Living 4D with Paul Chek

Living 4D with Paul Chek
Get ready for a no-holds-barred exploration of what life is for and why we are all here.Each week, world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek and his guests will tackle topics like food, fitness, the environment, science, parenting, the mind…

58 - Nir Eyal: Digital Technology: Bondage or Freedom?
Nov 12 • 89 min
How do you find time to do the really important stuff? Nir Eyal talks to Paul about his newest book, Indistractable, in this attention-grabbing Living 4D conversation.
57 - Dawson Church: Mind To Matter: The Science of Spirituality and Healing
Nov 5 • 113 min
For far too long, conventional medicine has hid behind the notion of “seeing is believing” without taking the time to study the evidence.
56 - Paul Chek Q&A
Oct 29 • 90 min
Paul answers questions about training, dealing with the shadow self, managing work, motivation and SEX in this special Living 4D episode.
55 - Wade Lightheart: Digestion, Enzymes. Probiotics & Enhance Wellbeing
Oct 22 • 184 min
How can enzymes and probiotics really improve your health and performance? Learn how vegetarian bodybuilder Wade Lightheart built his body from the inside out and stays healthy in this Living 4D podcast.
54 - The Honest Vegetarian: Paul Chek & Matt Wallden
Oct 15 • 70 min
Is vegetarianism really good for you and your health? Paul discusses the pros and cons with Matt Wallden, ND, DO in this meaty Living 4D conversation.
53 - Elliott & Colleen Hulse: The Complexities Of People
Oct 8 • 108 min
How does it feel for men to embrace their feminine side? Elliott and Colleen Hulse discuss vulnerability and gender roles in this revealing Living 4D episode.
52 - Ben Greenfield: Intuitive Eating, Ego Dissolution, and Effective Parenting
Sep 30 • 110 min
Ben Greenfield talks to Paul about all the problems the ego creates for our lives and their love for butter espresso, in their second in-depth Living 4D podcast conversation.
51 - Quotes from Out of Nowhere #3: Marijuana
Sep 27 • 5 min
What consciousness is marijuana bringing to the world? Paul shares what he learned from the spirit of a plant in this Living 4D/Quotes From Out of Nowhere episode.
50 - Sarah Hopkins: Holistic Healing, Love, Growth and Wisdom
Sep 24 • 154 min
How can one book transform a life? Find out as Paul talks to Sarah Hopkins in this life-changing Living 4D episode.
49 - Quotes from Out of Nowhere #2: Wind
Sep 20 • 6 min
You’ll better appreciate the transformative power of wind in Paul’s latest Quotes From Out of Nowhere Living 4D podcast.
48 - Jordan Harbinger: Exploring An Original Podcaster
Sep 17 • 85 min
Is finding your passion a big lie? Paul hashes out the details with Jordan Harbinger, the Larry King of Podcasting, in this candid Living 4D episode.
47 - Quotes from Out of Nowhere #1: Butterfly
Sep 13 • 9 min
Join Paul for a new, short episode series of the Living 4D podcast designed to inspire a closer look at ourselves, our lives and the world around us.
46 - Mike Bledsoe: Looking Into Life with Mike
Sep 10 • 146 min
Are you always asking the bigger questions about your purpose even when life seems good? Mike Bledsoe talks to Paul about rebuilding and reshaping his life’s path in this Living 4D episode.
45 - Michael Susi: Holistic Health In A Corporate World
Sep 3 • 151 min
Learn how well CHEK principles are working in multi-national corporations as Paul talks to LinkedIn’s Michael Susi in this Living 4D episode.
44 - Sanjay Rawal: Deep Spirituality and Sri Chinmoy
Aug 27 • 85 min
How can anyone find inner peace by moving to New York City? Documentary filmmaker Sanjay Rawal describes his spiritual path and much more in this Living 4D episode.
43 - Chervin Jafarieh: DHA Oil, Health, and Spiritual Exploration
Aug 20 • 140 min
From hedge funds to whole foods, this week Paul talks to Chervin Jafarieh about the origins of Cymbiotika DHA.
42 - Allison Pelot: From Wounded Girl To Gifted Therapist and Honest Lover
Aug 13 • 180 min
Natural Born Mover and Founder of Pure Energy Wellness Allison Pelot joins Paul to share the story of her ongoing journey to discover her femininity.
41 - Dean Taraborelli: Addiction - An Insider’s Story Of Healing
Aug 6 • 124 min
Why don’t addiction treatment programs like AA work for many people? Dean Taraborelli, Founder of the Sanctuary at Sedona, describes a very different approach in this Living 4D episode.
