How board game design immerses players into new worlds.
Crisis - Hostage Negotiator - S1E4
Mar 31 • 26 min
Hostage situations are dark material for a game, but the solo board game Hostage Negotiator puts you in the middle of one of these intense standoffs. We talk with designer and publisher A.J. Porfirio about walking the line on a sensitive topic. And former…
The Threat - Pandemic - S1E3
Mar 3 • 26 min
The global fight against infectious diseases has a new tactic called “genetic surveillance.” Dr. Bronwyn MacInnis leads a team of researchers that uses genetic surveillance to halt the spread of deadly microbes. To do it, she and her colleagues openly…
The Double Event - Mr. Jack - S1E2
Feb 3 • 22 min
This time we’re tracking the movements of a killer, as we learn about a key moment in the dark story of Jack the Ripper called “the Double Event.” Clinical psychologist and author Dr. Mark Vogel is our guide. The Ripper’s reign of terror 130 years ago…
Place of Miracles - Viticulture - S1E1
Jan 6 • 20 min
Villa Milagro is a vineyard and winery in western New Jersey. There are green fields with trees along the edges, rolling hills on the horizon, and grape vines in nice neat rows. Chief winemaker Audrey Gambino takes us behind the “dream life” of running…
Dec 17, 2018 • 2 min
A good board game design can use the world around us to give players experiences that they might never get a chance to have in real life. But are these games actually true to life, or are they glossing over some things? And how do game designers walk that…