The HUSTLR Podcast

The HUSTLR Podcast
If you would like to start making money online, whether it’s eCommerce, blogging - we cover all sorts of side hustles and ways to make money. Our mission is to uncover secrets that side hustle entrepreneurs can use to generate passive income and build ?

EP 28. Admissions Geek + Clinical Psychologist To Helping Students Get Into Top Schools - Shirag Shemmassian
Oct 9 • 45 min
Shirag Shemmassian is a super geek hustler who has built his business and a new marketing channel that’s helping his company grow by accident. Find out more about how he did it on this episode.
EP 27: From PayPal Ex-IPO To Full Time Magic Man And Entrepreneur - Dan Chan
Oct 3 • 67 min
In this episode we talk to Daniel Chan on finding your passion and how we can improve ourselves as hustlers making money doing what we love
EP 26: How To Pay Off $200k In Debt In 27 months Juggling A Side Hustle And A Full Time Job - Ryan Helms from Legacy Podcasting
Sep 27 • 58 min
Ryan is a super hustler who has paid off $200k in debt in just 27 months, find out how he did it in this episode.
EP 25: Mastering the Art and Science behind Copywriting with Ben Sim
Sep 18 • 36 min
In this episode, we talk about finding your true calling, the pressure and how to overcome the challenges faced to achieve your goal and follow your passion
EP 24. Accelerated Learning By Doing with Youth Mentor, Content Creator and Published Author Aiman Azlan
Sep 11 • 56 min
In this episode, we talked about familial pressures, self-limiting beliefs that negatively impact your career and the psychology behind the fear of failing. To say the least, Aiman has an unorthodox career path. He’s never worked a 9 to 5 job even though…
EP 23. Full Time English Teacher To Multi-Million Dollar Educator - Anne Tham from Ace EdVenture Group
Sep 4 • 45 min
I had the pleasure of having Anne Tham, Founder & Managing Director of Ace Edventure Group. She is one heck of a visionary (this is an understatement) that has taken her passion for educating the next generation to the next level.
EP 22. School Teacher To Full Time Freelancer & Published Author - Laura Pennington Briggs
Aug 28 • 29 min
When she decided that teaching wasn’t what she wanted to do - she just took the leap into freelance writing. A few years down the line, she now manages a team of multiple writers and virtual assistants.
EP 21. Business Failure & Pregnancy Didn’t Stop Her From Standing On Her Own Two Feet - Kelly Tan
Aug 21 • 31 min
I interviewed Kelly Tan on this episode. She’s a young mama hustler and mompreneur that has gone through some really rough times during her earlier days.
EP 20. Digital Marketer, Product Creator & Music Producer - Whizz Zoe
Aug 14 • 38 min
Zoe is a supergirl who has a passion for creating. Many of her MVPs have been on the #1 spot on Product Hunt.
EP 19. Personal, Raw, Uncut Session With Content Creator Jenn Chia (SoImJenn)
Aug 7 • 55 min
We’re so excited to have Jenn Chia (or maybe better known as soimjenn). Amongst many other things, we talked about her motivations, what drives the content she creates and her personal values.
EP 18. The Truth Behind Running A Successful Blog Jeff Proctor & Ben Huber from DollarSprout
Jul 31 • 67 min
In this episode, Jeff and Ben have talked about their journey in running DollarSprout - a massively successful blog on personal finances and making money from home.
EP 17. Aircraft Engineer To Full Time Photographer - Jitz Lim
Jul 24 • 20 min
I’m excited to share with you guys on one journey that has inspired me to start HUSTLR. Jitz is a close friend of mine who’s been a freelance photographer/videographer for the longest time.
EP 16. Budgeting Tips When You Are Sh*t Broke
Jul 17 • 11 min
In this solo episode I share some of my budgeting tips that has helped me get through the hardest periods of my life - when I was starting my own online hustle.
EP. 15 My Journey In Creating A Laptop Lifestyle
Jul 10 • 30 min
I share about my journey from A-Z in creating a laptop lifestyle.
EP 14. Why I Started An Online Business & How I Did It
Jul 5 • 30 min
This episode is a recording from my talk at WeGrowth Marketer’s Meet Up Community at Mindvalley HQ. We talked about eCommerce in general as well as my journey.
