African Developers Podcast

African Developers Podcast
A podcast where I interview African Software Developers about their journey and the cool stuff they are working on. Twitter:

#8: Timi Ajiboye, Founder and CEO of, Lagos
Sep 19 • 42 min
Timi Ajiboye is a Nigerian software engineer. He is currently the founder and CEO of, a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet for Africa. In this episode, Timi tells us how his uncle introduced him to programming at 10 years old. We also talk…
#7: Kirk Agbenyegah, CTO at SafeBoda, Uganda
Aug 19 • 54 min
Kirk Agbenyegah is a Ghanaian Software engineer but he is currently the Chief Technical Officer at SafeBoda, a mobility company based in Kampala, Uganda. In this episode, we talk about how he became the CTO of such high profile company. We also discuss…
#6: James Alituhikya, CTO at ChapChap Africa, Uganda
Jun 29 • 45 min
James Alituhikya is a software engineer from Uganda. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer at ChapChap Africa Ltd, a Fintech company based in Kampala, Uganda. In this episode, we talk about his transition from Electrical Engineering to Software…
#5: Tolulope Komolafe, Software Engineer at Everplans, New York
May 8 • 48 min
Tolulope Komolafe is a Nigerian software engineer currently working for Everplans in New York. Before Everplans, she was a fellow at Andela. In this episode, we talk about: How she got into the software industry Her time at Andela Her relocation from…
#4: Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Android Developer at Zola Electric
Mar 11 • 32 min
Moyin is an Android developer at Zola Electric (formerly Offgrid electric) and a GDG Lagos co-organizer. In this episode, Moyin tells us how she became an Android Developer. We also talk about what it takes to work remotely from Lagos and whether our…
#3: Edem Kumodzi, Senior Consultant at Andela
Feb 22 • 70 min
@edemkumodzi is a Ghanaian senior software engineer currently working at Andela as a senior consultant. Edem is also very involved in the Ghanaian tech ecosystem. In this episode, we talk about his trajectory, including his experience at Ringier Ghana,…
#2: Stephen Kenigbolo, Lead front-end developer at BCaster in Helsinki
Feb 6 • 57 min
Stephen Meya Kenigbolo (@expensivestevie) is the Lead front-end developer at BCaster in Helsinki, Finland. In this episode, Stephen tells us about quitting med school med. school to start a career in software development. We also discuss the software…
Episode 1: Delali Vorgbe, Software engineer at ALU
Jan 23 • 47 min
Delali Vorgbe (@efo_delali) is a software engineer and product manager at the African Leadership University (ALU). In this episode, Delali tells us about his job at ALU. We also discuss his relatively late introduction to programming and how one of his…
Dec 25, 2018 • 0 min
This is episode 0 of the African Developers podcast where … you guessed it … I will be interviewing African software developers.