A podcast for ecommerce wearable brands navigating technical complexity and change.

How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns with Third-Party Ecommerce Integrations
Oct 1 • 22 min
Third-party integrations add complexity to ecommerce development. To help ensure seamless integrations, follow these best practices of project management, communication, and technical discovery.
How To Leverage Technical Discovery to Mitigate Risk and Boost Ecommerce ROI
Sep 17 • 18 min
Retailers undergo extensive web development projects. Learn how technical discovery is used to asses business needs and create an ecommerce project plan.
Innovations that Make Ecommerce More Environmentally Sustainable
Sep 3 • 23 min
Online retail has a tough impact on the environment. Learn how alternative packaging and shipping methods can create more sustainable ecommerce.
How to Determine If Magento Is the Solution for You
Aug 22 • 18 min
Choosing a platform is one of the most important decisions retailers must make. Discover the benefits of Magento, an open source ecommerce platform.
How to Streamline Ecommerce Checkout as a Means of Generating Revenue
Aug 5 • 23 min
The checkout process is the last obstacle to ecommerce sales. Discover these ux best practices for checkout optimization on desktop and mobile devices.
3 Different Approaches for Adding a Product Configurator to Your Ecommerce Store
Jul 22 • 22 min
Many ecommerce stores offer product customization. Learn how to build a product configurator to give your customers personalization options on your site.
How to Increase Onsite Conversions, Part II: Tactical Steps
Jul 8 • 18 min
Discover the tactical elements needed for optimal onsite conversion. Learn how to improve ecommerce conversion rate with these implementation tactics and tips.
How to Increase Ecommerce Onsite Conversions, Part 1: Strategy
Jun 13 • 23 min
A strategy for site improvements is key to successful site optimization. Learn how to improve ecommerce conversion rate with this guide to strategy.
How Shopify Flow Streamlines Ecommerce Operations
Jun 4 • 17 min
Shopify Plus retailers can automate operational tasks to create ecommerce efficiency. Learn how these Shopify Flow examples can be applied to your site.
Using Shopify Scripts Automation to Create More Personalized Ecommerce Experiences
May 21 • 14 min
Learn how Shopify Plus merchants can use custom Shopify Scripts to automate personalized shopping experiences on ecommerce websites.
Ecommerce Development Retainers: How to Get the Most Benefit from Ongoing Support
May 7 • 20 min
Ecommerce development services are often structured as a retainer relationship. Learn how to make the most out of ongoing support and site enhancements.
Ecommerce Replatforming Success Hinges on Seamless Data Migration
Apr 15 • 18 min
A successful ecommerce platform upgrade hinges on seamless data migration. Learn how to capture key data for products, customers, and order history.
Creating a Better B2B Ecommerce Experience on Hosted Platforms
Apr 1 • 18 min
Many wholesalers rely on spreadsheets to sell products. Transform your business by optimizing the B2B buying experience on ecommerce hosted platforms.
Command C’s Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Ecommerce
Mar 19 • 29 min
Technology is creating a retail renaissance. Learn top trends retailers should consider that are affecting brick-and-mortar and digital retail experiences.
Ecommerce Site Accessibility: What Retailers Need to Know
Mar 4 • 19 min
Ecommerce retailers should aim to serve everyone. Learn how to plan or retrofit your site to meet high standards of accessibility, usability, and W3C compliance.
How to Maximize Your Budget for an Ecommerce Build or Migration
Feb 19 • 20 min
Online retailers want to spend their money in the most efficient way possible. But how is this possible when every ecommerce project begins with so many unknowns?In this episode of Recommerce, Sara and Tiffany discuss how Command C works with ecommerce…
Which Platform is Right for Me?
Feb 4 • 21 min
There are many considerations when choosing an ecommerce platform. Learn how to find the best fit for your growth stage, customization needs, and budget.
The Order of Optimization: How to Prioritize Changes to Your Ecommerce Site
Jan 15 • 17 min
Should you start site optimization on the frontend or backend? In the first episode of Recommerce, we discuss the pros and cons to each approach.In this episode, you’ll learn:How Command C begins by defining a retailer’s stage: Challenge, Equilibrium, or…
Recommerce Trailer
Dec 15, 2018 • 1 min
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