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The World of Philanthropy with Duchesne Drew
Oct 22 • 23 min
On Episode 41, we talk with Duchesne Drew, Community Network Vice President at the Bush Foundation. We get the background on Duchesne, the history of the Bush Foundation, and a look at the founder, Archibald Bush. Plus, we delved into the foundation’s…
Creating an Oasis with Lauren Conaway
Oct 15 • 26 min
On Episode 40, Garnet and Mark are back with Lauren Conaway, Founder and CEO of InnovateHER KC. We learn about why women need their own community spaces like IHKC, what the future holds for Lauren and IHKC, and the leadership gaps for women. And a…
Connecting, Empowering, and Supporting Womxn Leaders
Oct 8 • 24 min
On Episode 39, Garnet and Mark talk with Lauren Conaway, Founder and CEO of InnovateHER KC. In this first part we learn about Lauren’s background and the history of IHKC. Plus, we’re thrilled to share that Lauren has started her own podcast, the…
A Systems Engineering Approach to Food
Oct 1 • 17 min
On Episode 38, we continue our chat with Jonathan Webb of AppHarvest. We learn about the technology that AppHarvest puts to work, how they turned to experts in the Netherlands, how AppHarvest is responding to the challenge presented to the earth 30 years…
Greening Coal Country
Sep 24 • 20 min
On Episode 37, Garnet and Mark talk with Jonathan Webb, Founder and CEO of AppHarvest, which is building massive greenhouses in the heart of coal country. AppHarvest is combining conventional agriculture techniques with today’s technology to grow non-GMO,…
Copyright, Music and Innovation
Sep 17 • 16 min
On Episode 36, we continue our chat with Ryan Merkley of Creative Commons. Since our interview, Ryan has moved on to Wikimedia—we’ll definitely have him back on to discuss that. But in this second part of our discussion, we look at the tight restrictions…
Innovations in Copyright at Creative Commons
Sep 10 • 14 min
On Episode 35, Garnet and Mark talk with Ryan Merkley, CEO of Creative Commons. In this first part of our discussion, we learn Ryan’s background, get the story on the Creative Commons mission, and find out the central challenges Creative Commons faces.…
Pea Protein and the Future of Food
Sep 3 • 17 min
On Episode 34, we’re back with Tyler Lorenzen to continue our chat about pea protein and the future of food. PURIS is an interesting company that just drew an additional $75 million investment from Cargill to double its pea protein production. In this…
Innovations in Pea Protein with PURIS
Aug 27 • 14 min
On Episode 33, we have Tyler Lorenzen, former college and pro football player and now CEO and president of PURIS Proteins. PURIS is focused on cultivating a regenerative food future with pea protein grown and made in the US with organic and non-GMO peas.…
Fairbnb and the Coop Model
Aug 20 • 22 min
On Episode 32, we’re back with Emanuele Dal Carlo of Fairbnb. This time, we learn more about the coop model that Fairbnb is employing, plus how Emanuele ended up in the coop, how Fairbnb engages with brand ambassadors, Emanuele’s marketing plans, and…
Back to Basics with Fairbnb
Aug 13 • 19 min
On Episode 31, we continue our chat with Emanuele Dal Carlo of Fairbnb. Garnet and Mark delve more into the background of FairBnB and how Emanuele thinks it brings the original idea of AirBnB back to its origins.
Fairbnb: A New Vacation Rental Platform
Aug 6 • 16 min
On Episode 30, we’re talking with Emanuele Dal Carlo, co-founder of It’s a cooperative vacation rental platform that gives back 50% of its revenues to support local community projects. Cities like Amsterdam, Venice and Bologna are beautiful…
Special: First Episode of Mondays with Roger
Aug 5 • 17 min
PodCo Media Networks is thrilled to be sharing the first episode of Mondays with Roger, with renowned telecom expert Roger Entner. In this episode, Roger deconstructs the events of the past week, including the DOJ’s approval of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger…
Never Work With A**holes
Jul 30 • 15 min
On Episode 29, Garnet and Mark are back with Mark Friedler to continue the discussion. This time, we talk about building a business—and that you never build something to fall in love with it. We also learn what Mark is doing in blockchain, and we get some…
Timing Is Everything
Jul 23 • 16 min
On Episode 28, Garnet and Mark are back with Mark Friedler.
The FedEx of the Internet
Jul 16 • 10 min
On Episode 27, Garnet and Mark talk with early internet innovator Mark Friedler.
Peering Into the Future
Jul 9 • 15 min
On Episode 26 of #theipod, Garnet and Mark look at what’s to come on the podcast, with previews of some of the interesting discussions they have planned.
One More Look in the Rearview
Jul 2 • 10 min
On Episode 25, we continue our look back on the first batch of episodes of #theipod.
What Have We Learned?
Jun 25 • 14 min
On Episode 24, Garnet and Mark look back on the first 23 episodes of #theipod.
The Future of E-Sports
Jun 18 • 13 min
We’re back with more of our chat with Bruno Aguiar, VP Commercial Management & Analytics at ESL/Turtle Entertainment.
