Castles Counsel

Castles Counsel
Stephen Castle talks about a variety of topics. Giving his views and asking those with more knowledge to enlighten him.

#28 Fat 2 Fit with Ryan Joubert
Oct 11 • 58 min
We speak to Ryan Joubert about his journey on the Fat2Fit platform, discussing dieting, eating and mental strength.
#27 The Service Academy
Oct 9 • 62 min
In this Podcast, we talk to three guys about a new business venture. Cuan Wood, Warren Kinsella and Miguel Castro Amaro talk about The Service Academy.
#26 People We Should Be Spanking
Oct 7 • 39 min
In this weeks Podcast, Stephen looks at our current mind set, also the new craze with Tick Tok. He also rants about the situation with our traffic officers. Addresses the new ruling by the Constitutional Court about “Spanking” our kids and the con called…
#25 How and What?
Sep 4 • 36 min
Is this weeks Podcast, Stephen looks at the mess we find ourselves in South Africa. With xenophobia attacks, kidnapping, rape and murder happening around us. Plus Transsexuals in our schools.
#24 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Jul 31 • 33 min
This week we speak about the death of three high profile individuals in South Africa. James Small, Marc Batchelor and Johnny Clegg.
#23 Morne Lotter - Fighter, Trainer, Match Maker and Life Coach
Jul 8 • 68 min
We welcome back to Castle Counsel, Morne Lotter. We discuss Inner Warrior and his life as a fighter, trainer and match maker for Supreme Fight League.
#22 Lewis Vudulew Williams - Award-winning tattoo artist
Jul 3 • 50 min
Stephen goes for a tattoo and gets to speak to award-winning tattoo artist Lewis Williams is an accomplished tattoo artist with a decade of experience and a CBS reality show under his belt. He is also a shoutcaster and an advanced weapons instructor to…
#21 The World We Live In
Jun 20 • 32 min
Stephen discuss the current state of humans and the society we live in.
#20 Khashane Seyibokwe - aspiring rapper and novelist
May 21 • 55 min
In this weeks podcast we talk to Khashane, AKA Kash, about his life and growing up as a black man in South Africa and about his dreams and aspirations.
#19 Garreth “Soldierboy” Mclellan - EFC & UFC Fighter
Apr 30 • 62 min
We talk to two time EFC Champion and UFC fighter, Garreth “Soldierboy” Mclellan. We discuss his career, the stories behind the battles, life as a father and what the future holds.
#18 Emmanuel Castis - Actor, Singer, Dancer and Producer
Apr 23 • 59 min
Stephen talks to well know Actor, Singer, Dancer and Producer, Emmanual Castis. We talk about his career and the stories behind it.
#17 Kayleigh Ross - Well known Socialite and Influencer
Apr 15 • 44 min
In this weeks Podcast we speak to Kayleigh Ross. She is a well known Socialite and Influencer, as well as a self taught Make Up Artist,Brand Ambassador for @refreshbrowsandlashes and @virginactiveredsa and Blogger
#16 The Inner Warrior - Morne Lotter
Apr 9 • 22 min
In this weeks Podcast we invite Morne Lotter, Public Speaker & Spiritual Life Coach, to join us and discuss what his up to.
#15 The Quarter Guy - Themba Behrens
Apr 2 • 24 min
Stephen talks to comedian, MC and all round funny guy Themba Behrens
#14 The Budget For Dummies
Mar 26 • 26 min
Stephen speaks to Tanya King about how the Annual Budget effects us at ground roots.
#13 Leaving Neverland
Mar 19 • 22 min
Stephen discusses the documentary “Leaving Neverland” about Michael Jackson and gives his views on it.
#12 Man In The Mirror
Mar 11 • 14 min
Stephen returns with season 2 and discuss the man in the mirror
#11 Day Of Love
Feb 13 • 17 min
Stephen talks about Love on the International day of Love, Valentines Day. Asks the question is love enough?
#10 They Probably Are
Feb 6 • 17 min
Stephen tackles the very popular topic cheating and infidelity.
#9 The Right to Perspective
Feb 1 • 20 min
This week Stephen talks about the perspective and taking the time to view someone else from their perspective. Also chat at social media and suggests a Facebook Free February.
#8 Ramblings of a Madman
Jan 23 • 20 min
Stephen talks about surrounding yourself with people who add value and the shared society we live in.
#7 The Recap and giving thanks
Jan 16 • 24 min
This week Stephen talks about the past Podcast and adds some more information on each. Also talks about upcoming Podcasts.
#6 Divorce - You are not alone
Jan 9 • 19 min
Stephen speaks to Zelda Roelofs about her new support group called ZelB Sisterhood.
#5 Human Trafficking, what you need to know.
Jan 3 • 22 min
We speak to Carmen Castle from the organisation called, Its Not About Me. Carmen gives us some insight into what is happening in South Africa with Human Trafficking.
#4 Social Media Marketing, do’s and don’ts
Dec 27, 2018 • 25 min
Stephen speaks to Social Media Marketing Guru, Chris Irwin on the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing
#3 Recreational drugs, the gateway to bigger problems?
Dec 19, 2018 • 20 min
An discussion on recreational drugs and do they lead to stronger drugs.
#2 The Christmas spirit, does it still exist?
Dec 13, 2018 • 26 min
Stephen Castle discusses The Christmas Spirit
#1 Castle’s Counsel - It Begins
Dec 6, 2018 • 19 min
Stephen Castle starts his podcast journey