To be a successful entrepreneur you need to do three things: LEARN from the best, SURROUND yourself with positivity, and HUSTLE like hell to make your dreams a reality. This is what the Bobby Mason Audio Experience is all about.

Document Your Journey
Jun 16 • 3 min
Document your journey to capture your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly progress!
Life Experiments
Jun 15 • 4 min
Life can get a stagnant so try one of these life experiments this week: Attempt to begin a conversation with a stranger Take only cold showers for a week Sit in a public place and stare straight ahead for ten minutes Make a rule that you’ll reach for your…
The Recipe For An Every Day Quest
Jun 12 • 7 min
A life quest ends up being bigger than a simple project because its something specific to work on over time—an endeavor that is fun, challenging, and meaningful. Here are the characteristics you should use to identify your quest: A clear goal that can be…
RV Trip Suggestions?
Jun 11 • 11 min
I’m going to be taking an RV trip from: Minneapolis - Vail, Colorado - Arches National Park - Bryce National Park - Zion National Park - Lake Powell - Vail, Colorado - Minneapolis. Any suggestions on what I must see along the way??
20,000 students and counting!
Jun 10 • 6 min
That’s right, things have gotten pretty crazy with Educating Entrepreneurs and I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support!
Embrace Rejection!
Jun 9 • 6 min
When you find something you believe in, you should put everything you’ve got into it, which means you may face some rejection along the way. Embrace rejection. When doing something new, not everyone will accept it and that’s okay! You need to become…
Emotional Awareness of Mortality
Jun 8 • 4 min
Every day matters. The emotional awareness of mortality can help us pursue a goal because the fact is: ALL OF US DIE.
Everyone Has A Calling
Jun 5 • 3 min
Everyone has a calling. Many people see the promised land but then search for reasons to stay away. There is a large category of people that have lives that are relatively satisfying, but waiting beyond their comfort zones is something better. Whether…
Are you discontent?
Jun 4 • 3 min
Are you discontent? Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if you’re discontent. Have you dreamed of escaping to a new life? Have you thought of changing the world? Have you said to yourself: “There must be more to life than this?” Have you…
There’s an adventure waiting for you!
Jun 3 • 6 min
There’s an Adventure Waiting for You, Too. Most people pursuing a quest are ordinary people, in the sense that they don’t have special powers or abilities. The people pursuing or accomplishing big quests are successful not because of innate talent, but…
Find yourself a quest!
Jun 2 • 4 min
Adventure is for everyone. We must choose to embrace a quest, and we must choose to live for adventure. How to find a quest in your life: A quest has a clear goal and a specific end point. A quest must begin and then end A quest presents a clear…
Mindset for a passionate life.
Jun 1 • 3 min
What’s one belief you have about yourself that keeps you from finding and following your passion? Do you think you’re not worthy of doing something you enjoy? Do you think you have nothing to share? Do you think you don’t have enough time? Your beliefs…
What do other people ask you about?
May 29 • 3 min
Before I started helping people find their passions, I was asked by high schoolers, college students, and even seasoned veterans about what decisions they should make professionally to be happiest… I even talked a few 40+ year olds into quitting their…
How do we stay motivated all week??
May 28 • 56 min
Brandon: “How do you guys stay motivated all week? I’m always amped up and excited to get the week going but then… when Tuesday and Wednesday roll around I lose that fire to accomplish great things.” We have all felt this way. It’s hard to stay motivated…
What will you do when you’ve found your passion?
May 27 • 3 min
Once you’re living a passionate life and everything is perfect, what will you do and how will you behave? I’ve consistently fallen into the trap of thinking I needed something to be happy before I could be happy. I thought I needed to build a big business…
How will you know when you are living a passionate life?
May 26 • 3 min
How will you know that you are living a passionate life? What measurables can you tie to this success? What are the signs that will tell you that you’ve done it? Quick tip: the answer is rarely money, wealth, fame. The answer usually goes beyond those…
How do you define passion?