40 - Tim Welch & Sean O’Malley: How To Be A Spiritual Warrior
Jul 30 • 156 min
MMA Fighter Sean O’Malley and his trainer Tim Welch stop by to talk to Paul about fighting, anger, meditation and mankinis.
39 - Tim Shieff: The Dark Side of Veganism
Jul 23 • 168 min
Freerunner, American Ninjawarrior and Founder of ETHCS Tim Shieff joins Paul to talk about his journey from Veganism to eating meat.
38 - Dr. Keesha Ewers: The Sex Doctor
Jul 16 • 86 min
Is your sex life the way you like it or is there lots of room for improvement? Paul talks to noted sexology and integrative medicine expert Dr. Keesha Ewers in this Living 4D episode.
37 - Chris Kresser: Health Facts You Need To Know Now!
Jul 9 • 67 min
NTY bestselling author and functional medicine expert Chris Kresser joins Paul to explore how our modern way of living divorces us from our humanity and how we can reconnect with it.
36 - Josh Trent: The Making of a Buddha
Jul 2 • 89 min
What does lifetime learning really mean in the wellness space? Wellness Force Radio’s Josh Trent talks about the challenge of his journey to good health in this Living 4D episode.
35- Greg Muller: Coaching Strategies for Elite Athletes That Work for Everyone!
Jun 25 • 108 min
Know anyone who has coached elite athletes on three championship teams in a single year? Greg Muller has and this week he talks to Paul about his journey as a soldier, coach and CHEK Professional in this Living 4D episode.
34 - Dale Walker: CrossFit - Trial by Fire
Jun 18 • 135 min
Can you really do CrossFit without hurting yourself physically or mentally? Paul digs into this question with Physiotherapist and former Royal Marine Dale Walker in this Living 4D episode.
33 - Ben Pakulski: Bodybuilding, Training and Life
Jun 11 • 167 min
What drives bodybuilders to do the incredible things they do with their bodies? Former Mr. Canada Ben Pakulski describes his journey in this latest Living 4D episode.
32 - Mike Salemi: Mastering the Kettlebell
Jun 4 • 107 min
Kettlebells are some of the most flexible, functional and effective training tools out there. Learn how to put them to best use with Kettlebell Sport World Champion Mike Salemi
31 - Aubrey Marcus & Kyle Kingsbury
May 28 • 117 min
What does it take to build a healthy relationship? Is it possible to have a healthy OPEN relationship? Paul talks to Onnit’s Aubrey Marcus and Kyle Kingsbury about the real-world implications in this Living 4D episode.
30 - James Wanless: A Deeper Look into Tarot
May 21 • 117 min
The Tarot aren’t tools for fortune-telling, they are tools for self-awareness. Dr. James Wanless explains in this episode of Living 4D with Paul Chek.
29 - Nick Pineault: Overcoming EMF Pollution
May 14 • 126 min
Worried how the rollout of 5G cellphone technology may affect your health? Paul talks to investigative journalist Nick Pineault about all things EMF in this newest Living 4D episode.
28 - James Hollis: Myths that Live Us!
May 7 • 66 min
In this special Living 4D episode, Paul goes deep into the philosophies of Carl Jung with noted scholar, prolific author and Jungian analyst Dr. James Hollis.
27 - Kim Nelli: Conscious Birthing
Apr 30 • 223 min
How can you make your experience with your baby a healthier one? CHEK HLC 3 Coach Kim Neill shares her secrets with Paul in their Living 4D conversation.
26 - Paul Chek: How to Evolve Your Career
Apr 25 • 168 min
How do you begin to do the work you were meant to do, and where do you start? Learn how to pursue your dream-affirmative career in this final episode of Paul’s Evolve series of podcasts.
25 - Dave Murphy: The Truth About Glyphosate
Apr 22 • 153 min
How are multinational corporations poisoning our food? Paul talks to Food Democracy Now’s Dave Murphy about the dirty politics behind our dirty food.
24 - Paul Chek: How to Evolve Yourself Spiritually
Apr 18 • 154 min
What is spiritual evolution and how do you shape that evolutionary path so that you are evolving in dream-affirmative ways that help everyone? Paul tackles those questions in episode 4 of his Evolve series of podcasts!
23 - Jo Rushton: Rocket Fuel on a Budget
Apr 15 • 134 min
People often complain that eating healthy, organic food is too expensive. Best-Selling Author, Celebrity Chef and CHEK Faculty Member Jo Rushton is here to show you that’s a myth!
22 - Paul Chek: How to Evolve Yourself Mentally
Apr 11 • 146 min
Why do we make the choices we make and how do we break out of behavioral patterns that hold us back? Paul answers these questions and more in this special Evolve episode of Living 4D.
