Build A Better Restaurant with Peter Harman

Build A Better Restaurant with Peter Harman
My goal is the teach restaurant owners, chefs, an…

What’s The Goal Of Your Restaurant?
Nov 17 • 10 min
Most restaurant owners, managers, and chefs don’t have goals. And even the small percentage that do, aren’t very effective. This week we talk about how to set the right goals to get you on the right path.
To Deliver Or Not To Deliver
Nov 10 • 14 min
Many restaurants are dramatically increasing their sales by adding delivery. Is this the right move for your restaurant? This week, we talk about all the details.
It’s Time For Action
Nov 3 • 10 min
As a leader, you must inspire your people to action. What are you waiting for? Today is all there is. It’s time to do it now, today.
Oct 27 • 15 min
This week, we talk about how using checklists will change your life. How else are employees supposed to know exactly what we want them to do? Easy, list them out.
Play This For Your Service Team
Oct 20 • 15 min
If you want to help your waiters and servers increase sales in your restaurant, play this for your team. And, yes, I’m serious.
Three Different Mindsets
Oct 13 • 12 min
This week, the Food Guru will give you three different mindsets to help you see your life, your restaurant, and your future. The “full cup”, the “cracked cup”, and the “empty cup”.
How To Increase Sales
Oct 6 • 12 min
This week, the Food Guru will give you actionable steps to increase your sales TODAY. How much time do you really spend trying to increase the sales in your restaurant? How much time did you spend yesterday working on increasing sales? Are your waiters…
Do You Have Attendance Problems?
Sep 29 • 12 min
Getting 100% Attendance is one of the hardest things to actually accomplish in the restaurant business. Get 5 important rules to help you with scheduling, and enforcing the schedule.
The Customer Promise
Sep 22 • 10 min
One of the best pieces of wisdom. This week, the Food Guru goes over the 16 Points of his restaurant’s Customer Promise. This is the exact Customer Promise he uses in all his own restaurants, and has for decades. Listen in and get inspiration for your…
National “Blame Someone Else” Day
Sep 15 • 8 min
Friday the 13th is a day we blame other people for things that happen in our life. But, if you really want to know who’s to blame, take a look at the man in the mirror. You built the concept for the restaurant, you picked the location, you hired the…
Are You A Proprietor Or An Entrepreneur?
Sep 8 • 9 min
If you’re a proprietor, you are the business and are trying to beat the guy next door. If you’re an entrepreneur, you work ON the business, and are trying to bring a vision to life. This week we talk about the differences between the two and which one has…
Sales Must Be Greater Than Costs
Sep 1 • 7 min
This week, we talk about how to build a profit right into your business, a few ways to make sure you hit your numbers, and the six ways to increase sales.
The System Will Set You Free
Aug 25 • 12 min
When’s the last time you took a day off in your restaurant? Do you have a system for doing everything in your restaurant? This week we examine systems: everything from service, recipes, hiring, training, marketing, money management, and more. The best…
How To Build Better Teams
Aug 20 • 17 min
This week we discuss your employees, the different types of people in your restaurant, and how to manage, lead, and keep each different type of worker to help you build an amazing team in your restaurant.
How Cameras Can Improve Your Restaurant
Aug 11 • 27 min
Today, cameras in restaurants are only used for security. But… coaches of sports teams use cameras for training and constant improvement. What if we took a page from their playbook and used cameras to increase the quality of our food and service?
How To Be #1 In Your Market
Aug 5 • 23 min
This week we talk about your restaurant’s “market position”, your restaurant concept, and why 80% of your menu items might be chasing your customers away.
Simple & Effective Time Management
Jul 28 • 22 min
This week, we talk about how to manage your time—and more importantly—WHAT those things are you should be spending your time on.
2025: The Future of Restaurants
Jul 22 • 22 min
How will your business model change in your restaurant? Robots, drones, smart clothing, and your restaurant. In this episode, I lay out my bold predictions that will take place over the next six years.
Fundamental #1: Set & Achieve A Noble Goal
Jul 14 • 20 min
Success Comes In “Cans” Not Cannots. This week, we talk about your goals, your attitude, and your people. What’s the difference between a regular goal and and a noble goal? Find out.
Freedom & Independence
Jul 7 • 16 min
We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—not the right to financial freedom or professional freedom. This week, we talk about financial and professional freedom, and simple freedoms like taking a day off.
The Eight Basic Fundamentals, Restauranting 101
Jun 30 • 23 min
My new book is officially published. In my 40-year career, I have discovered that there are eight basic fundamentals that all winning restaurants possess. These are not voodoo secrets; they are timeless truths that anyone with a 5th grade education can…
Stop Shaving Yaks
Jun 23 • 13 min
This episode is about getting things done and avoiding distracting things that end up on your to do list. The term “Yak Shaving” started as a term about dirty and sloppy code at MIT. Today it refers to many different types of distractions, time wasters,…
We All Need A Little Encouragement
Jun 16 • 5 min
The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses on earth, and we all need a little encouragement… and so does your staff and your family. The process starts with you. This week, we are going to talk encouragement, and how this can help every…
Treat Your Team Members Like Volunteers
Jun 9 • 13 min
… and reward them like partners. This week we will discuss how most restaurants treat employees, and why turnover is so high. Also, we will talk about how to build reward systems for your employees into your finances to DOUBLE your profits.
