Storytime Anytime

Storytime Anytime
with the Twin Sisters
I Love You More
Feb 13 • 19 min
For bonus content, go here: // Meet Kim’s daughter, Bailey, as they read “I Love You, More”, a book they had written together when Bailey was only 7. Silly songs about smelly feet and bathtime make getting ready for bed a blast.…
Winter Time Wiggles
Feb 6 • 25 min
For bonus content, go here: // Keep warm this winter by singing, dancing, and being silly! Then we’re taking a trip to the circus with Billy and the magic clown. And what’s winter without building a snowman? Join Johnny and his…
Career Day Fun
Jan 30 • 23 min
For bonus content, go here: // What do you want to do when you grow up? Maybe you want to be a fire fighter or a construction worker, or a teacher, or famous singer! Kids will have fun exploring different careers as they meet Sammy…
Down On the Farm
Jan 23 • 26 min
For bonus content, go here: // Start your day on the farm by naming different animals by the sounds that they make. Then sing along to the classic songs Old MacDonald Had A Farm and BINGO. During story time, you’ll meet the farmer’s…
Nursery Rhyme Time
Jan 16 • 19 min
For bonus content, go here: // Nursery rhymes are a great way for kids to learn early literacy skills with silly rhymes and positive endings. Even though Humpty Dumpty has a great fall, children work together to mend Humpty with…
Growing Up Together
Jan 8 • 23 min
For bonus content, go here: // What’s the best part about having a brother or sister? Having a best friend for life! Join the twins behind Twin Sister’s Storytime…Anytime® for songs, stories and fun! Sing along to a new spin on a…
What a Zoo!
Jan 8 • 20 min
For bonus content, go here: // Where can you find exotic and beautiful animals? Why, at the zoo! Join us for singing and fun as we take an exciting trip to the grasslands of Africa to learn about elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and…
The Bear Essentials
Jan 8 • 22 min
For bonus content, go here: // Do you like bears? Would you like to learn all about bears and then meet the most famous bears of all? Come join us on Storytime…Anytime® and learn fascinating facts about these magnificent wild…
Sneak Peak
Dec 19, 2018 • 1 min
Learn more about the exciting new kids podcast, brought to you by Twin Sisters Digital Media and Evergreen Podcasts. Music, Storytime and Learning go hand-in-hand as kids explore fun topics like dinosaurs, sharks, animals, and more. Kim Mitzo Thompson…