The MRDR Music Mission

The MRDR Music Mission
The MRDR Music Mission presents our listeners witb songs from a diverse group of artists representing a wide range of genres. We love to hear from you! If you want to submit music or there is an artist you would like us to spotlight, please send a note to [email protected] Support this podcast:

1.45 This Music Mission is a 45. It is a record not A Gun.
Sep 12 • 23 min
Hey this is Mark- Thank you for listening to this podcast of MISTERDOCTER music. I am so delighted to have made this show and I am proud to have made 45 of them. I am giving you guys the credit. I am so grateful for this endeavoring ear worm and it’s…
1.44 We Have Breached The Point Of No Ritard (slowing down).
Sep 9 • 21 min
The double deuce the fabled 44th MRDR Music mission includes Mr. Dr. tracks from 2015 2016 and 2019. —- Support this podcast:
1.43 The Birth of Don Mecca + [email protected]$k If We Must Done Three Ways.
Aug 25 • 22 min
The Return of OC aka Don Mecca Plus A Threepenny Remix by MISTERDOCTER of Fuck If We Must. Enjoy! —- Support this podcast:
1.42 Species Of Note Not Included but Special Guest OC Rides With Us The Whole Way!
Aug 23 • 16 min
Two MRDR Band tracks served up along side a couple of solo MISTERDOCTER joints lively up this mission. —- Support this podcast:
1.41 August Heat Makes Your Favorite MRDR Music Missions Fusion Energy Compliant.
Aug 19 • 15 min
This mission begins with a short song from The MRDR Band plus 3 MISTERDOCTER tracks. —- Support this podcast:
1.40 Monday Nights We Celebrate Live Music God Jammit! Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple 1700 Logan St.
Aug 17 • 19 min
Come down and visit us if ever you find, a silhouette of yourself instead of your mind. Come down to the Ripple on Any Monday night! —- Support this podcast:
1.39 This MRDR Music Mission is way too busy driving to experience mid life Crises.
Aug 10 • 27 min
Three tracks by MISTERDOCTER. One is new, another is older, and the third track has both new and old elements in its Iteration. —- Support this podcast:
1.38 Welcome Back God Jammit! and Mike Pedersen to the Music Mission
Jul 27 • 21 min
This mission belongs to the God Jammit! boys and their wonderful live performance from Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple in late June 2019. —- Support this podcast:
1.37 This MRDR Music Mission Is Completely Unleavened… with DEAH!
Jul 16 • 17 min
Please just go follow @deahoficial on IG. She is the amazing spirit of life and light. —- Support this podcast:
1.36 This Mission Is = 2 The Sum of And 》 Than A Mix Of Its Parts. Music Iterations by The MRDR Band
Jul 8 • 13 min
Well this mission is just loaded with The MRDR band. Get it Find it Hit it Rewind it. —- Support this podcast:
1.35 Everyone Hold On! Here’s URL Gravy and Matthew Bassano to join us
Jun 26 • 20 min
On a very special 35th Music Mission we bring a track from you a track from me cigarettes suck! —- Support this podcast:
1.34 Rino Collab from Mercury Cafe! MRDR Music Mission feat. Mr. FUNPAQ David & Julie Plus Priska
Jun 20 • 21 min
Mission 34 puts it down. Down to the down to the to the Floor! Special performances by Fenrir Lealtad Velmont - Mr. Funpack - Suttles CaLown - David & Julie - Priska. —- Support this podcast:
1.33 America Meet Mike Pedersen God Jammit! Special guest Greg Iteen
Jun 19 • 27 min
More Monday Night Music by God Jammit! and Greg Iteen —- Support this podcast:
1.32 More MRDR Music Per Minute Is Found Here Than Anywhere Else In Existence!
Jun 11 • 22 min
We got Some Old tracks and some New, and some other MISTERDOCTER music made just today for you! —- Support this podcast:
1.31 Back At Be On Key - Uncle Buck’s Rock&Roll Circus Every Tuesday Night
Jun 2 • 18 min
We visited Uncle Buck’s Rock & Roll Circus and came out the other side with a fistful of great live Rock to play for you. Come down every Tuesday for the open jam from 8-close at Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple 1700 Logan st. —- Support this podcast:…
1.30 Tree Noo Trax. New MISTERDOCTER Music 4 Sum 2019
Jun 2 • 20 min
For the 30th MRDR Music Mission it’s time to get back to basics. Here are three new MISTERDOCTER tracks for your listening ears to freely experience. —- Support this podcast:
