Muscles and Management

Muscles and Management
Muscles and Management takes an in depth look at all things training, sports performance and business. Gerry DeFilippo is a strength & sports performance coach who takes the listener through a learning experience via his own work and findings with his …

#45 Q&A/Twitter Grab Bag: Proprioception, How to Program Sprints, Proper Jump Training, Building Strength, Agility Training and More!
Nov 6 • 76 min
Gerry brings back a Q&A style format to answer your questions and also expands on some of his most recent and thought provoking tweets!
#44 Achieving Desired Training Adaptations and Simple Ways to Transfer Training to Sport with Arkansas Baseball Strength Coach Blaine Kinsley
Oct 30 • 70 min
Arkansas Baseball Strength Coach Blaine Kinsley joins the show to discuss various topics in strength and conditioning geared towards effective ways to determine programming effectiveness for training athletes.
#43 Sounding off on Some of the Hottest and Most Controversial Topics in Strength and Conditioning with Joe Aratari
Oct 23 • 89 min
Addressing important and sometimes controversial topics in strength and conditioning with Joe Aratari
#42 Studies vs. Coaching Experience, VBT, Hypertrophy and Key Training Principles for Athletes with Alan Bishop
Oct 16 • 96 min
Taking a deep look at key training principles, topics and the convergence of research and anecdotal experience when it comes to programming for, and training athletes with Alan Bishop.
#41 Creating Synergy Between Quality Movement, Strength and Speed with Zach Dechant
Oct 9 • 69 min
Zach Dechant of TCU comes on to talk the importance of movement patterns and how we can build quality movement to go alongside strength and speed development.
#40 Building Harmony Between Strength and Speed and Everything Strength and Conditioning with Kevin Poppe
Oct 2 • 92 min
A discussion with Kevin Poppe of Dynamic Sports Training on all things strength and conditioning and creating harmony between strength and speed!
#39 Evaluating Prospects and Growing Baseball Through Social Media with Emily Waldon of The Athletic and Baseball America
Sep 25 • 69 min
Evaluating minor league prospects, growing baseball through social media and the impact of technology on prospect development and scouting with prospect writer Emily Waldon of The Athletic and Baseball America.
#38 Building Training Programs and Athletes Through a Principles Based Approach with Daniel Flahie and Cody Hughes
Sep 18 • 80 min
An in-depth look at the importance of basing programming, training and the development of athletes on a principle based approach with Daniel Flahie and Cody Hughes
#37 Q&A: “Balance,” Training, In-Season Programming & Life After College Sports (ft. Brandon Deger)
Sep 11 • 74 min
A comprehensive Q&A on topics such as balance training, in-season programming, starting a business and finding the right career fit.
#36 Keys to Developing Strong & Powerful Athletes with DJ Edwards and Bill Miller
Sep 4 • 80 min
A comprehensive look at velocity based training, using sleds for pressing power and building speed and arm strength in athletes and baseball players with Bill Miller and DJ Edwards.
#35 Applying Principles of Sport Science to Strength and Speed Training with Max Schmarzo (Strong by Science)
Aug 28 • 88 min
Understanding principles of sport science and how you can apply them for effective strength and speed training with Max Schmarzo (Strong By Science)
#34 Building Rotational Power & Velocity For Pitchers and Throwers (Rob Hill & Steffan Jones)
Aug 21 • 71 min
An in-depth look at everything you need to know about building insane velocity as a rotational athlete!
#33 Foundations of Blazing Speed with Joseph Potts (Top Speed LLC.)
Aug 14 • 71 min
A breakdown of what it takes to build blazing speed with Joseph Potts of Top Speed LLC.
#32 Strength, Speed, Movement and Finding Quality Professionals for Athletes with Stephen Osterer, Terry Phillips and Kyle Rogers
Aug 7 • 66 min
A comprehensive look at strength and speed training, movement, movement assessments and linking quality care professionals with athletes in need with Stephen Osterer, Terry Phillips and Kyle Rogers.
#31 Building a Business and Coaching in the Private Sector with Michael Richards
Jul 30 • 77 min
A breakdown of what it takes to make it in the private sector and own a business as a strength and conditioning coach with veteran coach Michael Richards.
#30 Q&A: When to Use VBT, Thoughts on CrossFit, and Sprinting Quick Fixes
Jul 23 • 50 min
A comprehensive Q&A style episode on various topics across strength training, sports performance, education and business.
#29 Building Foundations for Elite Athletes and Running a Training Business with Erica Suter
Jul 16 • 80 min
An in-depth discussion on training youth and elite athletes, building a training business and keys to building a quality social media platform in the strength training/sports performance industry.
#28 All Things Recruiting with Brian Scanlon
Jul 10 • 67 min
An in-depth look at recruiting with former college coach and recruiter and current recruiting coach Brian Scanlon.
#27 Former MLB Reliever Eric O’Flaherty
Jul 3 • 67 min
An in-depth look at all things pitching, strength training and baseball with former MLB relief pitcher Eric O’Flaherty.
