Retrotone News

Retrotone News
Tired of the malarkey coming from the mainstream media? Well that stuff’s history! Retrotone News gives you a snappy summary of the news. Modeled after the Movietone News reels of the 1930s, we cut the baloney and give it to you straight. Add a couple licks o’ music and some color commentary from our host Rodge Bigsby (David Allen Moss), and you’ve got the picture.
Feb 14 • 6 min
Valentine’s Day with no Sweetheart Candy Hearts? Ron Burgundy confused as he debuts podcast and Twitter is as cynical as ever. Listen Up!
Feb 7 • 5 min
This week Rodge recaps the latest happenings in politics, lifestyle and Adam Levine’s bare bodied halftime show performance. From the highly anticipated State of the Union Address, to an overseas zoo selling outrageous Valentine’s Day creepy critters……
Jan 31 • 5 min
The polar vortex swirls amidst another wild week in news! Hear the latest on the Mueller chicanery, and find out which hot tune Rodge is recommending this week. And did we mention the government’s back open? But in perhaps the most surprising news of the…
Jan 24 • 7 min
It’s the race for 2020, race for robot hospitality, and race for the Oscars. This week Rodge covers new entries in the pool of Democratic candidates, Alibaba’s FlyZoo bizarro tech showcase-of-a-hotel, Oreos and the Oscars. If that’s not enough, we bring…
Jan 17 • 6 min
Toxic! Toxic! Rodge Regurges a Smelly Week in News // Toxic Politics. Toxic Waste. Toxic Masculinity. McDonald’s. This week Rodge delves into the dirty, talking Brexit, Big Macs, and Lima’s septic struggles. But it’s not all nasty… turns out there’s a new…
Jan 10 • 5 min
Breaking News: It’s Build a Wall or Eminent Doom // Rodge rails on the escalating so-called crisis over Trump’s multi-billion dollar border wall. It’s a royal standoff, and millions are feeling the shockwaves of an ongoing government shutdown. Speaking of…
Jan 8 • 5 min
New Year’s Roundup // Great Scott! Should old acquaintance be forgot? Why… of course not! It’s here in Episode 1, Rodge Bigsby ushers in the New Year with some familiar faces. From the Republic or Trump’s government shutdown, to Chipotle’s big splash for…