Hudson Valley Disruptors

Hudson Valley Disruptors
This is the Hudson Valley’s Disruptors podcast. If you are tired of the business world’s focus on big cities, this is a podcast for you. We will interview some of the top disruptors in the valley. Individuals who are creating their own paths, not following the established ones.

Episode 8 - Café Sweet Spot, “The Fight Before The Glory”
Jul 31 • 46 min
Real conversation from a newbie to the restaurant scene in Poughkeepsie. This episode needs to be listened to in its entirety. Tons a value and nuggets for anyone just starting in their entrepreneurial fight, as well as for people who have perhaps…
Episode 7: The Power of Facebook Ads
Jul 23 • 45 min
In this episode, Dave & Ed dive deep into the power of Facebook Ads. We are dropping some next level advice on how to maximize ad spends through utilization of the latest video view techniques, as well as other facts around the Facebook Ads manager. We…
Anthony Cardoso, founder Cardoso Cookies.
Jun 13 • 45 min
HV Disruptors is back! We couldn’t think of a better person to jumpstart our podcast again than Anthony Cardoso, founder of Cardoso Cookies. Anthony, a 2002 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, started this company with the goal of…
Hudson Valley Disruptors Welcomes A Real Entrepreneur!
Mar 28 • 34 min
Dan Pizzarelli, owner of DC Sports & DC Indoor Golf, joins DStat & EDub on Episode #5. His no BS approach to work separates him from today’s wannapreneuers! Following his own path has garnered criticism from many and even labeled him crazy by some, but…
Hudson Valley Disruptors welcomes Blue Rabbit Studios
Mar 11 • 41 min
This episode’s disruption features Daniel Quintana (IG @hey.dq) and his thoughts behind emotionally intelligent creative when building brands. DQ’s agency, Blue Rabbit Studios, is in love with the creative journey. If you’re looking for a way to connect…
Hudson Valley Disruptors, A Very Personal Disruption
Feb 20 • 35 min
On August 4th 2018, our good friend Caitlin Martin started a new decade of her life. On this day, there was only one thing that she wanted….. For Caitlin’s 30th birthday, she wanted her Mom, Denise, with the support of her friend and mentor, Chris Herren,…
Hudson Valley Disruptors Welcomes Hudson Valley Happenings!
Feb 6 • 52 min
HV Disruptors couldn’t think of a better first guest and she actually accepted our invite! Larie from Hudson Valley Happenings stopped by for some nachos, a few beers, and a killer interview for our listeners. You think you know Instagram? You think you…
Hudson Valley Disruptors - First Full Episode
Jan 21 • 34 min
Dave Aisenstat & Ed Weeks, Jr. are so excited to finally get this podcast rolling. We are even more excited to sit with the REAL disruptors in the Hudson Valley. Disruptors that we’ve reached out to and disruptors that have reached out to us. Of course we…