Single Mom of Purpose

Single Mom of Purpose
I’m just a Single Mom seeking to help other women; young ladies; my sisters in the struggle! Rise up and move forward..

Are you one with God?
Jul 21 • 29 min
This is coming out of Chapter 12 of the Book Crushing by TD Jakes…we as children of God should have a relationship with him; correct? Take a listen…
Day 22 & 23 Fit For Your Assignment Challenge
Jul 21 • 13 min
30 Day Challenge comes out of the book: Fit For Your Assignment
Day 20 & 21 Fit For Your Assignment Challenge
Jul 18 • 12 min
30 Day Challenge continues!! We are almost done…
Day 18 & 19 Fit For Your Assignment
Jul 16 • 11 min
This 30 day Challenge comes out the book: Fit for Your Assignment
Day 16 & 17: 30 Day Challenge
Jul 15 • 9 min
This is out of the book Fit For Your Assignment
Day 14 & 15 Fit For Your Assignment Challenge
Jul 13 • 12 min
From the book Fit For Your Assignment: 30 Day Challenge
From The Desk of a Single Mom: Help Me Sweet Jesus
Jul 12 • 8 min
This is from my blog series also on my website:
Day 12 & 13 of the 30 Day Challenge
Jul 10 • 9 min
Fit for Your Assignment
Day 10 & Day 11 of the 30 Day Challenge
Jul 9 • 7 min
Fit for Your Assignment
Fit For Your Assignment 30 Day Challenhe
Jul 8 • 6 min
We are still in the 30 Day Challenge from the book: Are You Fit For Your Challenge…
Day 6 & 7 of the 30 Day Challenge
Jul 6 • 12 min
Are You Fit for Your Assignment?
Kingdom Gals: Are You Battle Ready?
Jul 6 • 12 min
This is from my website series: Kingdom Gals that I share every Saturday. Check out my FB Group as well. Kingdom Gals
Day 4 & 5 of the 30 day Fit For Your Assignment Challenge
Jul 4 • 21 min
Have you joined the challenge? We are getting fit in our Mind, Body & Spirit.
Day 3 Woohoo! 30 Day Challenge
Jul 2 • 8 min
This is a 30 Day Challenge based on the book Fit For Your Assignment
Day 2 Fit For Your Assignment Challenge
Jul 1 • 9 min
Kingdom Gals Facebook Group 30 Day Challenge
Kingdom Gals: 30 Day Challenge..Day 1
Jun 30 • 18 min
Are there some areas in your life that require change? Will you embark on this journey with me?
Let’s Talk Sisterhood: Part 1
Jun 29 • 14 min
Listen to this episode on sisterhood and some of my personal journey!!
Are You Spiritually Connected?
Jun 25 • 41 min
We are in Ch 11 of TD Jakes Book called Crushing…it talks about Spiritual Fermentation and how it applies to your Crushing season..
Are You Fit for The Kingdom of God?
Jun 24 • 26 min
This is from my series #SpiritualSundays if we are going to follow God——walk with Jesus…Then we have to do it according to what the Bible tells us..
Kingdom Gals: Speak Your Truth
Jun 23 • 13 min
This is from my series Kingdom Gals
It’s Time…
Jun 20 • 32 min
We are still in the Book of Crushing by TD Jakes this is Chapter 10. Hear Part of my story as well.
Father’s Day Inspired
Jun 18 • 14 min
Excuse my passion on speaking on this subject!! But some stuff just needs to be said. As Christians we need to be compassionate on all levels! We shouldn’t be conforming to this world..
Speak Your Truth
Jun 15 • 10 min
This is from my blog series: Kingdom Gals where I inspire, encourage, empower and motivate women in their walk with God!
Trial Sermon: The Power of God
Jun 12 • 21 min
This is my personal testimony. Just a couple reasons why I am; who I am today!
Patience Is a Requirement; in Your Crushing Season
Jun 5 • 43 min
We are in Chapter 9 of the Book Crushing by TD Jakes; and it just keeps getting better! Take a listen..
It’s Time to Sacrifice…
Jun 3 • 29 min
We are still having a discussion on the Book Crushing; by TD Jakes. This is my take on Chapter 8..
Kingdom Gals Let’s Talk…Part 1
Jun 3 • 33 min
Are you a Single Christian Woman? Do you have the desire to be married? Listen up..
Do Not Be Conformed; To This World…
Jun 1 • 17 min
Have you read Romans 12:2? It will give you insight into how we should live. Listen to my thoughts….
It’s Beginning To Come Together….
May 26 • 37 min
This discussion is based off of Chapter 7 in the new book by T D Jakes: Crushing..
I Am Being Crushed…
May 22 • 32 min
This stems from Chapter 6 in the book of TD Jakes: Crushing..
Relationships & Communication
May 22 • 20 min
Relationships can’t survive without communication. Each party should be able to express themselves and be heard..
Jesus Survived the Crushing
May 14 • 28 min
The discussion continues on the Book Crushing by T D Jakes..This talks about chapter 5…take a listen
Do You Have Faith?
May 13 • 33 min
I continue the conversation based off the Book Crushing! Everything isn’t designed to take you out! How you react? How you handle it; is vital! It’s time to flex your faith muscles….Be Like Job…
It’s Time to Let Go!
