Shedding Light Hunting Stories Podcast

Shedding Light Hunting Stories Podcast
Love a good hunting story? This is the podcast for you. Each episode is a real story told from a real hunter. There may be an occasional name you recognize but for the most part this podcast features average joes just like you! Real guys and girls with…

46 My First Saddle Buck- Perseverance
Nov 27 • 40 min
Very excited to share with you the story of my 2019 buck which just happens to be my first out of a tree saddle! Had a fun but challenging year! Below is the link to the video! Be sure to LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE! And leave a comment or review! It…
45 I Don’t Want To Shoot Your Deer with Perry Copeland-Ironman Outdoors
Nov 19 • 40 min
Today we are excited to talk with our local friend Perry Copeland of Ironman Outdoors ( Perry talks about how he got into hunting, his 2019 buck, and his personal journey with the Lord. Very humble guy.
Ep.44 Ramblings of a Rut Hunter
Nov 13 • 40 min
If you’re new, go listen to another episode as this one probably won’t be that good! Wasn’t able to line up a guest this week due to everyone hunting the rut hard. So I give a play by play update of my hunts on Nov 9,10, and 12. In those three days …
43 Can You Pray For a Buck-Michael Smith
Nov 7 • 30 min
Ever asked God to have a buck show up? If so, how did that go? Did he say yes, wait, or negative? Today’s guest, Michael Smith, brings up a great story of his biggest Kentucky buck to date. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the connection b…
42 What If One’s Enough with Steve Phillips
Oct 30 • 57 min
In this incredible episode we catch up with Steve Phillips. He tells some more awesome whitetail stories along with his challenge of becoming the Texas Angler of the Year. Great stories from a great guy. Also below is the link to our most recent vid…
41 2019 Early Season Success Stories
Oct 24 • 37 min
If you enjoy the show, let me know! Leave a review on Itunes and be sure to subscribe!Today I sit down with 3 good friends who’ve all been able to get it done early in the season. Josh talks about his public land buck, Bobby shares wh…
40 City Mouse Becomes a Deer Killing Country Mouse- Loren & Rachel Norris
Oct 16 • 56 min
Was excited to sit down with Loren and Rachel Norris. Rachel grew up in the city and didnt hunt but after meeting Loren that all changed. In this interview we talk about how Rachel got started hunting and how she’s had some crazy success in her firs…
39 First Buck Luck-Cami & Casey Talk Whitetails
Oct 8 • 38 min
Last year a lady from our church told me her granddaughter who goes to the local Christian college had shot a big buck. I didn’t even know Cami Starkey was a hunter. Come to find out last year was her first year. Her boyfriend Casey Parsons had take…
38 Mike Savage on Big Bucks and Outfitting
Oct 1 • 38 min
This week we are joined by owner and operator of Mill Creek Outfitters, Mike Savage. Mike had some early season success in Kentucky on a nice buck. We hear that story and also how Mike got into outfitting. Check out his site on Facebook and Instagra…
37- Colorado Bonus- Top 10 Tips and Takeaways From Our Elk Trip
Sep 26 • 33 min
On the way home from Colorado we decided to share a little more on our top 10 tips and takeaways from our hunt. These are some simple things that might help you if you decide to go on a western hunt some day. This will also wrap up our elk series fo…
36 Colorado Elk Hunt Recap
Sep 24 • 68 min
Our 2019 Colorado elk hunt has come to an end and in this episode we talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what we learned about ourselves as we travel back home to Ohio.
35 Colorado Elk Hunt
Sep 8 • 43 min
Our 2019 Colorado Archery Elk Trip has begun. Im joined today in the truck by hunting partner and friend Travis Shirer. We talk about how we started hunting together, tips on how to get started planning an elk trip, and some awesome whitetail storie…
34 Giant Bulls and More with Brandon Monday
Sep 3 • 45 min
Today we are joined by Brandon Monday who has had a lot of success hunting elk. He shares some of his favorite stories including his 412 inch bull. Hope you enjoy.
33 Jack Herrera on Rifle Hunting Big Bulls
Aug 28 • 25 min
Today we are joined by a guest who has shot his fair share of big bulls and muleys. Jack enjoys a good rifle hunt and has had some fun over the years. He shares a few stories including the one behind this incredible picture. Hope you enjoy!
