The ODG Apparel Podcast

The ODG Apparel Podcast
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16 - Lev Bure
May 29 • 38 min
On this episode we chat with Lev Bure. Lev is a 19 yr old who grew up in a much different world than most. His mom is Candace Cameron-Bure, the famous actress, aka DJ Tanner & his dad was a professional hockey player. NBD. We chat with Lev about what it…
15 - Jen Oshman
May 8 • 53 min
Great conversation with Jen Oshman. She’s an author, church planter, missionary, mother, and so much more. Seriously, our favorite podcast so far! You got to give it a listen. We talk about missions, sacrifice, and your best NOT being good enough. You can…
14 - Be Still, I Got This - God [Blog Audio]
May 6 • 42 min
We are re-releasing our blog “Be Still, I Got This. - God” and adding some audio! We hope you enjoy.
13 - All Crowns Upside Down [Blog Audio]
May 6 • 4 min
The audio of our latest blog “All Crowns Upside Down”
12 - Luke Lezon
Apr 24 • 41 min
Don’t miss this one! We had a fun conversation with Luke Lezon (AKA @HoodJesus on Twitter 😂). We chat about being young & married, the call of God, and the hard stuff. He has a book coming out to! Give it a listen & let us know what you think!
11 - @HonestYouthPastor
Apr 12 • 49 min
A fun convo with a fun dude. On this episode we chat with @HonestYouthPastor, Christian Meme Extraordinaire. PS - He really loves Jesus.
10 - Michael Maiocco
Apr 3 • 61 min
Listen into our chat with a friend & artist, Mike Maiocco, as we talk about art, Jesus, and what it is like to lose everything you thought you were about only to find everything you have always needed.
9 - Jeff Medders
Mar 21 • 42 min
A conversation with author & pastor, Jeff Medders as we discuss his new book, “Humble Calvinism”. We chat about what Calvinism is, what it is not, and most importantly who God is and what he is not. — Want to check out his new book? You can find it here.
8 - Jason Smith
Mar 14 • 45 min
Such a fun conversation! Come listen to church planter & pastor Jason Smith as we chat about life in ministry, big sins, a bigger gospel, and bad 90’s R&B.
7 - Cody Podor (Longform #3)
Mar 6 • 61 min
Take a listen as we chat with good friend of the podcast, Cody Podor, a youth pastor out of Indiana at Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West. We chat about maturity, the cost of discipleship, and honestly, just what it means to follow Jesus well. It encouraged…
6 - Your Best Isn’t Good Enough [Blog Audio]
Mar 5 • 6 min
Your best isn’t good enough. But Jesus’ is. Listen to our latest blog post about this beautiful, and sadly, controversial truth.
5 - Sam Hays (Longform #2)
Feb 27 • 55 min
Check out our conversation with youth pastor and college buddy, Sam Hays, as we chat about calling, good books, & hipster coffee. PLUS - Free T-shirt giveaway at the end of episode!
4 - Forrest Krazit (Longform #1)
Feb 19 • 61 min
Listen in to a conversation with worship pastor, Forrest Krazit, as we chat about ministry, following your calling, marriage, election, & christian pop music.
3 - Was Jesus Plan B? [Blog Audio]
Jan 30 • 6 min
What if Adam & Eve didn’t eat the fruit? Listen to our newest blog post as we dive into this very topic and answer the question of whether or not Jesus was plan b!
2 - What Does It Mean To Bear Witness? [Blog Audio]
Jan 3 • 5 min
Jesus tells us Pilate that his purpose for coming into the world was to bear witness to the truth. What does that mean? Are you following in his footsteps? Check out our latest blog post in audio form now! Plus, we have a free giveaway at the end.
1 - Believe in Someone [Blog Audio]
Dec 6, 2018 • 3 min
This is the audio for our blog post “Do You Believe In Werewolves?” - It is about a 2 minute listen, we hope you love it!