May 25 • 4 min
What is your definition of passion? This question is about diving into what ideas, beliefs and thoughts you have around the word passion. My definition: It’s about waking up, feeling excited to be alive, and feeling grateful to be doing what I love. It’s…
Entrepreneurial Update
May 22 • 10 min
Today is a bit of an update! I let you know what’s going on with Three Timbers, Educating Entrepreneurs, and Henry Brothers Investments, while slipping in a quick story about how one of our buildings had a pretty major leak over the weekend…
If you could change one thing…
May 15 • 47 min
The boys are back and I love it! We answer a few fun questions today: 1. When you become a parent, what’s something that your parents used to do to you or for you that you want to mimic for your own children? 2. If you could go back in time and change one…
Make Money Your B!tch
May 14 • 71 min
Brady is back and we talked about a lot! We were all over the board today, talking about compounded interest, daily motivations that get us out of bed every morning, the fear of opening a new business alone, and much more. Quick question for all of you:…
It’s Time For An Update!
May 13 • 14 min
Sorry for disappearing everyone! I got a little busy and that wasn’t fair to all of you who are sticking with me through this entire journey. I’m planning on changing up The Bobby Mason Audio experience a little bit. #1) I’m going to add a podcast…
I launched my second course today!
May 7 • 11 min
You’ve figured out the most brilliant idea! So you grab your best friend and your brother to start the company together. In your excitement to get started, you and your two cofounders fail to do your due diligence by learning more about each others…
What makes us boys insecure?
May 6 • 59 min
I have two questions for the boys today: #1) What makes you insecure and do you know why? #2) If you worked for the next 365 days and you made $1 million dollars at the end of the year, how would you feel, what would you do with the money, and how would…
I’m so proud of my Wife!
May 5 • 13 min
A lot of bragging going on the last couple of days, but I just can’t help it! The lovely wife and I worked on creating a new online store for our brick and mortar store Seedlings Gifts & Books, and she (my wife) was able to convert on three sales in the…
12,677 Students Bought Our Course!
May 4 • 13 min
I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER! This weekend was definitely shocking to me… I had over 12,000 students purchase my first course in 48 hours. This isn’t an episode full of bragging but I did want to update all of you on the crazy progression that occurred in…
How to handle pressure.
May 1 • 56 min
The boys are back and Big Joe has a question for all of us: “For me, there is almost never a time that I am not thinking about work. Issues in the present, issues in the future, and the overload of tasks that need to be completed during the next…
We were about to kill each other…
Apr 30 • 10 min
Let me start by saying I love my wife like crazy and I would never do anything to harm her:) But, we did learn yesterday that when both of us work a crazy amount in the same place, our level of irritation seems to rise a little bit as well. Beyond that,…
Apr 29 • 10 min
The offer we have worked reasonably hard on was just denied… so I figured what better time to make a quick episode on how I’m actually feeling after “failing.” Don’t worry, I don’t feel all that bad. But it definitely leads to a plethora of options: #1:…
We’re making an offer…
Apr 28 • 12 min
It was a busy day. #1: We are finally making an offer on a brand new real estate project. I don’t want you to get too excited because we’re definitely going in with a low offer, but I do hope you can learn a little something about how we approach…
Things are getting crazy!
Apr 27 • 10 min
Things are seriously getting crazy! So… welcome to diary entry number one:)
Are we all geniuses?
Apr 24 • 54 min
I received a question from a producer the other day about what my “Zone of Genius” is. My first reaction was: “Oh crap, I have no idea.” My second reaction was: “This must be a trick question because I honestly don’t believe I’m a genius in anything. I…
The Ceiling Was At My Hip
Apr 23 • 11 min
I looked at a new house yesterday to reno and rent! And I’m sure it’s a giveaway in the title, but I found a bit of a surprise when I went to check out the basement. Also, I have a quick moment of realization that I may have way too much going on right…
My Social Media Content Sucks…
Apr 22 • 12 min
I’m sorry for making shi%#y content recently. Seriously, I am. I made the mistake of trying to hard to be something or someone that I’m not. Honestly, when people started liking my page, I was pretty surprised, and then I got sucked in to trying to mimic…
I’m Reopening Three Timbers!
