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Find Your Voice
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Fighting depression with Poetry and Fitness #8
Feb 11 • 50 min
Find your voice - Episode 8 - Memoirs of an Anxious Mind - Cos KyriacouTagline: “To HIM its just a game, playing with my mind. An easy target for HIM, he always seems to find. He always seems to be there to put me in my place, lurking and scheming like a…
Child Abduction Prevention #7
Feb 4 • 64 min
Find your voice - Episode 7 - The Way I Changed The World - Mus Jones YafaiTagline: “They are willing to do this, no matter the circumstances, no matter the time of the day, no matter who you are, they are willing to take your child, no matter…
Burned as a child, Homeless by 13 and Inspiring the Youth today! #6
Jan 28 • 64 min
Find your voice - Episode 6 - Stay strong by Hezron Brown #6Tagline: “The impact I was making & seeing was unreal. To see their face and actually light up and think Hope!”https://www.arendeu/podcastFind your voice - Episode 6Hezron Brown, has been in the…
Drugs, Cartels and Finding God #5
Jan 21 • 57 min
Find your voice - Episode 5 - Look up by Ashley Nixon #5Tagline: “So you sort of look at the victories of the past, and you rely on them for victories in the future” your voice - Episode 5Ashley Nixon grew up with rage, that…
From World Championship Kickboxing to physical paralysis #4
Jan 15 • 54 min
Find your voice - Episode 4 - F*ck it by Joshua AsquithJoshua Asquith, is a genuinely loveable guy. He was a talented athlete destined to do great things, which he did. A World title in New York for kickboxing, semi professional football, acting in…
From being homeless to speaking on stage #3
Jan 8 • 49 min
Find your voice - Episode 3 - The Art Of Connecting With Ourselves by Theodore TreveilTheodore Treveil also known as Theo, knows what it is like to hit rock bottom. He has had a life of so much adversity and hardship that rather than killing him, it has…
How to deal with Grief #2
Jan 8 • 48 min
Find your voice - Episode 2 - The Wake Up Call by Jin AtwalJins life screams adversity. The loss of his uncle, father and sister within such a short space of time caused his life to spiral out of control. The word death links closely to Jin’s life as does…
How blindness knocked me down but gave me a vision #1
Jan 8 • 40 min
Find your voice - Episode 1 - Blind, Drunk a Lions tale by Kev DillonKev Dillon is a man of the people, who refuses to be average. Suffering with meningitis Kev suffered with blindness and his whole world was rocked upside down. His dream of being a boxer…