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You won’t believe this one weird quiz

34: Justin Robert Young Takes a Toast Shade Quiz (Season 1 Finale)
Aug 25
Weaponizing fan culture, growth as the goal, and gay space crimes. Plus, a toast shade quiz with podcaster and political commentator Justin Robert Young. Trending Lemon will return with a new season of shows in 6-8 weeks. Thanks for your continued suppor
33: Cait Raft Takes a Song of the Summer Quiz
Aug 11
Is trash TV valuable and why? A dive into reality TV with JackAM’s Cait Raft. First-hand reporting on the nationwide Burger King Impossible Whopper. Social media unionization may not be a real union, but it’s organization is very real. A musi
32: KingKaz Takes a Dateability Quiz
Jul 27
Photographer and podcaster KingKaz is back on the show to take a quiz on how dateable he is and what his personality is based on a sandwich. Plus, the latest queer music icon, Amazon’s ties to local police, and an examination of eSports and if it&#
31: Bob Fenner Takes a Rainbow Foods Quiz
Jul 20
Rainbow foods and what people love about games writer and podcaster Robert Fenner. What does fandom do with this unprecedented scale? Imgur takes investment from a new monetization system, but to what end? Follow Bob on Twitter. Check out his Gamer Words
30: Tom Merritt Takes a Keanu Reeves Quiz
Jul 12
Tech journalist and commentator Tom Merritt is back on the show. Two scoops of crazy with the Ice Cream Challenge and #NotMyAriel. Plus, a Keanu Reeves quiz, a secret quiz, and advice on googling in a dating relationship. Follow Tom on Twitter. Check out
29: Lobro Take a Hot Dog Quiz
Jul 5
Platform moderation, leniency, and online personas with Twitch streamer Lobro. Debunking the cement milkshake story. Plus, a Disney princess quiz and a big city quiz. Follow Lobro on Twitch and follow his Twitter account. Hosted and produced by Bryce Cas
28: Bryce Takes a Cup of Tea Quiz
Jun 28
Taking a trip down (someone else’s) memory lane. Which cup of tea am I? An update on the show after six months and we’ve got an email address now. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Follow Bryce on Twitter. Follow Trending Lemon on Twitte
27: Scyne Takes a Genie Quiz
Jun 22
Branded engagements, hope in the UK porn ban, and YouTube’s rough six months with Ki Scyne. Plus, a new festival and a three wishes quiz. Follow Scyne on Twitter. Check out eir new YouTube channel, Revelio. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Fo
26: Scott Johnson Takes a Dark Secret Quiz
Jun 14
Trends from the latest E3 gaming convention with podcaster and artist Scott Johnson. A wholesome influencer? The dark side of Discord and Scott’s deepest darkest secret. Follow Scott on Twitter. Check out his morning show, The Morning Stream and al
25: J-F. Dubeau Takes a Book Quiz
Jun 8
Crime-sharing apps and prank karma with author of “The Life Engineered” and “A God in the Shed,” J-F. Dubeau. Cliff Wife and Helicopter Grandma. Which book is J-F.? Follow J-F. on Twitter and visit his website to join the mailing
24: MikeTV Takes a Peanut Butter Or Jelly Quiz
Jun 1
Singer-songwriter MikeTV from Get Set Go joins the show to talk the value of “winning” at social media and brands. Plus, thoughts about his new songbook and album and a peanut butter or jelly quiz. Follow Mike on Twitter and on Twitch. Check
23: Bryce Takes a Best Day Ever Quiz Live
May 25
In concert with the Not Attack livestream, enjoy this first-ever live Trending Lemon. From film study classes to fraudsters afraid for their life, this is a jam-packed one-mic episode. Plus, a truly awful best day ever quiz. Thanks again to Night Attack.
22: Preston Monroe Takes a Zombie Apocalypse Quiz
May 18
Aliens have abducted techie Preston Monroe aka Biocow and have to find a planet to strand him on. A fake news follow-up. Psychotic pranks on innocent workers. Can Preston survive a zombie apocalypse? Follow Preston on Twitter and check out his Showbot ap
21: Curley Takes a Porn Name Quiz
May 10
Host of the DKGWelp podcast, Curley, is back to talk adaptations, Miles “Tails” Prowler, and Chinese overreach. Plus, a porn name quiz. Follow Curley on Twitch and check out DKGWelp on all podcast directories. Hosted and produced by Bryce Cas
20: Justin Robert Young Takes a Personality Quiz
May 3
Breaking down the coming decade of franchise revivals with podcaster Justin Robert Young. Plus, a personality quiz and science is put to the test in a handedness quiz. Follow Justin on Twitter and check out Politics Politics Politics and JuRY Daily. Host
19: Scyne Takes a Neopets Quiz
Apr 25
Online world archaeologist Ki Scyne joins the show to talk about eir love of magic and early internet spaces. Scyne and Bryce find out what Neopet they are. In trending topics: a once-fallen world is revived amidst anger and hope. Follow Scyne on Twitter
18: Sunbun Takes a Cafeteria Quiz
Apr 19
Man about town Sunbun joins the show to reveal a secret and find out his favorite subject. In trending topics: AirPods: scourge of the public peace and Notre Dame as an epicenter of deceptive information. Follow Sunny on Twitter and on Twitch. Hosted and
17: Bill Meeks Takes a Superhero Quiz
Apr 12