Why Are Goals So Scary?
Jun 2 • 13 min
Setting goals is scary. 95% of the country does not have written goals. Do you? Or, are you just going with the flow? This week, the Food Guru is going to talk about why most people don’t set goals, and how to take baby steps towards accomplishing your…
A Message For Garcia
May 27 • 15 min
This week, The Food Guru shares an amazing and timeless story from Elbert Hubbard with a sad and painful truth about your team.
The Five Steps Of Training & Coaching
May 19 • 12 min
If you want your employees to succeed, there are five specific steps that you must go through with each and every employee. If you leave out any of these five steps, their chance of success will be greatly reduced. Failure to go through each of these five…
Your Restaurant’s Battle of Positive vs. Negative
May 12 • 11 min
This week we will tackle how to deal with the negativity in your restaurant. Who will win? Positivity or Negativity?
The Employee Crisis In America
May 5 • 16 min
Great people are hard to find. Hiring and staffing in your restaurant is a full-time job. That’s why you need to be proactive, and you need to be in “recruiting mode” 52 Weeks A Year!
Cut The Fat
Apr 28 • 18 min
This week we are talking about how to “cut the fat” from every aspect of your restaurant business, food cost, employees, productivity, everything.
The Schedule In Your Restaurant
Apr 21 • 9 min
The schedule is the single most important document in any restaurant. It determines the fate of every shift and the ultimate success or failure of your restaurant. The schedule is like the starting lineup of a major league baseball team. The team with the…
Squeeze & Grow Your Restaurant
Apr 14 • 9 min
It’s time to get a fresh perspective on your restaurant. Let’s talk about how to squeeze every last drop of goodness our of your restaurant and add value to everything you see.
100% Plus 1: How To Add Value
Apr 8 • 10 min
This week the Food Guru talks about how to add value in every aspect of your restaurant. Your customers, your team, your employees, and in your personal life.
Jack Welch’s 20-70-10 “Vitality Model”
Mar 30 • 7 min
The 20-70-10 model can be used to manage and improve people, products and procedures. For our purposes today I’m going to relate the 20-70-10 to your restaurant and your people.
Restaurant Leadership 101
Mar 23 • 12 min
This week the Food Guru tackles Leadership in the restaurant. Creating a vision for your restaurant, and having your team make it come alive each and every day.
Spend Time On Important Matters
Mar 17 • 13 min
Do you ever feel that there is just not enough time to get all the things you want to do? Do your people complain that they can’t get their work done because they don’t have enough time? Today we are going to talk about how to get more stuff done in less…
Life Above The Break-Even Point
Mar 7 • 20 min
The Food Guru is about to show you how to stop destroying wealth and how to start creating wealth in your restaurant. Don’t miss this episode!
Life Is Like A 60 Minute Football Game
Mar 1 • 18 min
The Food Guru is about to change your paradigm on age and your approach to retirement. In this episode we are also going to answer a very important question from one of our listeners.
How to use the “Rule of Thirds”
Feb 23 • 18 min
Here’s something you didn’t know: One third of your customers HATE your restaurant. It’s the same for me… One third of my customers HATE my restaurant, and that’s the way I like it! It frees up my time to do more things for my “raving fans”.
Name One Famous Person Who Only Works 9-5
Feb 14 • 14 min
Are you struggling with your work life balance? The Food Guru is about to enlighten you in this provocative episode. Hold on tight, this episode is gonna get bumpy!
Why Would Anyone Want To Work For You
Feb 8 • 7 min
What makes you a great person to work for? Yes, you, specifically. Have you ever considered this? In this episode we’ll dig into why you think they work for you, and why they really work for you.
Six Ways To Increase Sales
Feb 1 • 14 min
Did you know that there are only six ways to increase sales? The Food Guru is about to unveil them for you.
Building A Culture of Excellence
Jan 27 • 20 min
Did you know that the true culture of your restaurant happens when you’re NOT there? The Food Guru is about to show you how to build a culture of excellence that will help you—and your people—thrive!
Stop Doing Inventory
Jan 19 • 15 min
Inventory is a huge waste of time. In this episode, I’m about to set you free from the shackles of the dreaded monthly inventory.
100% Attendance
Jan 13 • 22 min
80% of all customer, employee and owner complaints are caused by missed shifts. In this episode the Food Guru will give you some great insight and help you solve this chronic problem.
The “30-30-30-10” Rule
Jan 9 • 18 min
Did your restaurant earn a 10% Profit last year? In this episode the Food Guru will walk you through the steps that will lead you to a 10% Profit.
Goal Setting: Why Are You Here?
Dec 21, 2018 • 21 min
Five different aspects of setting goals: Their importance, the 10 parts of a goal, the difference between a mission and a goal, finding life balance, and one simple tool to help you achieve all your goals.