32 Loren Norris on Colorado Elk, Near Mountain Lion Attacks, and More
Aug 21 • 52 min
Ever had a close encounter with a mountain lion? Ever had a moment where you thought you might roll down a mountain INSIDE an elk? Loren Norris has! Our guest today has some EPIC stories that you are going to love. Loren starts off talking about cha…
31 Chris Horton-Elk Addicts
Aug 11 • 58 min
Had the pleasure of talking with Chris Horton of Elk Addicts! Chris tells some EPIC elk stories that’s he’s experienced….some very up close and personal encounters! He also shares about the highs and lows of hunting elk and the lessons he’s learne…
30 The Troy Ruiz Story (Part 2)-Elk Hunting and a Duck Hunt With Phil Robertson
Aug 5 • 59 min
This is part 2 with Troy Ruiz of Primos Hunting. In episode 29 Troy talked about how he got his start in the hunting industry and some of the stories around that. This week we hear about some of his elk hunts and his most memorable hunt…which happ…
29 The Troy Ruiz Story- Deer, Elk, Turkeys, Ducks and More (Part 1)
Jul 30 • 54 min
This week we start a two part interview with Troy Ruiz of Primos Hunting. He tells some awesome stories on his first deer and life down in Louisiana. We also talk about the crazy circumstances that got him started in the TV hunting industry. We talk…
28 Kaitlyn Maus- Big Bucks, Coyotes, and More
Jul 18 • 37 min
Kaitlyn Maus joins me on the podcast to tell some her favorite hunting stories. We talk big whitetails and muleys, coyotes, turkeys, and more. If you enjoy hit that subscribe button and leave a review! Also be sure to give Kaitlyn a follow on Instag…
27 100 Coyotes Down With Night Stackers
Jul 3 • 35 min
This week I was invited to go on a night coyote hunt with Ben Cunningham and Axal Robinson from Night Stackers. This is a group of local guys who have knocked down over 100 coyotes using thermal scopes since January 2019. We had some success and hea…
26 Florida Hogs, Gators, and Osceloa Stories
Jun 25 • 29 min
In this episode we meet Stephen Castle. He tells some awesome stories about hunting alligators, big hogs, and Osceloa turkeys down in Florida. He also talks about the importance of patience.
25 Fantastic Father’s Day Stories
Jun 14 • 48 min
Episode 25 is a special one. In honor of Father’s Day I sat down with 3 of my friends to hear some of their favorite memories with their dads. Eric talks about elk and deer hunting with his dad Greg and then Greg shares some of his memories with his…
24 Jake & Jesse Johnson on First Bucks, Squirrel Hunting, & More
Jun 5 • 32 min
It’s always fun to chat with a younger person and get their perspective. Had a good time talking with 18 year old Jake Johnson about some of his hunting stories. Halfway through we are joined by his 15 year old brother Jesse and he joins in on the s…
23 Live, Hunt, & Company
May 29 • 47 min
Had a blast sittng down with some Kentucky boys from the new group called Live, Hunt, and Company. They are a group that likes to laugh, share some good stories, recruit new folks to hunting, and share their faith. We talk about falling through the …
22 Huntress View’s Courtney Schnitzler on Bucket Catching Doves, First Deer, and Frog Gigging
May 21 • 49 min
Today on the show we get the privilege of meeting Courtney Schnitzler from the group Huntress View. Courtney has grown up hunting a lot of different animals and she talks about some of her favorite hunts and experiences. We also dive into topics lik…
21 Evan Smith On Wounded Veteran Hunts
May 16 • 37 min
Today we meet Evan Smith of The Fallen Outdoors. This is a nonprofit organization that facilitates hunting and fishing trips for veterans. Evan talks about why and how he got involved and then shares some of his favorite hunts with the veterans. Bel…
20 Public Land Toms- Challenges and Successes with Josh Castle
May 7 • 36 min
In this episode we talk with Josh Castle who is a Shedding Light Outdoor contributor. To see some of his work check out the links below. Josh loves hunting turkeys on public land, well most days. Opening day he had a run in with another hunter that …
19 Perryman Family of 6 on Hunting Huge Iowa Bucks and Gobblers- God.Family.Hunting TV SHOW
Apr 23 • 46 min
The Pursuit Channel’s “God. Family. Hunting” joined me for an awesome interview. The Perryman’s are a family of six who love deer and turkey hunting. The 4 girls (Megan, Makayla, Morgan, and McKenna) have some great stories along with their Dad (Jas…
18 A Youth Hunter’s Stories- Ryley Grose
Apr 16 • 29 min
In this episode I’m headed down the road with my buddy Ryley Grose. Ryley is a sophomore in high school that I’ve enjoyed hunting with. He talks about his first deer, first turkey, and some squirrel hunting that he’s done. It’s cool to hear the pers…
17 Steve Phillips Talks Big Texas Deer
Apr 9 • 46 min
In this episode we jump right in and head down to Texas to talk whitetail bucks with Steve Phillips. He throws in the crazy story of his first turkey hunt as well. Enjoy!
