The State Sponsored Podcast

The State Sponsored Podcast
Information Security, Threat Intelligence, and all the Cybers - With Javvad Malik and Scot [email protected]@krypt3ia

Scott has a stalker!
Sep 8 • 59 min
Scott has a new stalker and we cover a ton of stories
Surviving Las Vegas
Aug 22 • 62 min
A post Black Hat and Defcon episode
The Pre-Blackhat Episode
Aug 10 • 48 min
The pre-blackhat 2019 episode
Back from the mid-season break
Jul 1 • 60 min
We’re back from the mid-season break and gently easing back into things.League of legends blocked APT against …
Ask Scott Anything, and adventures in the dark web
Apr 24 • 67 min
Ask Scott Anything, and adventures in the dark web
RSA, Ransomware, and Scott is asked to apologise
Mar 29 • 89 min
RSA recap, state sponsored ransomware, and Scott is asked to apologise
Episode 8 | Don’t die on me Foley!
Feb 22 • 59 min
Defcon China, a suicide attempt, and the mystery of a hidden microphone
Episode 7 | Keeping InfoSec out of Hacking
Feb 8 • 62 min
We talk about Def Con 27’s theme, is it even possible to separate infosec and hacking?
Episode 6 | Van Damme it!
Jan 25 • 61 min
80’s action movies, disinformation, some security stuff and barking chiwawa’s.
Episode 5 | Rage Quitting
Jan 18 • 84 min
PewDiePie & hacker giraffe. Some bizarre claims on twitter, and Derbycon bites the dust.
Ep4 | Cyber Clark Kent
Jan 4 • 106 min
Protecting journalists, their sources, and getting security stories right.
Episode 3: What the Zuck???
Dec 22, 2018 • 78 min
Facebook’s secret data sharing agreements and how bad are U.S. Ballistic Missile defence systems?
Episode 2: The tangent
Dec 13, 2018 • 82 min
Javvad and Scott go on a journey of self-discovery
Episode 1 | Pilot
Dec 6, 2018 • 55 min
Looking at the world of cyber security through a cynical lens.