Marketing & Communication - What do you do?

Marketing & Communication - What do you do?
Let’s say you were invited to a big networking event for entrepreneurs and startup businesses, I guaranty you you’ll be asked the same question over and over again, the question is: What do you do?

S01EP21: Facebook Pixel, Retargeting & Lookalike Audience
May 30 • 9 min
Facebook advertising is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world. Although it’s a bit confusing to master all the features that the platform provides, there are some tools that are essential to learn and implement if you want to succeed.…
S01EP20: Facebook Ads & Google Ads, What’s the Difference?
May 23 • 16 min
We can all agree that the biggest online advertising platforms today are Facebook and Google. Facebook currently has two billion monthly active users, while there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google every second. Google ads reach billions of…
S01EP19: Different Types of Customers in our Pipeline
May 16 • 13 min
Customers play the most significant part of a business. Organizations should always work on retaining customers as well as work on getting new ones in order to flourish their business. In sales, customers are the greatest source of joy for a salesperson.…
S01EP18: Discover What is a Buyer Journey. Special Co-host Mohamad Hakim aka DME Hakim (Digital Marketing Entrepreneur)
May 9 • 22 min
A buyer’s journey can be simply defined by the combination of steps and stages that a prospect or lead goes through before paying and becoming a customer. It’s the process of becoming aware of, evaluate and purchase a new product or service. The journey…
S01EP17: Creating A Healthy Working Environment
May 2 • 14 min
No one wants to work in a place where he doesn’t feel appreciated, happy and motivated. Modern-day working environments with long periods of sitting on a chair facing a computer, with lots of meetings and very few breaks in between isn’t good to the…
S01EP16: Seven Mobile Strategies in 2019
Apr 22 • 14 min
A mobile marketing strategy uses a combination of marketing channels to connect with an audience through a mobile device, and generates leads through these channels. Which channels you use depends on where your buyers spend their time and what type of…
S01EP15: 5 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand
Apr 15 • 15 min
A brand can be anything, from a symbol, design, a name, to a sound, reputation and even employees. Branding on a business level has become common in today’s world, what’s becoming more important is branding on a personal level. If you have any question or…
S01EP14: How to Cold Email a Prospect? Special Co-Host: Souheil Ayoub (Marketing Executive)
Apr 9 • 22 min
Email Marketing is still one of the most effective communication channels that marketers use to communicate with and turn prospects into customers, and customers into loyal and longtime buyers. In this episode, Chehadeh and Souheil will be giving rich…
S01EP13: Start knowing Marketing Terminologies in 2019
Mar 28 • 24 min
Whether you are new to the industry, or you just need to catch up on some terminologies and definitions, we got you covered. We are going to share the most important and heavily used marketing terms in today’s business world. If you have any question or…
S01EP12: How to Position Your Brand In The mind of Your Customer?
Mar 21 • 15 min
Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers. It’s what goes through the customers head whenever your brand comes up, and how he or she differentiates it from the competitors. Brand positioning is a marketing…
S01EP11 - A Step By Step Guide to Starting Your Business. Special Co-host: Rami Alameddine
Mar 14 • 28 min
A lot of you dream of creating their own business, some develop a passion for something, others are really knowledgeable and experts in certain fields. If you look around, small businesses and startups are everywhere. Many people take the leap and…
S01EP10 - Marketing vs Advertising: What’s the Difference?
Mar 7 • 16 min
People often confuse between the terms #Marketing and #Advertising, so they consider them as the same thing. In fact, they are interconnected with each other, however, there is a huge difference in the #strategy and #communication methods being used.…
S01EP09 - How to be an Authentic Brand Storyteller on Social Media - Special Co-host: Juliet Halawani
Feb 28 • 27 min
Read: Juliet R Halawani Souheil Ayoub Look at the most successful and well-known #companies in the world, like Google, Amazon, and Apple, don’t you know their #backgroundstory, how they started and what they believe in?…
S01EP08 - Your Website is a Goldmine - Special Co-hosts: Maida Abou El Hosn and Caroline Rizk
Feb 21 • 32 min
If you are still wondering whether or not to create a website for your business, then I am afraid you’re too late. Let me start by saying this, in this digital world, a website is a necessity for every business, no matter how big or small it is. If you…
S01EP07 - How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing? Special Co-host: Taleb Kabbara
Feb 14 • 26 min
Is there a way to get #results from #LinkedIn #Marketing in #Lebanon and #GCC? Too many #marketers nowadays think that this channel won’t generate results unless it is fed by $$$. Until Taleb Kabbara debunked this theory! Tune in this Thursday and listen…
S01EP06 - Traditional Marketing Is Dying Slowly: Why using Content Marketing as a Winning Strategy?
Feb 7 • 54 min
You will learn about Traditional Marketing, how the market evolved and the consumer behavior changed drastically after the rise of Digital Marketing. Is it real that Content Marketing is nowadays the winning strategy and what are the key reasons? If you…
S01EP05 - What is a Lead “Magnet”: About Lead Generation
Jan 31 • 37 min
One of the most common challenges marketers face is creating content that produces enough traffic and eventually generates leads. With so many platforms available for marketers to publish their content, it’s getting harder to know where to focus their…
S01EP04 - Email Marketing: The basics - MTE with Lana Halabi
Jan 24 • 48 min
In this episode you will unlock the basic components to succeed in Email Marketing + Main KPI’s +FAQ + Business Satire + Meet the Entrepreneur with a special feature of Halabi Bookshop. Hope you enjoy the new episode, if you have any question please email…
S01EP03 - How to Find Keywords to Reach Your Market
Jan 16 • 44 min
Finding the adequate #keywords to #target your right #audience, we are well defining our hero #character (The hero we will guide him to solve his problems). And many more about the topic, a special #marketing #satire + meet the #entrepreneur #segment
S01EP02 - Selling Everyone is Selling Noone: About Targeting
Jan 10 • 27 min
It is the number one concern in the market, reaching the right audience and meet the results or sales targets. Otherwise we are doomed by false promises and mainly a bad budget expediture.
S01EP01 - Marketing Music vs Marketing Noise
Jan 3 • 10 min
How to clarify your messages is the biggest challenge in a noisy market. Would you join the noise or make you message clear? It’s your call. What if you were invited one day to a networking event and a prospect asks you the famous question “What do you…