old…
EP00 - Trailer
Jan 4 • 1 min
If sales coaching matters to you then this might just be your new favourite podcast. Whether you currently coach, or aspire to help your sales teams be the very best - Coach The Sale will help you on your journey.