More About E-Sports
Jun 11 • 16 min
Garnet and Mark are back with Bruno Aguiar, VP Commercial Management & Analytics at ESL/Turtle Entertainment, to explore more about betting and e-sports, the background of ESL, the key innovations of ESL, and how brands are seeing the value of esports.…
Jun 4 • 16 min
We have Bruno Aguiar, VP Commercial Management & Analytics at ESL/Turtle Entertainment.
Workforce Development, Economic Development, and the Future
May 28 • 16 min
We’re back with our final session chatting with Larry Frank, president of LA Trade-Tech College.
Training Students for the Workforce
May 21 • 20 min
We’re back with part two of our chat with Larry Frank, president of LA Trade-Tech College.
Innovation in Education
May 14 • 19 min
We are honored to kickoff three episodes with a very special guest—Larry Frank, president of Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.
More on Innovations in Elder Tech
May 7 • 24 min
Kai Stinchcombe is back with us to delve more into elder tech. We hear about the True Link business model, how True Link also helps people with disabilities, the size of the market, and lots more.
Elder Tech and More, Part 1
Apr 30 • 26 min
Kai Stinchcombe, founder and CEO of True Link Financial, joins us to discuss elder tech, blockchain and surviving in Silicon Valley. He came to our attention because of the focus of True Link—mainly helping older adults remain independent while protecting…
Rebel Innovation
Apr 23 • 20 min
We’re talking with Francesca Gino, the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. She has been honored as one of the world’s top 40 business professors under 40 by Poets and Quants. And she has a new book out called…
Innovation at Ultimate Guitar
Apr 16 • 35 min
How do you create, bootstrap, innovate and keep going at a startup based in Kaliningrad, Russia? We were curious, so we talked with Daniel Ray, director of the innovation labs at Ultimate Guitar and MuseScore. Daniel has a fascinating background in music…
The Politics of Opportunity Zones
Apr 9 • 22 min
Back with Lane Jost of PwC’s national Responsible Business Leadership team. Garnet and Mark probe more about the investment possibilities in opportunity zones, and the political, social and economic effects. Plus, we confuse litigation and legislation,…
Beyond the Redline: Opportunity Zones Up Close
Apr 2 • 31 min
We’re focused again on Opportunity Zones—this time with Lane Jost. Lane is an expert in both corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability, having held leadership roles over the last 10 years in the consulting, financial services and food…
Opportunity Zones, Part 2
Mar 26 • 26 min
This week, Garnet and I continue our chat with Peter Stuart of Outlier Capital about Opportunity Zones — we learn the three most important things to know about them, how Peter is capitalizing on them at Outlier Capital, some common mistakes, and we get a…
Opportunity Zones, Part 1
Mar 18 • 23 min
Opportunity Zones were legislated into existence in 2017 as part of the tax overhaul. The intention is to revitalize economically distressed parts of the country with private investments. We were really interested in learning more, so we called on Peter…
InnoNation - Houston
Mar 13 • 2 min
We have a short but sweet episode of #theipod this week as a way to introduce you to a new feature we’ll have occasionally: We call it InnoNation. It’ll be brief profiles of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in cities and regions. Today, we…
Facial Recognition
Mar 4 • 33 min
Facial recognition is taking the world by storm. So we found the most innovative mind in the business—Panos Moutafis, who founded Zenus Biometrics in Houston—to tell us what he and his company have been up to. Zenus has a unique technology, which Panos…
Opportunity Zones and E-Sports (Don’t Worry, It All Makes Sense)
Feb 26 • 31 min
Garnet and Mark chat about two things that have been on their minds: opportunity zones and e-sports.
AnytownUSA and the Future
Feb 18 • 26 min
We’re back with Geralyn Breig (, founder of AnytownUSA ( In the first part, we talked about Geralyn’s back ground and career. In this episode, we get into her new venture—something Garnet…
A Made-In-America Success Story
Feb 12 • 21 min
In this episode, the first of two parts, we interview Geralyn Breig, founder and CEO of, which launched in June 2018. Geralyn has a storied career. She was President of Clarks, Americas from 2014 to 2016. Geralyn’s career in consumer…
The Future of Experiences
Feb 3 • 25 min
In the second part of our chat about experiential marketing, we get into the future with James Kern and Chris Clegg. Garnet noted something he read in Ad Age recently about companies, in the wake of the data backlash, deemphasizing digital marketing and…
Experiential Marketing
Jan 28 • 15 min
In this episode, we chat with James Kern of XISM and Chris Clegg of Portma about experiential marketing. It’s the first part of a two-part chat. 2018 was the year of experiential marketing and the notion of engaging through experiences. Garnet frames the…
CES Day Three
Jan 15 • 12 min
We visit again with Laura Haykel of Language Line, in a chat recorded at the Connected Home, Transport Innovation Space. Garnet asked Laura what she really liked at CES this year. Then Garnet reconnected with CES Insider James Kern, Founder and CEO of…
CES Day One
Jan 15 • 17 min
Garnet goes on location to CES and chats with with Flo Miniscloux ( from Extraordinary Events in Los Angeles, the company that designed the Indiegogo Space about what she liked and what she expected from CES…
Special Preview Episode
Dec 31, 2018 • 12 min
Garnet and Mark share their plans for the Innovation Podcast—the subjects, the guests and the discussions to come.