EP. 13 8 Side Hustles That Can Bring You $20 Per Hour (Or More) In 2019
Jun 28 • 10 min
Side hustles are one of the best ways to start participating in the modern economy.
EP. 12 - Guest Episode On Make Time Online Podcast With Mike Beatty
Jun 19 • 53 min
Hey hustlers, this is a long overdue guest episode on the Make Time Online Podcast with Mike Beatty. In this episode, we talked about my journey when starting an online business, what drove me to chase my dreams and how to make more money with less…
EP. 11 - John Lee Dumas From Entrepreneurs On Fire - Niching Down To Success In A Hyper Competitive Environment
Jun 12 • 20 min
Hey hustlers, in this episode, I present to you a fantastic hustler. He’s more commonly known as a podcaster, and his name is John Lee Dumas. I managed to get 15 minutes with him amidst his extremely packed schedule. We talked about niches, podcasting,…
EP. 10 Nithi & Kesh From Marijoinlah - Bootstrapped eCommerce Entrepreneurs (With Full Time Jobs)
Jun 5 • 28 min
Hey hustlers, in this episode I have Nithi & Kesh from They are superb hustlers that have built this business from the ground up, while both the founders still have full time jobs - even until now. Find out how they juggle between their…
EP. 9 Evelyn Marieta - Food Scientist To Entrepreneur Extraordinaire @ Wunderbath
May 31 • 52 min
Hey hustlers, in this episode I will be interviewing Evelyn Marieta, the sole founder of Wunderbath. She’s a superwoman, a good friend and student of mine. She’s an awesome entrepreneur with a super go-getter attitude. In this episode we talk about her…
EP. 8 Safwan Siddiq From PoetX - Poetry & Podcasts
May 24 • 45 min
Hey hustlers, in this episode I will be interviewing Safwan Siddiq from PoetX. PoetX is a hyper niche podcast that provides a platform for local Malaysian poets to share and read their work. They also run live podcasts and host poetry events. In this…
EP 7. Peng Joon - Funnel Hacker & Legendary Internet Marketer
May 15 • 48 min
In this episode of the HUSTLR podcast, we have Peng Joon on the show. He’s an internet marketer who’s already close to legendary status. Bulk of my online business success is attributed from my learnings from him. He is an OG HUSTLR that practices what he…
EP 6. Jian & Jao Tim - Running A Cafe Business
May 7 • 45 min
In this episode, find out the story behind a wide eyed young hustler - Jian Tan and his journey in starting a cafe business.Get started by visiting HUSTLR’s website on side hustles.
EP 5. Ng Khai Yong - From Digital Marketing To Internet Saving Chrome Extensions
Apr 29 • 36 min
In this episode of the HUSTLR podcast, we have Ng Khai Yong on the show. He’s a growth marketer who’s really good at what he does and he also build chrome extensions during his free time. He also does a ton of side hustles leveraging on his passion and…
EP 4. Guest Episode at Teroka : Side Hustles, Selling Shit Online, American Politics and Data Ownership
Apr 28 • 133 min
This episode is not only about side hustles, we also talked about politics, the real estate situation in Malaysia, data ownership as well as selling shit online amongst many other things. Enjoy this episode! If you like this episode, remember to…
EP.3 - Top 10 Dropshipping Apps in 2019 | PART ONE
Jan 22 • 13 min
If you do not have any capital to start an online business, dropshipping is the BEST option to get started. You just need the internet to make it work. There are plenty of dropshipping apps available online and we have shortlisted the best apps that you…
EP.2 - Top 7 Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Shopify Store
Jan 22 • 15 min
You’ve got your website done, but no one came to visit and shop on your website. What has gone wrong? Do you need huge advertising budget to drive traffic? The answer is NO. In fact, you don’t have to spend a single dollar to drive hundreds of visitors to…
EP.1 - Why People Fail on Shopify | Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid
Dec 21, 2018 • 16 min
👋 Hi! This is our very first episode! We hope you liked it!This podcast is about why most people fail on Shopify. Read the full written post here : our website here :…