Apr 21 • 13 min
With all that’s going on in the world, I figured what better time to reopen another company! Actually, it’s more like three companies at once. Haha, yikes… Listen in to hear what’s going on in my world and help me out with one of my big questions if you…
The Wife & I Started A Vlog
Apr 20 • 13 min
I know, I know… Who even starts Vlogs anymore? Aren’t we a little late to the party? I suppose we are, but we aren’t necessarily doing it to get famous. We are actually doing them to document where we started and the journey along the way. With all the…
My Wife Got Mad At Me For Working
Apr 17 • 12 min
Some of my fellow entrepreneurs will relate to this one… do you ever have people get mad at you for working all the time? I sure do. And I realized something last night, it’s neither my fault nor there fault. When I really thought about it, I realized I…
The Boys & I Talk About Our Greatest Setbacks
Apr 16 • 52 min
Hey everyone! First off, I just want to say sorry about the audio quality problems. My microphone seemed to have some serious trouble throughout the entire show… So, I am super sorry for that. Anyways, if you do decide to suck it up, we go in depth about…
The Coronavirus Explained In Detail
Apr 15 • 18 min
In December 2019 the Chinese reported a virus spreading through their communities and we’ve been talking about it ever since. None of this is fun. But I’m hoping by sharing how COVID-19 actually works and how social distancing works in the long run, each…
You Aren’t Born Successful
Apr 14 • 11 min
I’ve heard it a million times and no it is not true… You aren’t born a success. You aren’t gifted with the ability to work hard right out of the womb. Seriously, my parents thought I had a learning disability because my work ethic was so poor in middle…
I’m Going To Start Being Me
Apr 13 • 12 min
The biggest “norm” in the entrepreneurial industry is the amount of “faking” that occurs. We all do it as entrepreneurs… We all pretend to know what we’re talking about when most of us are just trying to figure things out on the fly like everyone else. We…
Learn To Love The Journey
Apr 10 • 15 min
Happy Friday everyone. This podcast starts off a little rough, I complain a little, and stutter a lot:) But trust me, it get’s better. I answer your two questions: (1) What mystery do I wish I knew the answer to? and (2) How different was my life a year…
A New Perspective On COVID-19
Apr 9 • 48 min
With the stay at home rule extended in Minnesota to May 4th, the boys and I talk through what changes another month at home is going to play on our professional careers. We also lighten the mood a little by explaining how COVID-19 has changed our…
Non-Negotiable When Starting A Business
Apr 8 • 10 min
When I think about starting a business, I really can only think of one non-negotiable, and that non-negotiable is directly tied to your cofounder. Before even starting a company it is a non-negotiable that you learn more about your cofounders personal…
The Long Term Affects Of COVID-19
Apr 7 • 59 min
Not trying to get you down in the dumps but today my good buddy Brady Riesgraf and I go deep into what we believe the long-term affects will be of COVID-19. We also dive into how the country is handling the COVID response and whether the markets will fall…
What Makes Educating Entrepreneurs Unique
Apr 6 • 10 min
Today I start a 3-4 month journey, diving into startup principles that will help all first time entrepreneurs more successfully launch their businesses. Also, I answer two more audience questions: (1) What website do I visit most? and (2) What would my…
Time Journaling
Apr 3 • 13 min
I answer two of your questions: (1) What job would I be terrible at? (2) What skill would you like to master? Then I go into a brand new strategy I’m using to improve my time management skills called Time Journaling. Here are the questioning you should be…
What I’m Determined To Do!
Apr 2 • 15 min
I answer two questions that have come in from all of you: (1) Where would I like to live and why aren’t I living there? (2) What am I absolutely determined to do? Listen in to hear my answers and then send DM on Instagram @bobbyhmason with your answers…
Coronavirus Update
Apr 1 • 15 min
This is your daily Coronavirus Update. I explain the questions I’ve been answering about coronavirus and how we must deal with the future outlook of coronavirus. Listen in:)
Any New Home Routines?
Mar 31 • 13 min
I sit down and talk about how this staying at home order is making me fat, unfocused, and a better person:) Listen in as I talk through a couple of my new routines I use as an attempt at get used to working from home.
This Podcast Is Worthless
Mar 30 • 21 min
I explain why I realized this podcast is an absolute bust. I get into how I’ve been involved with providing medical supplies to hospitals. And I try to give you a little extra motivation to go and improve yourself during this unique time in our lives.