1.29 Find any note that is not played in this episode and win! f. More Acoustic Guitars Than Anything Else.
May 11 • 24 min
The return of Blynd Rhino Dyno. Lots of (acoustic guitar). Visit —- Support this podcast:
1.28 Show Show w/ Blind Rhino Dyno + IC ÷ MRDR
May 9 • 22 min is the first of the recommendation sites. —- Support this podcast:
1.27 God Jammit! Return on a Monday Night to Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple …
May 4 • 23 min
God Jammit! This Mission brings us back to the familiar territory of Monday nights at be on key psychedelic Ripple but there have been a few changes dot-dot-dot —- Support this podcast:
1.25 Is All The Way Live! featuring Dead Phish Orchestra, Sound Of Corduroy and more!
Apr 29 • 16 min
We feature some stellar live music on this 25th Music Mission from Dead Phish Orchestra, Sound Of Corduroy and more. Visit or for more music try and to support our sponsor please…
1.24 Even Freedom Voiced Grace FaceTime Crimes MRDR Music Mission d.i.m.e.s Part II
Apr 18 • 36 min
This is Part II of the Spotlight on Freedom Brings Grace. —- Support this podcast:
1.23 Prime Freedom Grace FaceTime Crimes MRDR Music Mission d.i.m.e.s Part I
Apr 16 • 39 min
This Mission Features Several Variations On The Composition Freedom Brings Grace by Mr. Dr. —- Support this podcast:
1.22 This Here MRDR Music Mission Makes 22 Skidoo! New Collaborative Work From MISTERDOCTER and Fenrir Lealtad Velmont
Apr 11 • 26 min
Featuring Fenrir Lealtad Velmont and MISTERDOCTER in collaboration with acoustic guitars. —- Support this podcast:
1.21 MILKBOYS? This 21st MRDR Music Mission Is Now Old Enough To Attend Mystery Mondays at Be On Key 1700 Logan st. Denver CO
Apr 6 • 28 min
April 1 Chompers! I mean Milkboys!Live from Mystery Monday at Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple. —- Support this podcast:
1.20 MRDR Music Missions Have Ten Powerful Fingers and 10 Long lasting Toes! Tunes from Product 626, Mr. Dr. and more!
Mar 30 • 15 min
All Hail Product 626 and enjoy MISTERDOCTER. —- Support this podcast:
1.19 Vintage Pistol & Easy Riders Live From Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple Mystery Monday Mar 22, 2019
Mar 26 • 24 min
Live from Mystery Monday March 25 featuring Easy Riders and Vintage Pistol —- Support this podcast:
1.18 This 18th MRDR Music Mission plays acoustic guitar. It can not vote,wont showboat or ever gloat. It chooses to acoustic guitar.
Mar 22 • 20 min
this 18th MRDR Music Mission celebrates the acoustic guitar! We have new music from FUZZIEBUZZIE, Plan Dee and MISTERDOCTER. —- Support this podcast:
1.17 The MRDR Music Mission Is Only 17… And You Know What I Mean! Mystery Monday Live @ Be On Key
Mar 20 • 40 min
Love and live from Mystery Monday March 18th Greg Iteen and Friends start off this episode followed by drummer extraordinaire Kowan Turner and his band Natural Chemistry. Finally we hear the guitar stylings of Joe Marcinek from Chicago as he leads the…
1.16 This 16th MRDR Music Mission Takes Market Share For Granite
Mar 15 • 23 min
Mission 16 begins with a live performance of “I remember” by Sound of Corduroy. (2005) Next up is an edm track called ‘Seamless Uncle Remus’ by MISTERDOCTER. —- Support this podcast:
1.15 The March 11th Mystery Monday MRDR Music Mission has loads of live music!
Mar 12 • 42 min
This mission was recorded live at Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple March 11, 2019. This week’s cover art is a photo of the artist Sage Helperman hard at work live painting in front of the stage during Mystery Monday. Visit to check out…
1.14 Being 14 Means All Of The Responsibility And Just Some Of The Guilt… Songs by Mr. Dr., Tung & Gruv and Freakboy #9
Mar 11 • 21 min
Great Music from Tung & Gruv with a flute solo by Matthew Bassano. Live performance by Freakboy #9 recorded at Herman’s Hideaway back in the 1990’s! And a Perfect Example from Tung & Gruv. Woooooooooooooooo! —- Support this podcast:…
