Real Job Talk

Real Job Talk
A podcast about jobs, career, and what isn’t said at the water cooler.

11: Negotiating Your Offer
May 21 • 39 min
Do you talk about compensation in the job talk process? Quick answer- YES! Don't game the process- be clear on what you want. Holding back information puts you at a disadvantage with your offer- it will end up with low results until they know what you…
10: Surviving a layoff
May 7 • 33 min
Our goal with this episode is to help you prepare for a layoff, to know what to look for before it happens, to be ready for it, to leave your current role gracefully, and how to go about a post-layoff search. Before the layoff: Follow your company news,…
9: Guest: Chris Gaither - Burnout Advice Around Reinventing Yourself
Apr 18 • 51 min
Liz and Kat introduce Chris (who Liz has known forever!). We talk about human sustainability and reflection on staying healthy within the work that you do. We discuss feeling stuck and working past it. Advice around listening to that "wise voice inside…
8: Help! I Don’t Know How To Ask For a Raise!
Apr 9 • 32 min
Liz and Kat answer a listener question around how to ask for a raise. We talk about the best ways to approach the topic, how to read the situation before you ask, and ultimately how to be successful in getting yourself paid more for your job.
7: Asking friends for professional advice: what’s appropriate?
Mar 21 • 44 min
Have you been wondering if you've been taking too much of your friends' time asking questions in their area of expertise? Join Kat and Liz and their guests John Troyer and Dr. Michelle Natinsky as we talk about how to be friends with people with expertise…
6: Ever worked with a real a-hole?
Mar 7 • 31 min
Today Liz and Kat giggle and swear as we discuss a bunch of aspects of working with tough characters who “never do anything wrong”. Listen in for tips on how to sniff out assholes in the interview process, how to succeed on a team with them, how to coach…
5: Even after the interview, you’re still not done
Feb 21 • 38 min
You aced the interview, but you don't have the new job until you accept the offer! Liz and Kat cover how you navigate in the period after the interview. After the interview, should you send thank you notes? Would a thank-you gift make you stand out? When…
4: How do they find you? Secrets of the Sourcers with Angie Verros
Feb 7 • 44 min
This week, Kat and Liz sit down with our very first guest- super sourcer and recruiter Angie Verros, owner of Vaia Talent and host of the recruiting conference Talent 42. Angie breaks down the difference between sourcing and recruiting, helps us figure…
3: You Got the Interview…Now What?
Jan 24 • 38 min
In this episode of Real Job Talk, Liz and Kat talk about how to prepare for a job interview. What do you do to get ready to go in and meet with a hiring manager, recruiter or team? Should you ask questions? Should you have examples ready? How do you study…
2: Starting your new job search
Jan 10 • 37 min
In this episode, Kat and Liz talk about finding a new job. So you're looking for a new job, right? First of all, are you sure you want to jump? There may be advantages to staying. Next, do you know what you're really looking for in a job? It's a good time…
1: Careers, jobs, and recruiters — what’s this podcast all about?
Dec 20, 2018 • 32 min
Meet the hosts! Guest MC John Mark Troyer interviews the two hosts of the podcast, Liz Bronson and Kathleen Nelson Troyer, about their backgrounds and what this podcast is all about - jobs, careers, and what doesn't get said at the water cooler. They talk…