Podcast producer and writer Bill Meeks joins to find his place among the DC universe and soup represents him. In trending topics: Lil Nas X booted from the Billboard charts and as an act of karma in nature a sign of bloodlust? Check out Bill’s show
16: Scottye Moore Takes an Avengers Crush Quiz
Apr 5
Podcaster and author Scottye Moore joins the show to find what superhero likes him. Plus, can science determine the name of his baby? In trending topics: Avengers is going to be a million hours long and CNBC is out-of-touch on a yearly schedule. Follow S
15: Chris Durel Takes an Angry Instagram Quiz
Mar 28
Host of The Timebat Show Chris Durel joins us to find out what angers him on Instagram and which breed of dog represents him. In trending topics: the humanity of Florida Man and eShorts. Follow Chris on Twitter and check out The Timebat Show. Hosted and
14: Carson Pace Takes a Sleeping Position Quiz
Mar 22
The Callous Daoboys vocalist Carson Pace joins Bryce to find out which way he sleeps. Plus, a famous rat questionnaire. In trending topics: the high price of Queer Eye. Follow Carson on Twitter and his band, The Callous Daoboys. Hosted and produced by Br
13: Bryce Tries To Make a College Sandwich Quiz
Mar 14
With a packed week, I tried to make a quiz. Fate had other ideas in mind. At the very least, I breakdown the insanity of the recent college admissions fraud story and why everyone is reacting to it. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Follow Bryce on
12: TheJen Takes a Sick Day Quiz
Mar 6
Streamer theJEN finds out what Pokemon her ultimate sick day makes her and whether she’s more Beyonce or Rihanna. In trending topics: the not-real Momo challenge and Starbucks technical difficulties. Follow theJEN on Twitch and check out Geek Grill
11: KingKaz Takes a Water Quiz
Feb 27
Photographer and podcaster KingKaz joins the show to find out what water he is and whether he’s an introvert or extrovert. In trending topics: fake waifus and a game with a lion. Follow Kaz on Instagram and check out Sports Odds and Ends and dkgWEL
10: Samuel Lewis Takes a Past Lives Quiz
Feb 20
The past life of podcaster and streamer TSCNSam and whether we have alpha or omega brains. In trending topics: what the crapple is scrapple? Follow Samuel’s podcasts and on Twitch. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Follow Bryce on Twitter. Mus
9: Brian Ibbott Takes a Salsa Quiz
Feb 14
Podcaster and cover music authority Brian Ibbott learns what type of salsa and which iconic Disney villain he is. In trending topics: Blippi, the clean kids YouTuber with a not-so-clean past. Follow Brian on Twitter and check out America’s Next Top
8: Kandice Saur Takes a Queen Quiz
Feb 6
Author Kandice Saur finds out what pants she wears in her friend group and what type of fry she resembles. Plus, what type of queen is she and Bryce? Follow Kandice on Wattpad and on Patreon. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Follow Bryce on Twitter
7: Chris James Takes a Frog Quiz
Jan 30
Comedian and prank called Chris James learns what childhood movie and frog matches him. Follow Chris on Twitch and on YouTube. Hosted and produced by Bryce Castillo. Follow Bryce on Twitter. Music by Prismantic. For more episodes and information, visit T
6: Roberto Villegas Takes a Noble Gas Quiz
Jan 23
Roberto Villegas from My So Called 8-Bit Life finds out his inner Avenger, finds a noble gas match, and his personality’s tarot card. Thank you to Juliana Kataoka and Anna Borges from the BuzzFeed staff and KusuoSaiki and lorikuelian from the BuzzF
5: Curley Takes a Palm Reading Quiz
Jan 16
Curley takes an online palm reading, learns his age via ice cream, and names his new car. Thank you to Jon-Michael Poff from the BuzzFeed staff and leelmeechelle, Lelia, and Giorgina McKay from the BuzzFeed community for these quizzes. Follow Curley on T
4: Andrew Mayne Takes a Dolphin Quiz
Jan 11
What type of dolphin is Andrew Mayne and what do people love most about him? A parallel Marvel character stench quiz. Thank you to Matthew Perpetua and Andrew Ziegler from the BuzzFeed staff and evrivali and Lidvard from the BuzzFeed community for these
3: Jason Murphy Takes a Food Dip Quiz
Jan 2
A beautiful truth about Jason Murphy and which of the eight personality types is he? Which SpongeBob character is Bryce? Thank you to Matthew Perpetua from the BuzzFeed staff and nickghal from the BuzzFeed community for these quizzes. Follow Jason on Ins
2: Tom Merritt Takes A Pokemon Starter Quiz
Dec 25, 2018
What’s Tom Merritt’s sexiest quality and what is his mental age? Who is Bryce’s childhood cartoon best friend? Thank you to Hannah Loewentheil and Sarah Aspler from the BuzzFeed staff and ak, raechilling, and jiffpom from the BuzzFeed c
1: Justin Robert Young Takes A Mythical Creature Quiz
Dec 23, 2018
What creature resides within Justin Robert Young and is he a dog or cat person? Thank you to Alfredo Murillo, Natalya Lobanova, and Joanna Borns from the BuzzFeed staff and Susansille from the BuzzFeed community for these quizzes. Follow Justin on Twitte
0: Brian Brushwood Takes A 00’s Quiz
Dec 22, 2018
Pilot episode. Brian finds his worst qualities and what his friends think of him. Which Disney animal describes Bryce and when he’ll find love. Thank you to Guillermo del Palacio and Jenna Guillaume from the BuzzFeed staff and evrivali, lexbruun, a