Glass City Church Podcast

Glass City Church Podcast
A dialogue for the Church! To dive deeper into sermons here at GCC, theology, current cultural topics of the Church locally here in Toledo, around the globe, and everything in between!

Season Finale!
Nov 13 • 43 min
Joe Altman joins the guys as they round out the first season of the GCC podcast and discuss behind the scenes thoughts, lessons learned, evangelism and so much more! The second season rolls out at the start of the new year, and we h…
Your Friend Got Saved… Now What?! [Brad’s Story Chapter 2]
Nov 6 • 43 min
You’ve shared your faith- what now?
Would Martin Luther Trick-or-Treat With Kanye?
Oct 30 • 35 min
The guys talk about redeeming Halloween for God’s glory, the historic Protestant Reformation and the lessons we can learn from it today. Kanye also dropped a new album about Jesus and were pretty stoked about it! This and much more on this weeks GCC…
Beth Moore, John MacArthur, and Lazarus?
Oct 23 • 35 min
The guys discuss comments that were made at the “Truth Matters Conference” by John MacArthur and others on the topic of Beth Moore. In addition the guys break down Jeff’s latest sermon. Email us questions and comments to [email protected]
When God Doesn’t Show Up
Oct 16 • 28 min
The guys discuss controversial worship music and the implications of Jesus not always giving us what we want, rather always giving us what we need for our ultimate good!
Yeezus or Jesus?
Oct 9 • 49 min
Does your life reflect that you know Jesus or merely know about him? The guys talk about recent entertainment news of celebrities Justin Bieber, Chris Pratt, Kanye West and others coming to faith and what we can learn/discern from them….
Joe’s Story
Oct 2 • 35 min
This week Justin sits down with GCC member and man of great bearded-ness, Josiah (Joe) Altman. Josiah shares his story, misconceptions about God, and so much more!. We hope it is as much an encouragement to you as it is to us.JO…
Plant Confessionals and Other False Teaching
Sep 25 • 35 min
The guys talk about the recent false teaching at Union Seminary and their involvement with plant confessions, pharisees and the lessons we can learn from them, and so much more!We’ve upped our ante! For your chance to win the now $25…
Pastors Are Not Superheroes
Sep 18 • 50 min
The guys have a dialogue over the tragic news of pastor Jarrid Wilson’s death by suicide, mental health (both in the pulpit and in the pew), the effects of depression on suicidal ideation and so much more. We’ve upped our ante!…
How Should We View Suffering?
Sep 11 • 45 min
All of us will suffer and go through trials this side of Heaven. In the midst of trials we take heart because we have Jesus the Great High Preist who is well acquainted with suffering. The guys discuss faith healing, the cause of our suffering, idol…
Devil Children vs. The Son Of God
Sep 4 • 44 min
We all desire to know “truth”, whether it’s objective truth or subjective “truth” we all have definitions of what we would say truth is. This week, the guys dive into the truth claims of Jesus in the scriptures, wielding truth correctly, loving Jesu…
Native Missions University
Aug 28 • 46 min
The guys go back to school (well kindof) and discuss the back to school season, being on mission where we live, the urgency of the Gospel and more!For your chance to win a $15 Chick-fil-A gift card shoot us your contact information at po…
Sexual Sin, Biblical Illiteracy, Forgiveness and More
Aug 21 • 57 min
This week, the guys talk about the woman caught in the act of adultery! They discuss sexual sin being so common and even celebrated in our day and age, and what hope the Gospel brings to unworthy sinners like you and me! It’s the GCC podcas…
Renouncing Faith, Marty Sampson, and True Worship
Aug 16 • 46 min
The guy’s discuss true worship of Christ instead the lip service that is so prevalent in Evangelical circles. The development of notable Christian’s Josh Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye) and Marty Sampson (Hillsong) renouncing faith. And so much mor…
The One Where We Get Political
Aug 14 • 29 min
The guys get political. They discuss Christianity and idolatry of country, family and political leaders. The acidic climate of politics in the United States and how the Christian should view people who disagree. It’s the Glass City Chur…
The Christian’s Battleground: Enemies of Grace
Jul 31 • 37 min
The guys discuss difficulty in understanding the scriptures (apparent inconsistencies) the problem with perfectionism and self righteousness, the fear of man and so much more!”Good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the…
Wrestling with God in an Arena of Doubt
Jul 24 • 37 min
Jeff and Justin discuss doubting God, genuine faith in a world where Easy-Believism reigns supreme, hope in difficult seasons and much more! For podcast ideas or questions email us at [email protected]
Sweden, Refugees, and Islam
Jul 17 • 38 min
Justin sits down with Glass City Church Member Janelle Nafziger and discusses her upcoming mission trip to Sweden, the global Refugee Crisis, and so much more!For information on supporting Janelle, check out the links below!Websi…
Intimacy, Church Membership and Emotions … Oh My!
Jul 10 • 45 min
Jeff and Justin talk about the beginning of their friendship. Intimacy and vulnerability in discipleship, church membership, and marriage. All the while as Jeff practices his Foley artistry!It’s the GCC podcast! We are committed…
The Gospel of Ranch Flavored Manna
Jul 3 • 44 min
As the guys slow cook in the studio, they cover the emotional response to following Jesus, The Prosperity Gospel, “Functional Atheism”, motorcycle gangs, earning God’s favor and so much more!Email us at [email protected]
Brad’s Story
Jun 26 • 26 min
Testimony, Christianity, Christian, Toledo, grace, truth, baptist, Jesus
Fisherman’s Bread: Living as You are Called
Jun 19 • 33 min
The guys discuss the John 6:1-15 Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5,000, functional Atheism, living as your are called, and so much more! For more questions, comments, and ideas email us at [email protected]!