21 - Michael Judd: Food and Your Future
Apr 9 • 112 min
We’ve heard time and again that it isn’t possible for our society to feed the world. That’s simply not true - Michael Judd stops by to explain why in this episode of the podcast.
20 - Paul Chek: How to Evolve Yourself Emotionally
Apr 4 • 131 min
Our emotions make us human and can be a source of great growth - but they can also be a source of pain and dysfunction. Join Paul as he dives into Emotional Evolution and how you can find emotional balance in your life.
19 - Gabrielle Reece: Life, Love and Relationships
Apr 2 • 163 min
Volleyball Legend, supermodel and NY Times bestselling author Gabby Reece joins Paul to talk about what she has learned about life, love and parenting.
18 - Paul Chek: How to Evolve Yourself Physically
Mar 28 • 153 min
How much do our genetics limit us? Not nearly as much as you think! A healthy lifestyle can help you to reach potentials you never imagined - Paul explains how in this special solo podcast.
17 - Warren Williams: A Deep Look At Martial Arts
Mar 26 • 119 min
Martial artist and CHEK Practitioner Warren Williams discusses the life lessons he learned from decades of competition in Taekwondo and boxing.
16 - Matt Nichol: How You Become A Successful Strength Coach
Mar 19 • 102 min
NHL Trainer Matt Nichol joins Paul to talk about how to train intelligently, what it’s like working with professional athletes, and how he grew his business.
15 - Angie Chek: Modern Shamanism
Mar 12 • 131 min
Shamanism is becoming increasingly popular in the US. What is it? How can the skills of a shaman compliment your health goals? Angie Chek joins Paul on the pod to answer those questions.
14 - Kyle Kingsbury: Taking the Hero’s Journey
Mar 5 • 132 min
UFC Fighter & Onnit Director of Human Optimization Kyle Kingsbury talks living the Hero’s Journey with Paul in this episode of Living 4D.
13 - Ben Stewart: Beyond The Veil Of Deception
Feb 26 • 140 min
Pull back the curtains on science, consciousness, plant medicine and God in this episode of the podcast with Paul and documentarian Ben Stewart.
12 - Matthew Wallden: Evolution in Action
Feb 19 • 132 min
Paul and Matthew Wallden wrestle with the concept of evolution - how it shapes our consciousness, the relationship between it and religion, and how its reliance on competition affects our perceptions - in this wide-ranging conversation.
11 - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Vaccines: Life, Disability or Death?
Feb 12 • 177 min
Do vaccinations cause more harm than they’re worth? What are the health risks of immunization? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins Paul to answer those questions.
10 - Ben Greenfield: Biohacking: A Deeper Look
Feb 5 • 68 min
Ben Greenfield joins Paul to talk biohacking - how best to do it, how it’s changed as it becomes commercialized, and how to balance it with naturalism.
09 - Dr. Nick Berry: Healing Common Health Challenges with Essential Oils
Jan 29 • 181 min
Paul and holistic pharmacist Dr. Nick Berry dive into the healing potential of essential oils and plant medicine.
08 - Nicole DeVaney: Breast Implant Dangers
Jan 22 • 123 min
The breast episode - what is beauty for women? Why do we fixate so much on breasts when talk about beauty? How do you develop a healthy sense of inner beauty? Paul and CHEK Goddess Nicole DeVaney discuss.
07 - Danny Way: Inside The Life of a Legend, Part 2
Jan 15 • 68 min
In part 2 of their interview, Danny and Paul dig even deeper into what truly matters - love, sex, balancing masculine and feminine energies in your life, and the role of plant medicine in a healthy life.
06 - Danny Way: Inside The Life of a Legend, Part 1
Jan 8 • 75 min
Paul talks to legendary skateboarder Danny Way about his life, his journey and the injuries he fought through to become the athlete and person he is today.
05 - JP Sears: Friendship, Relationships, and Personal Growth
Jan 1 • 176 min
JP Sears talks about the healing power of comedy and his journey of personal growth.
04 - Elliott Hulse: The Spiritual Strongman
Jan 1 • 111 min
If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be a man in today’s world, this is the episode of Living 4D with Paul Chek for you!
02 - Mind Pump Media: Who Are These Amazing Men?
Jan 1 • 114 min
Paul turns the tables on the Mind Pump guys and interviews them on exercise, love, their dreams and what they learned about life as they achieved success.
03 - Sean Croxton: Issues of Life and the World
Jan 1 • 119 min
Paul and Sean Croxton discuss what it means to be an adult, what it means to be authentic and how to take responsibility for your life and your health.
01 - Living 4D Preview
Dec 20, 2018 • 57 min
What is Living 4D? Paul explains it all from his vision, to future guests, to the meaning of 4D in this preview episode.