Every story is a crossroads. A diverse company of Chicago artists produces new audio dramas—recorded live—and stages freewheeling audience conversations about them. Led by Founder and Executive Producer Jeremy McCarter, Make-Believe shares suspenseful, moving, hilarious stories, and tries to discover how they shape our world.
Jan 15 • 61 min
A brave girl’s journey through a land of many monsters, adapted from a Mexican folktale by Nancy García Loza. Performed and recorded live in Chicago, followed by audience conversation.
Overture: Where Do Stories Come From?
Jan 10 • 25 min
Monica Beletsky, acclaimed writer for TV and film, talks about writerly collaboration—a key component of Make-Believe’s creative process. Plus: Lennon and McCartney, making space for more voices, and the fable of Town Mouse and Country Mouse.
Coming Soon: Brava
Jan 3 • 0 min
A preview of the first audio drama in our season of Grown Folks Fables, a Mexican folktale con música by Nancy García Loza. A brave girl faces many monsters. #muchowowwow #muchoguaoguao
Overture: Why Talk About Stories?
Dec 12, 2018 • 26 min
Michael Sandel, philosopher and showman, helps us prep for Season 1 by showing how it’s done. Plus: the art of listening, upstaging Matt Damon, and the case of Grasshopper v. Ant.
Coming Soon: Make-Believe
Dec 6, 2018 • 1 min
Welcome to Make-Believe Association, a new company producing funny, moving, suspenseful audio dramas and conversations about stories. Recorded live in Chicago.