Miles Away

Miles Away
Hosted by Editor-at-Large Zach Honig, Miles Away is all about the destination, and how to get there. Each episode explores either an off-the-beaten-path region or a popular, must-see travel hotspot through first-hand accounts, with TPG experts explaini…
Curating Your Trip with Social Media
Apr 17 • 22 min
TPG’s social media editor Samantha Rosen and producer Danielle Vito break down how social media is changing the way people travel. They share tips, explain what to look out for and what to avoid, and offer their strategies for maximizing points and miles.
Manhattan Beach with Johnny Jet
Apr 10 • 27 min
Johnny Jet is the founder of, a world traveler and a Manhattan Beach local. We sat down with him while he was in New York City to find out what to do if you have a long layover at LAX. Manhattan Beach is just five miles from LAX, so there is…
Kauai: The Garden Isle
Apr 3 • 22 min
Sarah Silbert,TPG’s senior credit cards editor, is a Kauai expert. She explains the differences between Princeville and Poipu, shares several hotel and flight options — bookable on points and miles, of course — and offers a few activity and food…
Off the Beaten Path in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Mar 27 • 16 min
TPG’s travel analyst, Zach Griff, takes us along as he recounts his recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Not only is this destination bookable on points and miles, it also has tons of affordable accommodation (if you look in the right place) and is easily…
Pursuing Points Perfection in Aruba
Mar 20 • 16 min
Aruba is the epitome of classic white sand beaches and clear blue water, and a destination you should be adding to your travel list in 2019. TPG reviews editor Nick Ellis tells us about his recent family trip to this tropical island and helps Zach plan…
Using an LAX Layover for a Day at Disneyland
Mar 13 • 26 min
Instead of hanging out near LAX on a recent overnight layover, Zach headed down to Anaheim for a quick trip to Disneyland. TPG contributor and Disney guru Ed Pizzarello joins this episode to share how you can do the same, explaining when to chose…
Making the Most of Maui
Mar 6 • 22 min
Today, you’ll hear from Zane Lamprey, a world traveler, entrepreneur and TV host, to talk all things Maui. Zane’s been to Maui a dozen times and recently booked a first-class ticket on points. He shares his hotel picks, tips for first-time visitors and…
Trip to Tropical Paradise: The Seychelles
Feb 27 • 29 min
The Seychelles is a cluster of islands that TPG’s senior writer Darren Murph describe as “Africa’s Hawaii.” This remote destination is meant for adventurous travelers: You’ll find awesome hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and experience a…
Singapore Fling: Crazy Rich Hotel Options
Feb 20 • 22 min
TPG’s global news editor Emily McNutt and reviews editor Nick Ellis share why Singapore is a great pick for your first Southeast Asia trip, detailing activities around town, top flight and hotel options, and even a quick ferry jaunt to Indonesia.
Why New Orleans Is Calling to You Right Now
Feb 13 • 29 min
Today we’re exploring New Orleans with the editorial director of special projects at the New York Times and TPG‘s social media editor, Samantha Rosen. Dan Saltzstein explains why he named the Crescent City the No. 1 place to travel in 2018, as well as…
Spending a Long Weekend in Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 6 • 18 min
On this episode of “Miles Away,” we’re going to Auckland, New Zealand, with TPG’s Global News Editor Emily McNutt. Emily shares her favorite hotels, flights and activities, like exploring wineries and hiking. Auckland is a perfect destination for families…
Your Guide to Spring Skiing Out West
Jan 30 • 27 min
On this episode of Miles Away, host Zach Honig welcomes TPG Family editor Summer Hull and contributor Jason Steele to explain the best spring skiing options in Colorado. You’ll hear planning logistics and ski pass tips, as well as hotel and flight…
Why You Should Freeze Your Butt Off in Scandinavia This Winter
Jan 23 • 27 min
TPG news editor Emily McNutt and reviews editor Nick Ellis join Miles Away host Zach Honig to talk about what makes Scandinavia such a desirable destination - and why you should consider visiting in the dead of winter. Nick’s never been, so Zach and Emily…
Off the Beaten Path: St. Helena with Lee Abbamonte
Jan 16 • 18 min
One of the world’s most remote islands is now within reach — naturally, Lee Abbamonte, one of the world’s most-traveled people was among the first to visit by air. In this very special “Off the Beaten Path” episode of Miles Away, host Zach Honig sits down…
Start Planning Your 2020 Ski Trips Now
Jan 9 • 34 min
In this episode of Miles Away, host Zach Honig digs into one of his favorite travel topics as TPG Family editor Summer Hull and contributor Kathleen Porter Kristiansen share their favorite ski destinations throughout North America. You’ll learn where to…
Getting To and From Paradise: French Polynesia
Jan 2 • 39 min
In this podcast premiere, Miles Away host Zach Honig explores French Polynesia with The Points Guy Senior Writer Darren Murph. Honeymoon hotspots Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti are more accessible than ever before, with affordable flight and hotel awards,…
Introducing Miles Away
Dec 17, 2018 • 9 min
Welcome to Miles Away, a new podcast from The Points Guy launching Jan. 2, 2019. Each week, travelers will learn how to make the most of their points and miles to book a luxurious trip to some of the world’s most incredible destinations, at a fraction of…