My Dream Car
Mar 27 • 15 min
Today I start to answer a few of the questions I’ve been receiving from all of you. I talk about my dream car and what I would never change (if that even makes sense). I also talk about the new reality I have accepted when it comes to this new coronavirus…
“Take A Moment To Breathe”
Mar 26 • 14 min
I talk about the need to take a moment to breathe and release the stress of the coronavirus, I created a page to help all entrepreneurs looking for a job, and I discuss how I need your help to make a greater impact in this time of need. If you need a job…
Listen To Wondery Podcasts
Mar 24 • 16 min
I kind of get overly excited about how awesome the “Tiger King: Joe Exotic”, “Dr. Death”, and “A Man In The Window” are on Wondery Podcasts. I get slightly distracted by one of my property caretakers trying to clean up garbage and I talk about about how…
We’re Stronger Together
Mar 23 • 12 min
We need to work together to get through this. All of us are hurting and all of us will need to do our best to get through this as ONE Unit. This is going to suck for all of us because this situation is beyond unique. But it is also important to realize,…
Why I’m Creating “EE”
Mar 4 • 15 min
ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS REALLY HARD! That’s why I’m working my butt off to create Educating Entrepreneurs. A course that helps all those first time Founders sift through the day-to-day uncertainties and enhance their chances of success. In more simplistic…
Trips Change Your Perspective
Mar 3 • 14 min
With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s hard to make time to analyze how things are truly going. Are you wasting your time? Are you working too little or too much on projects that don’t align with your end goal? Are you leaving money on the…
Trouble In Paradise
Feb 27 • 12 min
This is an addition to yesterdays podcast about Three Timbers LLC, so if you haven’t listened to yesterdays episode please do that first. Today I touch on the trouble in paradise between our cofounder team at Three Timbers and how we completely screwed…
My First Company
Feb 26 • 15 min
People have been asking me recently to touch a little more on each of the companies I’ve built so far, therefore, here is the first sneak peak of company #1: Three Timbers LLC.
Not Getting Paid For Months/Years Sucks!
Feb 25 • 12 min
Entrepreneurship is no easy task! A lot of people think they can just dream up an idea and they’ll start raking in the cash when in reality most entrepreneurs go through a long hard winter where they don’t get paid for months or even years at a time… And…
Entrepreneurial Mood Swings
Feb 20 • 9 min
You ever feel that super high where everything is going right and you literally feel you can take on any project and do no wrong? Now, do you ever feel that super low where you want to hide your face and quit trying altogether?? These are two extreme…
The 100 Hour Grind
Feb 19 • 9 min
As overwhelming as the grind might be, there are weeks when you will have to put in a constant 100 hours of work. Those 100 hour weeks are brutal. They make you crazy. And you need to be aware of the toll it’s taking on your body so you don’t burn out.…
You Need To Schedule A Vacation
Feb 18 • 11 min
Yes, I said it! It’s time to go and schedule a vacation. Seriously, vacations have changed my life and many other ultra-successful individuals say the same thing. Vacations make you a better professional… Listen in to hear more!
How PR Can Change Your Company with Abigail Greenheck
Feb 17 • 49 min
Join us as we talk to Abigail Greenheck about all things related to personal relations and company culture! Abigail is unflappable, even in the most challenging situations. She approaches each new opportunity with vision, curiosity and discernment.…
Leave A Clean Legacy
Feb 15 • 12 min
It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. If you made that money doing something wrong… people will still despise you in their hearts no matter the size of the house, how fancy the car, or how expensive clothes. Your legacy is what defines…
The Power Of Good Leadership
Feb 13 • 14 min
I’ve been lucky enough to create 15 companies by the age of 26. Some have failed, some have done alright, and some still exist. The biggest difference I’ve identified between the companies that have failed and the companies that have succeeded is directly…
The Importance Of Creating Company Culture
Feb 12 • 11 min
I recently started thinking about the importance of company culture and a startups persona. When I started thinking about these two things, I realized I’ve been failing to create a unique company culture and company persona for my new startup. Listen in…
Real Estate Leveraging
Feb 11 • 15 min
Today I go on a quick tangent on why you need to start investing in real estate! Seriously, real estate investing will dramatically change your financial freedom in 20 years.