May 11 • 32 min
I am continuing the conversation from the book Crushing; Chapter 3.
What Happens When Seeds are Planted?
May 11 • 32 min
I am continuing the conversation on TD Jakes new book: Crushing..Listen to hear my thoughts and some of my journey…
It’s Just The Beginning: Based of the Book Crushing; by TD Jakes
May 2 • 13 min
This is just part 1…The Foundation has been laid to begin to funnel through the Crushing taking place in your life. It’s not meant to take you out but to elevate you higher..
Will The Real Christians; Please Stand Up? Getting Lost in a Secular World..
Apr 24 • 23 min
From my book: Will The Real Christians; Please Stand Up? Getting Lost in a Secular World.. Listen and Learn.
Finding Your Identity: Who Are You?
Apr 23 • 14 min
Do you know who you are and who you belong to? Are you happy with where you are; or can you use a makeover? I chose a makeover and have never went back to the old me…
Car Chronicles….
Apr 17 • 9 min
It got emotional and then it got deep..Take a listen..
Part 3: Marriage & Family…Proverbs 31 Woman
Apr 17 • 36 min
This episode ends the 3 part series on Marriage & Family..We talk about the Proverbs 31 Woman and how it can apply to your life as a Woman of God..Kingdom Men should be seeking Proverbs 31 Women…
Dear Future Husband Part 2 of Marriage & Family Series
Apr 14 • 16 min
Part 2 is geared towards Men..Men are to find them a wife; women are to accept the proposal. Listen to hear the Biblical backing and my personal opinions..
Marriage & Family: Part 1
Apr 7 • 16 min
This stems from a conversation with a friend on marriage and women asking men; to marry them..take a listen.
My Truth: Breaking Down Curses.
Mar 23 • 16 min
This stems from a conversation I had just recently; with my Dad…I have really grown and its all because of God.. Don’t allow other people’s mindset; set the tone for your life…
From The Desk of a Single Mom: 12 Years Single & Counting
Mar 23 • 8 min
This is my story of Becoming..Being Single has changed my life for the better…#singlemomofpurpose
If these Eyes could Talk? Genesis 19:26 and Genesis 19:15-17
Mar 17 • 77 min
What was so good that Lot’s wife risked it all; for one more look? Would you risk it all? God is trying to take you to another place. The land of milk and honey; do you take one last look or do you run for the hills? Walk into your destiny….
Let’s have a much needed conversation about sin….
Mar 11 • 18 min
Yes we are all born; sinners! But, do we have to stay that way? I say no!! Come listen to what I’ve shared and let me know your thoughts…
The Process Is Necessary
Mar 5 • 11 min
“Anything worth having; will require some work”….How many of us what to take the easy route? Life will be challenging sometimes; you can’t always throw in the towel and walk away. What did Jesus do?
Let’s Talk About Forgiveness…
Feb 23 • 16 min
Forgiveness: I share my personal story of getting to a place of forgiveness! Changed my life….it wasn’t easy but necessary for me to move forward…
The Only Way to Go Is Up…
Feb 19 • 8 min
Have you ever needed to encourage yourself? Because you were feeling down and just had to raise your own spirit up? You aren’t alone.. We all have been there.
Submit to Me—Singles & Submission
Feb 18 • 9 min
Do you know the meaning of submit? What does the Bible say? Does it apply to you? Are you single or married? Are you a believer or non-believer? Take a listen..
Church Hurt: Don’t Walk Away
Feb 10 • 16 min
In this episode I’m talking about Church Hurt! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced it. I will let you know how I handled it and how you should too. Take a listen..
Friday Morning Motivation
Feb 8 • 5 min
There will be times where negative thoughts will arise! This is what you do…
Broken But Alive 2017
Feb 3 • 7 min
This is an article that I wrote back in Oct 2017 after falling and breaking my ankle/foot in 3 places….Take a listen. I pray it blesses you, inspires you, motivates you, empowers you and pushes you forward…
Vision Board ReTreat
Jan 31 • 13 min
This is the first episode leading into new segment that I hope to continue throughout the year! Let’s Talk Sisterhood was an idea that stems from a simple conversation between friends. Sisterhood is needed and necessary and we need to talk more about!…
Overcomer Conference 2019
Jan 22 • 7 min
I was a speaker at a conference this past weekend titled “Overcomer”….God has helped me to overcome so much; but we could only share 1 thing. Take a listen; maybe you can relate to my story…
Car Chronicles—-This is my Story
Jan 17 • 13 min
I share a story of why I am single and when I was tempted…
Sunday Morning….
Dec 23, 2018 • 4 min
Quick thoughts; take a listen..
The Power of God…. 1 Corinthians 1:18
Dec 23, 2018 • 14 min
Do you believe that you have Power? Do you believe in the Power of God? Do you know that You Have a Choice; and that you have to choose? Listen to this message about the Power that You have…all you have to do is walk in it..
Dec 17, 2018 • 12 min
We’re talking about relationships, cheating and doing your work.
This is what happened one morning this week; as I was driving to work!! It just had to be said..
Dec 14, 2018 • 16 min
I’m sharing what happened on my drive to work while listening to gospel music!! Some songs just take me all the way in and I had to share what I was feeling! Music and praise just has a way of bringing some stuff out!!