In Between

In Between
Small discussions around big things.
08: Going After it Tooth and Nail
Apr 9 • 33 min
One of my favorite photo documentaries is Darkness & Light, which is a fantastic look into the mind and work of Richard Avedon. A lot of people know Avedon from his photographs in the American West – bold monochrome portraits set against stark white…
07: Someone Else’s Middle
Apr 2 • 44 min
One of the struggles in making, regardless of what it is that you make is the tendency to compare ourselves to the artists who inspire us. But what do you do when the work you produce isn’t even close to the work of your creative heroes? Some give up,…
06: Finding a Creative Rudder
Mar 22 • 50 min
I had a realization recently that the type of photography I was pursuing really didn’t hold much interest for me. I enjoy the process of making pictures, but the subject matter is leaving me feeling disconnected and frankly disappointed with the pictures…
05: Where Does It All Come From?
Feb 14 • 48 min
Kristopher Matheson is one of my favorite people to talk to. Not only is he a terrific photographer, he’s also funny as hell. We don’t talk often, but when we do, I always come away inspired and wanting to dive a little deeper into my own work. Not too…
Show Updates — February 2019
Feb 6 • 4 min
I want to give you a quick update to some of the changes I’m making to my shows over the next several weeks. If you’ve listened to any of the recent episodes of Iterations, In Between, or Process Driven, you’ve heard me mention my new Everything feed. For…
04: The Weight of My Own Ideas
Jan 23 • 54 min
In my last Iteration, I was talking about social media, specifically how this year I was looking to refine or even completely redefine how I use it, personally and professionally. One of the biggest challenges for me historically has been consistency,…
03: Photographic Memories
Jan 7 • 67 min
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how photographs influence our memories—not just of people and places, but events in our lives. For example, I have realized that there are memories of certain aspects of my childhood that are rooted not in an actual…
02: The Opposite of Joy
Dec 14, 2018 • 57 min
In the last episode, we talked about how I—and maybe even you—rewrote the memories of childhood so they would fit the narrative we crafted about it as an adult, and what happens when childhood photographs begin to poke holes in the story. We also talked…
01: Only Part of the Story
Dec 5, 2018 • 47 min
One of the things that I enjoyed the most — and miss the most — about doing a weekly podcast like On Taking Pictures is having discussions in between episodes with friends and listeners. Sometimes we would go a little deeper on conversations that were…