1.13 Mission 13 Celebrates Mystery Monday’s First Anniversary At Be On Key.
Mar 6 • 16 min
March 4 2019 marked the one year anniversary of the popular live music night Mystery Mondays at Denver venue Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple. we recorded this mission live on one of the coldest nights in Denver history outside but inside the music was hot!…
1.12 MISTERDOCTER Has 12 Letters in his name and this is our 12th Music Mission
Feb 28 • 16 min
Our 12th! music mission is populated with two songs by our namesake Mr. Dr. and then a live performance from 2005 by Sound of Corduroy. Kisses! —- Support this podcast:
1.11 Live Music From Be On Key and Mystery Monday presented by Brad Mahoney
Feb 21 • 14 min
This episode contains life performances from mystery Monday at Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple bar —- Support this podcast:
1.Teen X MRDR Music Mission episode X means Greg Iteen!
Feb 16 • 21 min
Hey there guys! this mission features The Greg Iteen Band with music from their 2.11.19 show at Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple. The mission is bookended by a couple electronic MRDR tracks. —- Support this podcast:
1.9 The Ninth MRDR Music Mission Says No Nein To No. Nine!
Feb 9 • 22 min
Music from Freakboy #9, Sound Of Corduroy, and Mr. Dr. —- Support this podcast:
1.8 This MRDR Music Mission is the Eighth musical entertainment podcast from MRDR out now. It features music from Jon Aderhold, Arecia Stenger, Matthew Bassano. It Sounds Stellar.
Feb 1 • 17 min
We got songs from Jon Aderhold, Arecia Stenger and Matthew Bassano Too! —- Support this podcast:
1.7 The MRDR Music Mission 7 Finds Heaven In Songs by Freakboy #9, Greg Iteen, and The MRDR Band
Jan 28 • 23 min
You forgot about Freakboy??? Freakboy #9??? Also a world debut of a couple tracks from The MRDR Band and a remix of a track played way back in the first MRDR Music Mission by Greg Iteen —- Support this podcast:
1.6 MRDR Music Mission Six! Two! Six!
Jan 1 • 20 min
This mission #6 puts a Spotlight on the music of the seminal 1990’s Colorado band Product 626. The tracks in mission six are Short Learning 3 by Mr. Dr. (1:11). The Box by Product 626. Crosswalk. Skip. Jump. by Product 626 and bonus bonus bonus! happy new…
1.5 Mr. Dr.’s Faithful Fate Filled Fifth Music Mission…
Dec 19, 2018 • 24 min
The Fifth Mission is a Hawaiian themed music Mission. (Not Rilly). We bring you songs by Matthew Bassano, Sound Of Corduroy, and MRDR. —- Support this podcast:
1.4 The Mr. Dr. Music Mission Is Four Everybody
Dec 15, 2018 • 14 min
Three tracks in Music Mission 4. We start off with “HTM” by Product 626. This is the second [email protected] by Product 626 to be featured on the show. The middle track this episode is “Butt Machine” by Freakboy #9. We close out Mission 4 with “Somebody” by our…
1.3 The Third Mr. Dr. Music Mission
Dec 9, 2018 • 16 min
Mission #3 Tracks: 1. “U R Un 4 Gettable” by MISTERDOCTER 2. “My Father In Heaven” by Arecia Stenger 3. “Hands In The Air” by TUNG & GRUV feat. URL Gravy 4. “Anathema (Officer Wilson’s Lament)” by TUNG & GRUV —- Support this podcast:…
1.2 The 2nd MISTERDOCTER Musical Mission. With songs by Product 626, URL Gravy , TUNG & GRUV
Dec 2, 2018 • 13 min
This weeks lesson features product 626, URL gravy, and we finished the week off with TUNG & Gruv —- Support this podcast:
1.1 The MISTERDOCTER Music Mission Episode 1
Nov 30, 2018 • 18 min
Commencement of the MISTERDOCTER mission contains three songs. 1. CONSUME by Greg Iteen 2. KEYS TO A FINE WOMAN’S ❤️ by Mr. Dr. 3. JUST LANDED IN CHICAGO by Be On Key —- Support this podcast: