Dentistry Unplugged

Dentistry Unplugged
Since 1984 Warren Bobinski has been extending his network and working in the top 5% of Dental sales and consulting.

Moats or Bridges? DSO, Smile Direct, dental supplies and the future of our business
Oct 25 • 24 min
Innovative people don’t build “moats”, they recognize ways to build bridges! Entrepreneurs are always finding ways to leap over moats built by the kingdoms to bring their prizes to the masses! Give the people what they want.
Life never goes as planned
Oct 11 • 15 min
Financial planners give you all these great rules to follow if you want to retire successfully some day…and then life happens. I’ve been there, done that.
Always win in dental transitions
Oct 6 • 13 min
Keeping autonomy in practice sales, corporate buy outs.
Why you may want to work or sell to a Corp
Sep 15 • 20 min
Corporations are business, so are you. Understanding the principals of good business can help you make a decision as to whether you want the security and comfort of a well paying job or are ready to take in the challenge of ownership.
Are practice valuations insane?
Aug 30 • 21 min
Do you really understand the value of a practice? What is Market Value? How can an appraiser simply apply their numbers from an area they know well to an area they know nothing about?
Canadian Corporations vs independent buyers
Aug 25 • 22 min
Corporations have made strong and strategic moves into the Canadian market place. Do you have a strategy to compete and keep independent business strong and thriving?
What would you do for a dollar?
Aug 17 • 21 min
What personality type are you? The 20 year associate? The 5-10 year tire kicked? The scientific, steady type willing to take a measured risk? Or do you jump in with both feet and never stop running?
I quit.
Aug 9 • 10 min
When to know it’s time to take a risk and be everything you are capable of being.
Why corporations and DSO are booming in Dentistry
Aug 4 • 25 min
Can the next gen of young dentists afford to buy and run their own dental clinic?
Difficult people, can they make you better?
Jun 13 • 9 min
Difficult people are a challenge for all of us! Here are a few thought on the matter.
Cheap relationships, you get what you pay for
Jun 5 • 21 min
Cheap relationship - break quickly. Never work properly. Are frustrating. Do you want to be recognized as cheap? How does cheap product relate to a cheap life?
Want to succeed at anything? Be good at what you do…
May 17 • 11 min
Success lies in your own hands, your attitude and your skill.
Will cheap cotton rolls change dentistry forever?
Apr 12 • 17 min
Cheap team. Cheap cotton rolls. Cheap dental office builds. Let’s do everything cheaper! My most popular blogs (by far) seem to revolve in cheaper ways of doing everything. It’s my belief that this is not the answer to the future of health care.
What’s the value of relationship?
Apr 6 • 16 min
How does a patient value you? How do you value your team? What’s the value of relationship - is it measured in dollars or sincerity?
7 minutes to profitable thinking
Mar 24 • 8 min
People, process and product. These are investments, but expenses. Look at Dentistry and ownership in a new light!
Buy a dental clinic based on the future, not the past.
Mar 22 • 10 min
Investing has always been about future opportunity based on past results. If you want to learn to invest successfully, learn to evaluate and be a visionary! Take control!
What if I gave you $1 Million dollars?
Mar 16 • 21 min
Understanding how money flows through investments is an important strategy to owning a bakery….or a dental clinic. Return on investment is generally relative to risk and initial capital outlay.
How to find the best jobs in dentistry
Mar 2 • 14 min
If you want to find the most amazing offices to work at, or you are trying to hire the best team - networking is so vital to winning! Take the time to know the key players in your industry, but remember that a good relationship is when everyone wins.
The best buyers club you could ever ask for….
Feb 14 • 42 min
Buyers groups and DSO and grey market are going to make our industry stronger…if we take up the challenge!
Passive income from dental clinic ownership
Feb 10 • 16 min
An example of a clinic I work with that has semi-passive income of over $600,000 per year.
Be a lunatic with your supply costs, then move on!
