Doug.Show by Niche Site Project

Doug.Show by Niche Site Project
The Doug Show is where I’ll talk to other marketers & experts, share success stories, talk about making the leap from corporate worker bee to entrepreneur. We’ll go deep on affiliate marketing, SEO, and working online.
Email Productivity Tips – Productivity 2 – DS032
Apr 18 • 49 min
It’s part 2 of the Productivity Series. I talk about dealing with email with Elizabeth. This is a segment from our podcast, Survive the 9 to 5. Two more productivity episodes are on the way! Contact me. Ask Questions! Send me an email here:…
Project Management Basics – Productivity 1 – DS031
Apr 15 • 49 min
I talk about the basics of project management with my wife, Elizabeth. This is a segment from our podcast, Survive the 9 to 5, which was short-lived, but fun! Three more productivity episodes are on the way! Contact me. Ask Questions! Send me an email…
Why Create Courses, Asking Questions, and Finding Answers – DS030
Apr 11 • 51 min
Someone asked me why I created a course about Amazon Affiliate Marketing instead of making hand-over-fist. (I threw in the last part, but it’s in the subtext of the question.) Then I rant about finding answers and asking good questions. Contact me. Ask…
$100s vs $1,000s per Month – What’s the Difference? DS029
Apr 8 • 15 min
What’s the difference between sites making $100s per month and sites making $1,000s per month? That’s the topic this episode and it came via a YouTube Livestream. (This one.) It was a great session with good questions all around. I’ve been doing…
YouTuber: Alex Cooper of WP Eagle plus Q & A DS028
Apr 4 • 53 min
Doug chats with YouTuber, Alex Cooper, founder of WP Eagle. Check out Alex on YouTube Here is the YouTube Masterclass on the Keyword Golden Ratio that Alex and I collaborated on. Here is that post on WordPress Silos Send me an email here:…
Retail Arbitrage: Flipping on Amazon and Ebay with Shane Meyers – DS027
Apr 1 • 40 min
Doug talks to Shane Myers, a fellow YouTuber and side hustler that focuses on retail arbitrage. He has some awesome stories, such as the massive score with a storage unit And also how to get started with reselling. In fact, Shane even shares some of his…
College Student Making $500 per Month – DS026
Mar 28 • 59 min
I talk to Brett, a college senior, in North Carolina about his niche site. It’s making $500 – 700 per month – thanks to the Keyword Golden Ratio. We talk about: how Brett used the Keyword Golden Ratio his first site was way back & we talk about where he…
Q&A from Listeners and Viewers – DS025
Mar 25 • 32 min
Doug answers a few questions from listeners and viewers. Leave a voicemail here: (406) 813-0613 Let me know: Your name Where you are from What you do Any affiliate site info Any questions you might have And you can always email me here: [email protected]
Selling a SAAS Company – Interview with Dave Schneider – DS024
Mar 21 • 41 min
In this interview, I talk to Dave Schneider, who sold his SAAS company Ninja Outreach in March 2018. Back in the day, Dave and I were in a Mastermind Group, and it was great catching up with him in this interview. We talk about his past travel blog, how…
$8,000/month Success Story – Affiliate Site with Evan DS023
Mar 18 • 60 min
I talk to Evan (from episode 14) to hear about his journey to nearly doubling his revenue to $8,000 per month. We talk about: Traffic from Pinterest Business structures Taxes Links Here is the 1st interview with Evan on YouTube and on the Podcast…
[bonus] Moving to Boulder, CO from Bozeman, MT
Mar 15 • 37 min
Our heroes talk about living in Bozeman and moving. My wife got a great job offer so we moved to the Boulder, CO area from Bozeman.
70 vs 500 Posts & making $2,500/Month [Success Story] – DS022
Mar 14 • 66 min
In this success story interview, I talk to Duke about his 2 Amazon Affiliate Sites. This is an update — Duke joined us back in episode 9. Links and YouTube Links Other interview success stories on YouTube. Unfamiliar with Keyword Golden Ratio? Watch this…
Hitting $1,000/Month-Five Figure Niche Site Success Story – DS021
Mar 11 • 65 min
This is an update with Marty, back from episode 2. He was making $500 per month but he’s been growing and now he’s at $1,000 per month. Generally, that puts the value at $20,000 to $30,000 for the site. Marty drops some knowledge and his positive attitude…
Mackenzie Fly – YouTuber and Digital Nomad – DS020
Mar 7 • 46 min
I interview Mackenzie Fly, a Digital Nomad and World Traveler, in this episode. We talk about: Transitioning to nearly full time travel from a corporate gig How she makes money while traveling Being flexible and letting things happen Connect with…
Zoey Arielle – YouTuber, Digital Nomad, Author – DS019
Mar 4 • 46 min
Zoey is a Digital Nomad & YouTuber living in Rome, Italy. She started out working a corporate gig doing event marketing. Then, she transitioned into an SEO type role for an ecommerce company, which primed her skill set to be location independent. We talk…
Elise Darma Side Hustle Digital Nomad – DS018
Feb 28 • 54 min
This is another interview with a side hustler and traveler. I talk to Elise Darma who grew her side hustle to a full-time gig Here are some things we talk about: How Elise grew her business to a multi-six figure business How she used existing…
Taiss Nowrouzi (From Together To Wherever) Interview – Digital Nomad – DS017
Feb 25 • 53 min
In this interview, I talk to Taiss – a digital nomad – and making the transition from a corporate job to living and working in Chiang Mai. ======= Follow Taiss on her blog And on Instagram See the original interview on YouTube.
