And You Are?

And You Are?
And You Are is a conversational podcast from Greg Morris. Each episode I talk to someone about their life, work, loves, hates and much more in between. Find out about real people and their real opinions with no holds barred.
Patrick Rhone
Feb 16 • 108 min
Patrick is a writer, speaker and advisor from Minnesota. He helps guide people to balance and peace with a life of mindfulness and minimal living.
Matthew Cassinelli
Feb 9 • 80 min
Matthew is an ex Workflow team member who has taken on the mantel of making iOS automation available to everyone. We dig into his time working for the workflow team, his recent rise to fame and also his love of Xbox.
Jordan Ash
Feb 8 • 70 min
Jordan is a videographer from the UK who specialises in reviewing and building gaming PC’s. He also makes a wide range of Youtube videos talking about technology products and gaming peripherals.
George Chachanidze
Feb 2 • 99 min
George is a long time blogger, podcaster, video producer and technology consultant. He talks very openly about personal burn out, the reliance of video producers on YouTube and also his experiences helping out at a Georgian TV channel.
Christopher Lawley
Jan 26 • 87 min
Chris is a podcaster and film maker from the US west coast. His YouTube channel focusses on iOS applications and productivity, they are entirely produced from his iPad Pro.
Dave Nott
Jan 19 • 83 min
Dave Nott is an iOS developer and infrequent blogger from the UK. He is focusing on producing a new Reading List app in the coming year and talks me through his beginnings, issues with App Store pricing and the future of apps.
Andy Nicolaides
Jan 12 • 82 min
Andy Nicolaides is a writer and podcaster from the UK. His blog, The Dent, covers Apple related news and opinions. His campaign to make 2019 more positive in this space is inspiring others to do the same, and changing the way things are published.
Matt Gemmell
Dec 14, 2018 • 68 min
Matt Gemmell is a developer turned writer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is fresh from publishing the second techno-thriller book ‘Toll’ in his Kestrel series of books. He completed the whole process from start to finish in an iPad Pro.
Daryl Baxter
Dec 2, 2018 • 124 min
Daryl is a freelance podcaster and writer from Manchester, England. He writes about video games, technology and the experiences around them. His first podcast, the Outpost Show, focuses on people that use an iPad and how they get things done.