16 Aussie Daniel Talks Sambar Deer, Kangaroo Hunting, and the “Lost Bolt”
Apr 1 • 51 min
Giveaway Details Below!Hello mate! We have a unique episode this week! Daniel Mummery from Victoria, Australia comes on the show and tells the story of his first mature Sambar deer. He also talks about Kangaroo hunting and the incredible sto…
15 Shedding Light Short- Worst Guest Ever
Mar 26 • 17 min
Today we have a rough one…the guest isn’t that great. He doesnt know much, he rambles on and on, and you should probably find something else to listen to. Okay, I’ll let you in on who it is…it’s me. I tell a couple of my favorite personal turkey…
14 Forest Fire Elk & Charging Bull Stories with Elk Nut Paul Medel
Mar 13 • 70 min
Today we sit down with the Elk Nut Paul Medel. Paul is a friend of hunters and provides some great resources on Today he shares some incredible and crazy elk hunting stories! This one will get your heart pounding even if you arent an elk…
13 Respect the Kill- Bobby Andrews Talks Bass Fishing, First Buck, And More
Mar 4 • 38 min
We take a little break from the turkey talks this week and meet a guy named Bobby Andrews. Bobby talks about his luck of catching a big bass his first time out, shooting a big buck after a dead sprint, saddle hunting, and so much more! Hope you enjo…
12 Joel White On Spring Turkey Hunting With Family
Feb 26 • 43 min
In episode 12 we meet a guy who’s been busting turkeys for a long time. Joel talks about his first years hunting with his dad and grandpa, taking his son out on a hunt where his son had a crazy idea, public land hunting, turkey reaping and much more…
11 John Burkhart Talks Turkeys- First Tom, Bearded Hens, Bowhunting, and More
Feb 22 • 34 min
In this episode we continue talking turkeys.John Burkhart has been hunting them for 22 years and has had a lot of success! He talks about his first Tom, first bearded hen, a comical story with a first time hunter, and his first bow kill.
10 Richard Packer- Turkey Hunting From a Saddle
Feb 12 • 24 min
Ontario native Richard Packer comes on the show today to talk turkeys. He talks about how he was introduced to hunting and how he’s using a saddle in his hunting set up. To see some of his pictures check them out on the links below. htt…
9 Don Higgins’ First Giant Buck & The DNR Story
Feb 5 • 44 min
In this episode we hear an incredible story from Don Higgins. Don shares about how he was able to kill a giant 214 inch buck, why it was taken by the DNR, and how he got it back. Travis also shares the story behind this podcast and how to find hope …
8 Ariel Druschel- The Bad News/Good News of Deer, Geese, & Ice Fishing
Jan 29 • 38 min
In this episode Pennsylvania native Ariel Druschel shares some great stories relating to ice fishing, goose, and deer hunting! She talks about some times when things worked out well and some others where it didn’t. She also explains the importance o…
7 Mike Bartenschlag- Kentucky Elk, The Bad News & The Good News
Jan 21 • 40 min
In this episode we sit down in person with Mike Bartenschlag of Mike’s Taxidermy. Mike tells some taxidermy tales, some stories where things didnt work out, and one where it did. Mike tells his story of how he drew a non resident Kentucky Elk licens…
5 Joel Neumann- Don’t Give Up
Jan 16 • 45 min
Perseverance. That’s what today’s guest has. Joel went 6 years before having success with his bow. Check out his story and how it unfolds!
6 Danny Ard- First Saddle Buck + A Pig, Wildebeest, and Gemsbuck
Jan 16 • 39 min
Today Danny Ard (Danny Attacks the Mountain) talks about how he got into bowhunting and some of the adventures he’s been on in Hawaii and Africa. We then dive into his first successful buck taken from a tree saddle.We also discuss the importance of …
4 Bruce Hutcheon- Whitetail Rendezvous- Bruce’s First Buck
Jan 11 • 32 min
The interviewer becomes the interviewee in this episode! Bruce Hutcheon is host of the popular Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast. He is a fantastic host and a friend of ours. In this interview he takes us back to his early days of hunting and how he was …
3 Jason Whitehead- 2 Deer in the First Year
Jan 9 • 42 min
In this episode Jason Whitehead talks about how he was able to harvest a doe and a buck in his first year of hunting. We talk about his setup and the story behind his success. Be sure to hit subscribe so you can hear more stories!
2 Ben Reibel- The First And Last Deer
Jan 4 • 26 min
In this episode we meet Ben Reibel from northern Illinois who shares his awesome story of his first deer with his dad. Ben also tells the story about the nice buck he was able to havest this year. Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear what the p…
1: First Deer Story with Marko Mrkobrada
Dec 19, 2018 • 43 min
First Deer Story Told by a First Time Hunter