Feb 4 • 12 min
Here is a quick and dirty guide to fix your supply costs.
Pay attention to the right part of your business!
Feb 1 • 18 min
Your skills matter the most in the success of your business
F***(orget) the business of dentistry
Jan 27 • 15 min
You went to school to become a dentist. Are you sick of hearing about becoming a masterful MBA entrepreneur and how is it is…just sign up today and learn! How can you become master of your destiny without having to follow ridiculous diets and exercise…
Successful practice transitions, think different.
Jan 20 • 27 min
We are seeing large valuations of practices - but not all practices! There are still many “working to pay the overhead” practices that need help. Here are some ideas for the generation that want to retire (hey, I’ve been at it for 35 years and I’m not…
A Dental Empire begins with Mac n Cheese!
Jan 18 • 16 min
You’ve slaved to get your degree, you are about ready to start your life as a successful dentist! But wait! There may be a few more years of pain before you start to realize the true freedom of calling all your own shots!!
Do you drink the consultant Koolaid?
Jan 12 • 20 min
ROI, increase your fees, cut team wages and supply costs, increase your marketing budget and SEO, cheaper materials and cheaper people, sell.sell.sell!
How to dramatically increase the value of your clinic or pay for the clinic you bought!
Jan 11 • 26 min
Fire your Dental Salesmen! If you want to increase the value of your clinic, or help pay the loan for what you just bought - watching your supply costs is key. A good consultant, working for a lifetime job understands this and will help you!
Protect the house - keeping your largest investment secure
Jan 3 • 16 min
Creative risk taking is essential to success!
Can you open a new dental clinic for under a million? Yup.
Dec 30, 2018 • 22 min
I’ve opened clinics for $150,000 in the last 10 years! It can be done. But do you want to?
Saskatchewan Dental Clinics are under valued
Dec 23, 2018 • 37 min
In business - valuations are not just about what used to be, they are about opportunity. The generation buying MUST see opportunity to grow and improve or the values would be based on a dying business….which is how we USED to do it!
A raving lunatic guide to getting your costs in line
Dec 22, 2018 • 47 min
You are beating up everyone except yourself about your business. Take control and learn what it takes to get it all “under control”.
Who is DMDrep
Dec 20, 2018 • 16 min
Introduction of Warren Bobinski, my background in the dental industry.
Farmers and Rock Star Dentists.
Dec 16, 2018 • 19 min
My Stepson Billy inspired the podcast this morning. Discussing the business of farming, in particular how investors value assets. In order to make a business goodwill more valuable, “tangible”, there must be process.
Saving Dentistry one minute at a time.
Dec 14, 2018 • 34 min
TIMEfactors is efficiency in clinics. It’s about reducing healthcare costs and maintaining a high level of care.
What’s holding you back! We need entrepreneur dentists to thrive again!
Dec 9, 2018 • 24 min
Let’s start a trend. A movement. For the betterment of our profession, let’s take dentistry and health care to new levels never realized. A movement of like minded, enthusiastic, business oriented individuals.
People, Process, Product. Marcus “The Profit” knows the business of…everything!
Dec 6, 2018 • 13 min
Business success has a few basic principals. The Team you work with (People) the process (efficient dentistry) and the product (result).
Unicorn overhead? Easy as…..
Dec 6, 2018 • 6 min
Why is the “average” supply overhead 6-8% in Canada for over 30 years? It can be lower - just understand the cost of your procedure!
Dentists learn Dentistry, corporations learn business.
Dec 4, 2018 • 23 min
Why is there such dramatic growth of Corporations in Dentistry? In my personal opinion, there is a good business model that was undervalued.
Increasing your value, why corporations want to buy your guaranteed business!
Nov 30, 2018 • 30 min
What benefits do you get from that shiny new….thing. A toy, a friend, a relationship? Your business? Your health, your education? How do you keep it interesting, viable and valuable? In 35 years of experience evaluating practices there are just a few…