Glory Thieves: Fearing Man
Jun 12 • 47 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin talk about the temptation to seek the praise of man over and above the glory of God, idolatry and accountability.For questions and ideas, email us at [email protected]
Evil in Light of Eternity
Jun 5 • 47 min
The guy’s discuss the new Illinois Abortion Bill, God’s wrath, the hope of the Gospel, and so much more!Questions, Comments, and Ideas Send them to [email protected]
Sprinting to Hell, Intercepted by Grace (Miracles 2.0)
May 22 • 33 min
The ‘guys’ discuss the sign centeredness of the modern church, Jesus’s miracles and so much more!For questions, ideas and comments email us at [email protected]!
Restoration Haiti and a Baby?
May 15 • 39 min
Glass City Church’s very own Daniel Lashbrook (Deacon) sits down with Justin and discusses what the Lord is doing in his life and in Haiti! Daniel and his wife Jessica are in the process of starting the organization “Restoration Haiti” to minister t…
Miracle of Miracles
May 7 • 33 min
The ‘guys’ discuss the sign centeredness of the modern church, Jesus’s miracles and so much more!For questions, ideas and comments email us at [email protected]!
Boston, Life on Mission, and Good News
May 1 • 45 min
The guys talk about Justin’s trip to Boston, Jeff’s sermon and the implications of living a life on mission. “It is the whole business of the whole church to preach the whole gospel to the whole world.”– Charles Spurg…
A History of Glass City
Apr 24 • 38 min
God has been faithful in every step of planting Glass City and is still faithful 10 years later.
Podcast Potpourri
Apr 17 • 52 min
The guys discuss the Notre Dame de Paris catherdral fire, worshiping in “spirit and in truth”, Holy Week, Enneagrams, Justin’s most recent instagram poll, and so much more. Email topic ideas or comments at [email protected]
Harlots and Heroes
Apr 10 • 37 min
The guys discuss their recent feild trip to 102.3 Proclaim FM, “the woman at the well”, looking down on others, Justin’s latest fire spotify playlist and much more!Further resources:”Those who suppose that the doctrine of God’s grace…
Lunatic, Liar or Lord? Who is this Jesus?
Apr 3 • 32 min
The guys discuss who Jesus is, the Trinity, mystery and much more!Rate! Subscribe! and Share!
Let’s Talk About Joy
Mar 26 • 38 min
The guys talk about true biblical joy vs. worldly joy (happiness). How to choose joy, and understanding our identity in Christ.Don’t forget to subscribe and share!
Messy People, Sanctifying God
Mar 19 • 38 min
In the podcast the guys talk about cheese, the doctrines of both Justification and Sanctification, sin, messy people, and much more!It’s the Glass City Podcast! New podcasts every Wednesday!We hope this blesses you in your walk with the …
Heaven, Hell, and More
Mar 11 • 27 min
Hell, Heaven, Grace, Wind, truth, Jesus, Abortion, Calvinist, reformation, baptist,
The Baptist Bishop
Mar 1 • 54 min
Justin ‘The Intern’ sits down with Steve ‘The Baptist Bishop’ Long who is a Church Planter Catalyst with the North American Mission Board and works heavily with the “North West Ohio Baptist Association” and the “State Convention of Baptists” in Ohio…
Bonus Nugget!
Feb 19 • 9 min
Is it ever appropriate to tell someone, “It doesn’t appear that you’re saved.’?”
Podcast 12.5
Feb 12 • 54 min
Jeff and Justin discuss Christian liberty, the wedding at Cana in Galilee, Abraham and Issac, old prospectors in the 1849 Goldrush … and much more!
Glass City Worship Team and Djembes
Jan 30 • 34 min
Justin sits down with the Glass City Worship team and discusses how music impacts their walk with the Lord and so much more!
Abortion, Younglife Leaders, Discipleship and More
Jan 29 • 38 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss the new Abortion bill passed in New York. The people God used to share the Gospel with them, modern discipleship and the Sinner’s Prayer
Toxic Masculinity, Old Testament Error and Pharisees
Jan 22 • 26 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss the hot button issue of “Toxic Masculinity”, unhitching ourselves from the old testament and pharisees.
Snowpocalypse, Biblical Criticism, The Gospel of John
Jan 22 • 24 min
John, Gospel, Bible, John the Baptist, NLT, ESV, Evangelical, Christianity, Disciples, Snowpocalypse, Blizzard
New Year, New me, Same God
Jan 14 • 21 min
Love, Golden-Retriever gods, Good News
Jan 4 • 18 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss God’s love, how we forget the good news, misappropriate God’s majesty and power, and how we should love one another.
Homosexuality, Hypocrites; Grace
Dec 19, 2018 • 28 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss Homosexuality in the Evangelical world, and in doing so represent the truth in love. How we should engage brothers and sisters in the faith who hold different open handed doctrine/positions or even correct one in error…
Ben Rector, Religion, and Love
Dec 18, 2018 • 15 min
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Douglas Firs, Emos, House Fires and Hope
Dec 3, 2018 • 18 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin discuss finding hope only in Christ and misconceptions about heaven. Its the Glass City Church Podcast!
Scraped knees, Christmas Trees … Don’t covet these
Nov 26, 2018 • 18 min
Pastor Jeff and Justin continue the discussion of Idolatry in the Christmas season. How it is magnified and where true Joy is found. Idolatry is a cancer that is only fully eradicated by gazing at Christ and treasuring him supremely.
Christmas and Idolatry, Hold the onions
Nov 12, 2018 • 20 min
Full contentment is only found when we behold Christ as our greatest treasure.