Mastering The World Of Podcasting with Matt Johnson
Feb 10 • 51 min
Welcome to this weeks episode of Master The Start! Our awesome guest today Matt Johnson. Matt is a marketer, entrepreneur, podcast expert, and musician. As founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR & production agency based in San Diego, Matt runs a…
Set Big Audacious Goals
Feb 8 • 9 min
You know the saying: “Shoot for the moon and if you fall short you’ll land on the clouds.” I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote but you get the point. You need to shoot for the moon. You need to have big audacious goals. And once you have big audacious…
Live Each Day With Gratitude
Feb 7 • 11 min
Listen in as I talk about the dramatic change waking up every morning with gratitude has made on my life!
The Two Traits You Need To Be An Entrepreneur
Feb 6 • 11 min
One of the most common questions I receive is the following: “Bobby, do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” My response every time: “YES!” It’s that easy. Each of us have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. As long as you are willing to put in…
How To Get Conversations With The Ultra-Successful
Feb 5 • 9 min
Yesterday I received the following question: “Do you have any tips for me on how to get conversations with hard to reach CEOs?” I certainly do! With every company I’ve built to date, it’s been imperative that I speak to the ultra-successful to propel my…
Create Structure In Your Startup
Feb 4 • 10 min
Happy Tuesday all you incredible entrepreneurs! Just wanted to cover the topic of creating structure in your startup… It’s hard when you first start a company to actually run it and organize it like a company because it’s likely just you, all alone,…
How Three 25 Year Olds Created a Multi-Million Dollar Sporting Goods Company
Feb 3 • 43 min
Today we are blessed to welcome Chris Meade to the show! Chris is the 25-year-old cofounder of CROSSNET. CROSSNET is a newly invented four-way volleyball game founded in 2017. Join us as we dive into CROSSNET’s growing popularity week after week and…
Why I Didn’t Go Into Medicine
Jan 31 • 12 min
I’m a little under the whether in today’s episode of The Bobby Mason Audio Experience… but it gave me a moment to reflect on why I chose entrepreneurship over medicine and the event that led to that decision.
Don’t put success before relationships!
Jan 29 • 12 min
I’ve always heard and read that it is okay to ruin relationships along your path to success… It’s always been justified from the perspective of: “Some people will hold you back and you have to eliminate those relationships from your life.” I get it. But…
Are you playing offense or defense?
Jan 28 • 8 min
Your inbox is other people’s to-do lists! That’s why you need to decide if you are going on the offense or defense. I personally like going on the offense. I want to have the time to focus, to learn the things I want to learn, build what I want to build,…
Developing 20 Million Square Feet of Real Estate is Easy
Jan 27
Give a big, warm welcome for Tim Murnane! As president and CEO of Opus Holding, L.L.C., Tim oversees all operations of the operating companies collectively known as The Opus Group. These operating companies are Opus Development Company, L.L.C., Opus…
The Bobby Mason Audio Experience #1
Dec 26, 2019 • 32 min
What’s up everyone! Welcome to the official weekly update of my life where I try to give you an inside look into the world of entrepreneurship as I attempt to grow a large company from zero to hopefully hero. I will drop a podcast every week with an…
Pocket Thoughts 2.5
Dec 26, 2019 • 44 min
Pocket Thoughts 2.4
Dec 26, 2019 • 57 min
Pocket Thoughts 2.3
Dec 26, 2019 • 54 min
Pocket Thoughts 2.2
Dec 26, 2019 • 54 min
Pocket Thoughts Season 2 Premier
Dec 25, 2019 • 52 min
Pocket Thoughts is brand new and better than ever… maybe!
Pocket Thoughts #33 - Managing Risk
Dec 21, 2019 • 41 min
On today’s episode we are talking about managing risk. We start off with what we think the biggest risks we see when it comes to jumping into entrepreneurship and then ask ourselves if those risks we brought up are the reasons we don’t quit our jobs now…
Master The Start #43 - Brian Carlson
Dec 18, 2019 • 46 min
Brian Carlson is President of Ambrion Staffing & Recruiting. With years of experience as an executive recruiter, Brian has insights on the hiring process that he’s excited to share. He talks about how to get your dream job as well as how to hire your…
Pocket Thoughts #32 - You can’t do it alone.
