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The Gutsy Podcast
Being an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding while also making you want to pull your hair out. Five years ago, we realized that as we talked to entrepreneurs, that many of them were experiencing the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions as us. What be…

Powerback 32: Be Bold — Wear Something You Normally Wouldn’t.
Aug 22 • 6 min
I can remember a time where being in front of the camera was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever experienced. As the years have gone by, and I’ve had to be in front of people more often, I’ve realized the way I’m dressing and carrying my…
32: Building a Successful Website
Aug 20 • 19 min
Do’s and don’ts on how to build a successful website
Powerback 31: Prepare for the Greatness You Are Asking for
Aug 15 • 6 min
Everyone has some sort of dream, desire, or aspiration. Maybe you want to lose those 20 pounds that have been stuck on you? Maybe you’re wanting to open a business? Maybe you want to travel more? Maybe you want to be more adventurous? Whatever the c…
31: Celebration Therapy with The Confetti Project creator, Jelena Aleksich
Aug 13 • 54 min
How does being doused with pounds—and I mean POUNDS—of confetti while learning to celebrate life and simply let go, transform a person? Come and discover Celebration Therapy.
Powerback 30: Give Up Something to Get Something
Aug 8 • 6 min
What do you have to give up in order to get what you want?
30: 5 Ways to Create Balance Between Work, Home, Health, and Other Life Demands
Aug 6 • 23 min
Balance isn’t about creating an equal percentage across all of your life demands—it’s about knowing what part of your life needs you the most in each moment.
Powerback 29: Own Your Core Negative Beliefs
Aug 1 • 7 min
Build awareness around your core negative beliefs and how they affect your actions.
29: Liberation Week — The Truth
Jul 30 • 76 min
5 gutsy days, 4 bold women, and 20 liberating shirts—this is Liberation Week.
Powerback 28: Start Before You’re Ready
Jul 25 • 6 min
How many times along your journey have you felt like, I really want to do that, but I don’t feel like I’m ready yet. Or maybe there’s part of you that says, Hell yes, girl. Hell yes, guy. Let’s get this moving. And then the other p…
28: Building a Profitable Business on Instagram with Allie Dattilio
Jul 23 • 54 min
If you’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize your feed while making some money, this episode is for you.
Powerback 27: Finding Your Power Source
Jul 18 • 6 min
Set yourself up for success before a big day, a meeting, or just on a regular day so you feel like you can perform to your best ability.
27: All Things Money — How to Charge and Manage Your Cash
Jul 16 • 26 min
All things money—How to charge it, manage it, and welcome it.
Powerback 26: Put Your Inner Thoughts on Loudspeaker
Jul 10 • 6 min
This week, I’ve been sporting my inner darkest insecurities—those lies I’ve allowed myself to believe based off the words or actions of others throughout my life.
26: 5 Steps to Eliminating Shame with Amy Taylor
Jul 9 • 45 min
Join Shame Eliminator, Amy Taylor, as she talks about her battle with shame and how she has used what once held her back as a tool for helping other women to free themselves.
Powerback 25: When You Mess Up—You’re Leveling Up
Jul 4 • 6 min
Where there is a breakdown, there is a breakthrough.
25: Reduce Anxiety with One Action
Jul 2 • 23 min
What if I told you there was ONE action that could drastically reduce your anxiety?
Powerback 24: Leave Some of Your Passions as Just That
Jun 26 • 6 min
Just because you like to swim—doesn’t mean you have to become a professional swimmer.
24: Creating and Maintaining Meaningful Relationships with Bernadette Wagner
Jun 25 • 37 min
Having solid relationships—whether it’s friendships, mentors, family, colleagues, or spouses—has a profound impact on your life.
Powerback 23: I Wish I Could Be Like Them
Jun 20 • 5 min
The only difference between what you’re doing and what the people you admire are doing is that they’re ACTUALLY doing it.
23: Your Health is Connected to Your Business
Jun 18 • 23 min
If you’re busted as hell—you can’t run a successful business very well (and that ain’t no Dr. Seuss talk there).
Powerback 22: Taking Day Breaks
Jun 13 • 6 min
90% of people feel more productive, creative, and refreshed after taking a break. So, don’t skip out on yours!
22: Bouncing Back from Setbacks
Jun 11 • 23 min
You’re going about your day, week, or month. Things seem to be going really well for the first time in quite some time, and then all of a sudden it hits you. Something goes on in your life or your business and you find yourself in what we call a set…
Powerback 21: The “Why Me?” Syndrome
Jun 6 • 6 min
We have all been in situations where something did not go the way that we thought. Someone said something that caught us off guard. A situation didn’t pan out the way that we wanted to. An awesome client that, oh, we got to like 99.9% of the way and…
21: Mindset is EVERYTHING
Jun 4 • 20 min
Nothing in the world feels truer than the things we tell ourselves within our mind. So how do we begin using that to our advantage?
Powerback 20: Choosing Happiness
May 30 • 6 min
Happiness. Sometimes that word is feeling like a buzzword these days, isn’t it? Like all of a sudden it’s trendy to be happy or we have these quotes where it’s like good vibes only as if bad vibes don’t exist. Or then you have the polar oppo…
20: Identifying and Removing Toxic People
May 28 • 25 min
Identifying and eliminating toxic behavior from all aspects of your life.
Powerback 19: Setting Intentions
May 23 • 7 min
Feeling lost in your goals? Set clear and purposeful intentions to achieve them.
