Straight From The Muzzle

Straight From The Muzzle
Being a furry isn’t always about wearing badass animal costumes and throwing money at artists to draw your sexy cat character.. If you want to listen to some Hot Takes on the happenings of the Furry Fandom, to discover some new artists and creators to ?

Disabilities In The Fandom: Weasels On Easels
Nov 18 • 58 min
Disabilities don’t hinder creativity nor does it stop our guest Ashaeda from Weasels On Easels. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an incredibly inspirational episode that may have you grabbing for a tissue or two.Follow our guest Weasels On Easels:…
Disabilities In The Fandom: Citrine Husky
Nov 10 • 52 min
Disabilities don’t hinder creativity nor does it stop our guest Citrine Husky and those who e-mailed into our podcast for this episode. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a part of the fandom that doesn’t get talked about often.Follow our guest Citr…
Fursuit Making: Tips & Tricks
Oct 21 • 66 min
Are you planning on making your first fursuit and need some help? Or perhaps you have already started but feel a little stuck? Upon popular request Space and Bean talk about the many tips and tricks that can help you when creating your first fursuit…
Young Furries
Oct 14 • 60 min
Space and Bean answer questions from young furries.
Furry Service Announcement!
Oct 11 • 4 min
Fan participation is a MUST when we need them for episodes and guess what???? WE NEED THEM!!!!!!!Upcoming Episodes:-Sona Roasting: We roast your fursona in a light and comedic way.-Disabilities In The Fandom: Whether your blind,…
Oct 6 • 48 min
Do you own any adoptables? Have you ever wanted to own an adoptable but don’t know exactly what they are or what to do with them? Join Space and Bean as they talk about everything adoptables!Special thanks to Rebel Savant for letting …
Anxiety & Depression In The Fandom Part 2
Sep 22 • 45 min
On this epsidoe Part 2 of 2, Space & Bean read the emails sent in from fans who wanted to share their story.-Youper Emotional Health: https:…
Anxiety & Depression In The Fandom Part 1
Sep 22 • 68 min
On this episode, Space & Bean discuss the difficult topics of anxiety, depression, and suicide. Please note that our hosts are not medical professionals and that this episode is about addressing issues and discussing experiences.National…
S3 EP1: Fangasms
Sep 13 • 62 min
What is a “Fangasm” you ask? It’s that thing when a climaxing fan writes into our show and discharges their excitement all over the place. Join our hosts for an amusing episode as they read off and answer questions that were e-mailed in.F…
S2 EP8: Zweitesich : An Honest Review
Jul 26 • 49 min
In April of 2019 a well known artist and fursuit maker, Albino Topaz, debuted Zweitesich: A business that is centered around the seasonal release of fashionable pre-made fursuits. Space and Bean review the website and talk about the events upon its …
S2 Ep7: Special Guest: Biogodz aka Al The Wolf
Jul 21 • 46 min
Space & Bean interview special guest Biogodz!
S2 EP6: Bean’s FWA Review
Jul 12 • 53 min
Furry Weekend Atlanta is one of the more popular furry conventions, with over 5,000 furries in attendance in 2019 it is a great social event for furries to try out! In this episode of Straight from the Muzzle, Bean talks about her experience with th…
S2 EP5: Convention Horror Stories
Jul 5 • 57 min
Furry conventions are a hub for people from around the world to meet up, chat, buy artwork, dance, and have a great time together! But sometimes.. some crazy stories can be born even from the happiest of conventions. Gather round the campfire as Spa…
S2 Ep4: Spitfire Friday
Jun 28 • 65 min
Sometimes you think you know your friends, but in this episode Space and Bean learn more about each other then they cared to! Tune in to this episode of Straight From the Muzzle as our hosts go through 101 questions!Have a show topic you wan…
Jun 7 • 74 min
June is here and you know what that means.. LGBTQ PRIDE! Join Space and Bean as they discuss how Pride Month originated, what it is for, and what pride means to them!Have a show topic you want us to cover, do you know an artist or guest you …
S1 Ep7: Are You Fur Real?
Feb 16 • 48 min
Space and Bean talk about all the dumb shit furries do - Season Finale
S1 Ep6: Art Styles of the Ages
Feb 11 • 40 min
Space and Bean discuss what different art styles were popular within the furry fandom over the ages!
S1 Ep5: Furcabulary
Jan 16 • 57 min
Space and Bean talk about the lingo that is used in the furry fandom!
Jan 4 • 71 min
Space & Bean chat about all things fursonas!
S1 Ep3: Furries In The News
Dec 3, 2018 • 52 min
Join Space and Bean as they talk about the newest documentary made for normies.. about furries: This is Life by Lisa Ling- Furry Nation
S1 Ep2: Tits A Wonderful Life
Nov 27, 2018 • 43 min
Space & Rorie talk about those moments when someone you know finds your NSFW’s
S1 Ep1: Introductions
Oct 30, 2018 • 43 min
Space & Rorie’s first podcast recording.