Dec 14, 2019 • 69 min
Our topic for today’s episode is you can’t do it alone, but you have to do it alone when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into areas such as focusing on other skill sets vs teaching those around you something new, do we think it is necessary to have a…
Master The Start #42 - Heide Olson
Dec 11, 2019 • 56 min
Heide has worked hands on at a variety of industries as CFO serving as an adviser and board member to assist in business analysis, planning and tracking to goals. Seeing a need in the market for part-time CFO services, she founded All In One Accounting in…
Pocket Thoughts #31 - Think Big
Dec 7, 2019 • 50 min
On today’s episode we will be discussing thinking big, thinking new, and thinking again when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get into topics such as having a mindset that you can create a company that can change the world, if we think big or small, if…
Master The Start #41 - Chuck Hengel
Dec 4, 2019 • 60 min
After 21+ years of leading Marketing Architects to billions in revenue (many billions for its clients), Chuck is still addicted to the scientific marketing process of combining product, message, media, and customer engagement to radically accelerate…
Pocket Thoughts #30 - Make The Commitment
Nov 30, 2019 • 66 min
I want to apologize ahead of time that the sound quality at times is not the best and we are figuring out what went wrong during the recording of the show. On today’s episode we talk about making the commitment when it comes to entrepreneurship. We get…
Master The Start #40 - Pursuing Your Passions
Nov 27, 2019 • 24 min
I explore three questions that were asked by Ozzie Nelson in Episode 28: What gives you energy? What do you think your real unique skills and passions are? And are you currently on a path to take advantage of the two preceding questions?
Pocket Thoughts #29 - Can entrepreneurship be learned?
Nov 23, 2019 • 55 min
Hello and welcome to Pocket Thoughts! We’ve got a jam-packed episode for you guys with a lot of helpful information. On today’s episode we ask ourselves, can entrepreneurship be learned? We all have some different opinions on this and talk about things…
Intelligent Content
Jul 6, 2019 • 57 min
What’s up everyone! Today’s podcast is a little different because I’m actually the one being interviewed which never happens. I join Jeff Nowak on the Intelligent Content Podcast and talk about my entrepreneurial journey and how I use content. Check out…
Master The Start #39 - Masterminds with Mike Zeller
Jul 4, 2019 • 65 min
Today I get to talk with a high-level business architect named Mike Zeller. Mike and I talk shop about different strategies brands can use to maximize sales. We also discuss his many successful businesses and the advice he has for people entering the…
Pocket Thoughts #28 - Your network leads to success!
Jul 2, 2019 • 50 min
Today I sit down with my good friends and business partners and talk about the importance of networking. We dive into the strategies of successful networking: doing your homework, forming VIP statements, creating a networking list, and much more! Enjoy:)
Master The Start #38 - Richard Wilson
Jun 30, 2019 • 43 min
I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Richard Wilson, founder of Centimillionaire Advisors where he helps $100M+ net worth people manage their lives:) He has some incredible tips and experiences from the most successful people in the world. Well…
Pocket Thoughts #27 - Should you be an entrepreneur?
Jun 28, 2019 • 57 min
The life of entrepreneurship is tough. Therefore it’s essential to understand the 6 successful qualities of an entrepreneur, when to consider yourself an entrepreneur, and how to become comfortable with failure. You’ll hear all about it in this awesome…
Master The Start #37 - My Biz Partner And I Talk Mistakes
Jun 26, 2019 • 75 min
Brady Riesgraf, a close friend of mine since high school, returns to the show. Brady, currently a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, started a landscaping business with me at the age of fifteen and we run a new entrepreneurship course startup together.…
Pocket Thoughts #26 Part 2 - Mapping Out Our EE Pricing
Jun 24, 2019 • 16 min
This quick episode covers the Educating Entrepreneurs plan for pricing an online course and how to make sure we give as much solid content as possible without making people pay for it. What do all of you guys think of our pricing strategy?