Selling a Niche Site for $235,000 part 2 – DS016
Feb 21 • 59 min
The exciting conclusion. Last time our hero explained all the issues with selling an Amazon Affiliate site. So if you missed that one, be sure to check it out. Check out the 13 part blog series here. This is a rebroadcast from the Human Proof Podcast.…
Selling a Niche Site for $235,000 part 1 – DS015
Feb 18 • 51 min
Our hero talks about selling an Amazon Affiliate site. This episode is all about the things that went wrong! Be sure to check out part 2 in the next episode. Check out the 13 part blog series here. This is a rebroadcast from the Human Proof Podcast.…
$4,000/month: Double Traffic & Profits in 4 Months with The Keyword Golden Ratio – DS014
Feb 14 • 38 min
Here is another really cool success story. Evan doubled his traffic and profits in just 4 months with the Keyword Golden Ratio. Evan is a really awesome example of someone working at their job and turning their hobby into a full time gig. He started out…
$3,000 Per Month in 8 Months Social Worker – Success Story with Ellen – DS013
Feb 11 • 65 min
Ellen shares her success story of using the Keyword Golden Ratio for her Amazon Affiliate Site. Links The original interview on YouTube Check out all my templates and systems here.
How Many Posts to Launch an Amazon Affiliate Site – DS012
Feb 7 • 9 min
Our hero answers this one question. It’s an important one if you’re just getting started. Get all my templates and guides from Niche Site Project.
Where to Hire Writers for Affiliate Content – DS011
Feb 4 • 32 min
Our hero talks about hiring writers, the pros, the cons, and the pitfalls. Mentioned: Upwork Textbroker and iWriter Content Refined (below) Market Muse Craigslist Content Refined There is a service that is oriented to affiliate marketers called Content…
Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing With Christy – DS010
Feb 1 • 73 min
This is a LIVE interview. I chat with Christy about getting starting with affiliate marketing. Christy tells us about: Her site’s traffic within 3 months Getting Pinterest traffic FAST Moving to Montana Running an agency yet wanting something more passive…
Pastor Nears $1k per month, Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Keyword Golden Ratio Success Story with Duke – DS009
Jan 31 • 46 min
In this video, I interview Duke, who has an awesome success story using the Keyword Golden Ratio formula. Duke shares: How he got into niche sites The trajectory of his site Writing Viral Style Headlines Tips for beginners I also answer a few questions at…
The 1000 Day Rule (from the Tropical MBA) with Rob Atkinson – DS008
Jan 28 • 51 min
Our heroes talk about The 1000 Day Rule, a concept by Dan Andrews of the Tropical MBA Podcast. In this episode, my good friend, Rob Atkinson joins me. We talk about the entrepreneurship journey. Links and Further Reading Read the original post about…
KGR Q & A (Bonus Episode)- DS007
Jan 25 • 28 min
Our hero answers questions about the Keyword Golden Ratio in this bonus episode. Links and Resources The KGR Masterclass – It’s FREE. More on the KGR…
Affiliate Site Content with the KGR – The Keyword Golden Ratio, Part 2 – DS006
Jan 24 • 58 min
Doug chats with Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs about what to do with all those juicy keywords. Want the Templates? Sure you do… Get the Content Templates here. Just click where it says, “Get all my personal templates & systems for niche sites.” Then…
Keyword Research with the Keyword Golden Ratio, Part 1 – DS005
Jan 21 • 70 min
Our hero talks about the Keyword Golden Ratio with Dom Wells of Human Proof Designs. Dom is super smart and sounds smart too — with his excellent British accent. The core of the episode is from the Human Proof Podcast by Dom. He interviewed me a while…
Nick Loper: Shoe Affiliate Side Hustle to a Full-Time Business – DS004
Jan 17 • 70 min
Nick Loper has been featured on the New York Times, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and more. I interview Nick Loper, the chief side hustler of Side Hustle Nation, and voice of the podcast The Side Hustle Show. I was excited to talk to Nick and hear more about how…
Construction Worker Hits $100/month with Adrian – DS003
Jan 14 • 72 min
Adrian is a construction worker and student of Five Figure Niche Site. This interview is from July 2018 and currently, Adrian is making about $300 per month in January of 2019. Look out for an interview update soon. We talk about: The age of the site and…
Creating a 5 Figure Niche Site with Marty – DS002
Jan 14 • 73 min
Marty tells us about his Amazon Affiliate Site that recently hit the $500 mark in the summer of 2018. As of January 2019, he’s making about $1,000 per month and there will be an updated interview soon. Marty and I talk about: The age of the site and…
Affiliate Marketing Intro and Amazon Associates – DS001
Jan 14 • 52 min
Our hero tells us about affiliate marketing and provides a high-level overview of starting an Amazon Affiliate Site. Doug’s wife, Elizabeth, joins him to chat about the new year, resolutions, and the lack thereof, and Georgie makes an appearance by…
Introducing The Doug Show (Trailer)
Dec 31, 2018 • 0 min
Doug Cunnington finally started a podcast of his own — after threatening to publish the spoken word for years. He’ll talk about: Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurship Productivity Stories and Adventures Beer And more… About Doug Cunnington I write about…