19: From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business
May 21 • 23 min
When is it time to make your passionate business efforts a full-time gig?
Powerback 18: Be the Same Person from 9-5 as You Are from 5-9
May 16 • 7 min
The power of being yourself unleashes unspeakable opportunities for your life to align.
18: Finding Your Dream Clients
May 14 • 21 min
Learn how to identify dream clients from the first meeting - and how to say no to the misaligned ones.
Powerback 17: Protect Your Energy
May 9 • 7 min
On Episode 17, Heather Tydings of Own Your Evolution and I talked about being high functioning, anxious, and kind of running through life like a chicken with your head cut off. When we get overwhelmed …
17: High Functioning, But Anxious with Heather Tydings
May 6 • 47 min
You’ve got so many things going on you feel like you just might snap. So how do you set those boundaries?
Powerback 16: What Are You Holding Onto That Needs Delegated?
May 2 • 7 min
What needs to be eliminated or delegated so you can do what you do best?
16: Business Advice from Entrepreneurs Like You
Apr 30 • 24 min
Do you ever find yourself saying, “If I knew then what I know now, there is no way in HELL that I would be doing this”?
Powerback 15: Use Your Gut as a Tool, But Fact Check With Your Brain
Apr 25 • 6 min
Our gut can process information faster than our brain can – but always use your brain to fact check.
15: Being an Empathetic Entrepreneur
Apr 23 • 21 min
A lot of people associate empathy with weakness, but after really exploring this I’ve realized empathy is truly one heck of a superpower.
Powerback 14: If it’s Not a Hell Yes - It’s a NO
Apr 18 • 6 min
Think about all the things you’re doing – commitments, boards, routines, habits, etc. When you say yes to these things, do you have a positive reaction?
14: Branding as Yourself vs. Branding as a Business
Apr 16 • 20 min
You are your business and your business is you, so your brand should be an extension of who you are at your core.
Powerback 13: Meet Me in the Space of ‘What If’?
Apr 11 • 6 min
Stop “howing” an idea to death and see what happens when we play in the space of ‘what if’.
13: Imposter Syndrome
Apr 9 • 20 min
Breaking down all the feels that come with feeling like a fraud - even though you’re not.
Powerback 12: No Bra Sunday
Apr 4 • 6 min
My favorite day of the week to do the things that fill my tank.
12: My Five Biggest Business Mistakes
Apr 2 • 23 min
Ever make mistakes? Good, it means that you’re growing. Join me as we chat about my top five business mistakes and how I used them to grow.
Powerback 11: Finding Inspiration When it’s Not There
Mar 28 • 6 min
Don’t always wait for inspiration to strike. Create your own by simply starting something.
11: Burnout
Mar 26 • 21 min
Burnout happens when you work too hard for too long without taking a break or filling your tank.
Powerback 10: Supporting Your Tribe
Mar 21 • 6 min
Your people are your number one asset, and they want to be seen and heard. Period.
10: The Hiring Process
Mar 19 • 28 min
Besides quitting my job to start Worx, hiring my first employee was the scariest thing I had ever done.
Powerback 9: Ask Questions, We’re All Learning
Mar 14 • 6 min
There’s no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid reasons for not asking for help.
9: Branding Your Space
Mar 12 • 24 min
Branding your space is not only an investment in your company today, but it’s an investment in the growth of your company for years to come.
Powerback 8: Low Flying Ideas
Mar 7 • 7 min
Grab those low flying ideas - they came to you for a reason or to lead you to something greater.
8: Fear of Success
Mar 5 • 21 min
Success comes with a heavy load called responsibility, and the fear of being able to handle it all is very real.
Powerback 7: Identifying Which Part of the Drill You’re in and Owning it
Feb 28 • 8 min
Know which part of the cycle you’re in and use it to the best of your abilities.
7: The Mental Cycle of an Entrepreneur
Feb 26 • 22 min
Entrepreneurial Mindset Cycle and how to work through it all.
Powerback 6: Identify the People, Places, and Things That Drain Your Energy
Feb 21 • 5 min
Salvage your energy and identify the areas within your life that continue to drain it.
6: Finding Your Tribe
Feb 19 • 19 min
Your tribe. Your people. Your #1’s.
Powerback 5: What You Think is What You Feel and What You Feel is What You Do
Feb 14 • 5 min
Take control of your thoughts so you can better control your situations.
5: Vulnerability
Feb 12 • 19 min
There is power in vulnerability - you just have to seek it.
Powerback 4: What Could You Change to Enhance Your Brand?
Feb 7 • 6 min
Identify the areas of your brand that could evolve.
4: What is a Brand?
Feb 5 • 21 min
Learn how to identify, use, and rock your brand.
Powerback 3: Their Success Does Not Take Away From Yours
Jan 31 • 5 min
Their success does not take away yours.
3: The Maroon Suit
Jan 29 • 19 min
Learn how to find your authenticity.
Powerback 2: Find a Way or Find an Excuse
Jan 24 • 5 min
When we want something—we figure out a way. When we don’t—we find excuses.
2: Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business
Jan 22 • 21 min
Top 10 things no one tells you before starting your own business.
Powerback 1: Do What You Love
Jan 17 • 5 min
There’s no stronger way to make a positive impact on people than by doing what you love.
1: Meet Your Host, Laura Wallace
Jan 15 • 23 min
Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration.
Welcome to The Gutsy Podcast!
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