#26 How Strength and Speed Training Can Improve Your Conditioning
Jun 30 • 41 min
A breakdown on the positive impact strength and speed training can have on conditioning
#25 Hitting and Building a Coaching Career with Trey Hannam
Jun 23 • 52 min
Building an online coaching career and the proper mindset of hitting training with Trey Hannam
#24 Everything You Need to Know About Speed
Jun 19 • 39 min
A breakdown of sprinting and what contributes to speed!
#23 Velocity Based Training with Pat Robles
Jun 6 • 50 min
A breakdown of velocity based training and how it can be used to develop athletes in strength training that best transfers to sport.
#22 Hitting, Lifting and Life Lessons with Les Nozzle
May 31 • 82 min
Get an inside look at how a veteran hitting and strength training coach prepares athletes and his advice on getting the inside edge in all aspects of life!
#21 UTSA Softball Hitting Coach Carlton Salters: Understanding Hitting and Movement
May 23 • 73 min
An in-depth look at hitting, human movement and biomechanics with UTSA hitting coach Carlton Salters
#20 Everything you Need to Know About College Recruiting with Recruiting Coordinator Ryan McGee
May 17 • 62 min
An in-depth look at everything related to the college recruiting process with veteran recruiting coordinator Ryan McGee
#19 Detroit Lions Tight End Jerome Cunningham
May 9 • 58 min
In depth talk of strength and speed training and life as a professional athlete with Detroit Lions high end Jerome Cunningham
#18 Kyle Rogers, Head Strength Coach at Driveline Baseball
May 3 • 46 min
Career path, training, the importance of strength training for baseball players and more with Driveline Baseball’s head strength coach Kyle Rogers
#17 Strength and Speed Training Principles with Jason Spray
Apr 26 • 52 min
What’s wrong with unstable surface training, training pro athletes and strength and speed training principles with veteran strength coach Jason Spray.
#16 Why I’m Against Unstable Surface Training as a Means of “Sport Specific,” Training
Apr 22 • 29 min
A full breakdown on what is wrong with unstable surface training in the world of strength and conditioning.
#15 Life of Independent Baseball, Trying to Get Signed, Hitting Data and Analytics and Training with TJ Ward
Apr 5 • 49 min
A look at college baseball, recruiting, the grind of trying to get signed by a major league team and hitting data and analytics with an independent baseball player and hitting coach.
#14 Contrast Training: How it Can Help Build Speed, Power and Explosiveness
Mar 30 • 34 min
A breakdown of contrast training and how you can use it to become faster, more powerful and explosiveness.
#13 Relative Strength: Making Sure Weight Gain Contributes to Strength, Power and Speed
Mar 22 • 34 min
Insight for athletes on how they can decide on and monitor whether or not they should gain/or have gained productive weight.
#12 A Rant From a Concerned Strength Coach Regarding Team-Sport Conditioning
Mar 11 • 40 min
A breakdown of the ineffectiveness of a bulk of team-sport “conditioning,” and the proper way to go about training aerobics and speed for athletes.
#11 Why “Sport Specific Training,” is The Most Overused, Oversold, & Misunderstood Phrase in Sports Performance Training
Mar 1 • 32 min
A breakdown of the differences between general physical preparation (strength and speed ) training and why you should leave sports to the field of play
#10 Dr. Terry Phillips of Driveline Baseball
Feb 23 • 64 min
Movement assessments, physical therapy/rehabilitation and baseball specific injuries with Dr. Terry Phillips of Driveline Baseball
#9 Recruiting, Travel/College Baseball, Using Data & Business with Hasani Whitfield
Feb 15 • 61 min
Talking all things recruiting, college and travel baseball, business and baseball data with Hasani Whitfield
#8 Building an INSANE Vertical Jump!
Feb 8 • 40 min
A comprehensive, “how-to,” guide explaining all things related to the vertical jump and how you can improve it!
#7 Q&A: Energy Systems, Rotational Movements, In-Season Lifting and Strength Assessments
Feb 1 • 51 min
Question and Answer focused episode touching on energy systems, rotational training, in-season maintenance and testing/assessments.
#6 Interview With Rob Friedman “@Pitchingninja”
Jan 24 • 63 min
In-depth interview with pitching coach and certified MLB “Pitching Ninja,” Rob Friedman.
#5 Why The 60-yard Dash is a Useless Test For Measuring “Baseball Speed.”
Jan 18 • 37 min
A breakdown of why the 60-yard dash is an ineffective and inefficient way of testing speed for baseball players.
#4 How to Build an Effective Training Program
Jan 11 • 28 min
A simple and easy to understand guide on all things involving writing an effective training program
#3 Five Things Your College Education WON’T Teach You About Business
Jan 3 • 33 min
Five practical tips that aren’t taught in a conventional business education that can help you start and grow a successful business!
#2 Building The Fundamental Movement Patterns
Dec 27, 2018 • 33 min
How to build the main movement patterns that embody basic human movement and lead to productive training and all around athletes!
#1 Introduction and Conjugate Programming
Dec 20, 2018 • 20 min
Introduction to the Muscles and Management Podcast and an overview of conjugate programming