Fun Fact

Fun Fact
Two people talk about topics they find interesting.

Eighteen Wheels of Thunder
Nov 29 • 46 min
Allen races big rigs, Tron cheats, the Japanese navy gets cooking, and Arik goes on a word-origin journey through the looking glass.
Top Two Assassinations
Nov 15 • 49 min
Arik closes the loop on questionable presidents, and Allen goes deep on questionable airplanes.
The Princes of Light and Dark
Nov 1 • 49 min
Arik is sleep deprived, Allen is targeted with a conference scheme, babies are cured of jaundice, and followup is BACK baby
A New Flavour Technology
Oct 18 • 52 min
Allen sells Italy on tomatoes, Tiff Arment sells Allen on antique glassware, Starbucks sells us a scheme, and we decide to order oatmeal from Walmart.
What Is a Computer?
Oct 4 • 56 min
Allen takes on Microsoft, Casey Liss takes on West Virginia, the Red Cross takes five, and we all take a journey to a mid-90s Toys “R” Us.
Ready for a New Banana
Sep 20 • 57 min
Ô Canada is bananas, scientific progress used to be bananas, and the farming of bananas is itself bananas.
Everyone Was William
Sep 6 • 58 min
Historical figures make up names, Italians get assigned names, large social groups forget one another’s names, and the children are coming.
Lil Nas 10
Aug 23 • 49 min
Allen warns of impending doom, Arik spreads socialist propaganda, and we ride ‘til we can’t no more.
Hit Me with Your Pet Shark
Aug 9 • 53 min
Arik redefines the alphabet, Allen redefines fire, and we both ruin popular music.
Probably A Scheme
Jul 26 • 51 min
Arik celebrates a fictional rep, Allen reps an architectural ploy, and we follow a dead metaphor around the world.
The Marshmallow Blob Market
Jul 12 • 59 min
Allen reviews the monarchy, we gain fluency in Pittsburghese, and Arik discovers TikTok.
Broken and Evil
Jun 28 • 53 min
A world tour of facts – from Virginia to the Bay Area, from Shakespearean England to Soap Followup City.
Two Dumpster Fires
Jun 13 • 58 min
Water is wet, Teslas are trouble, and we delve into the wild world of rejected emoji.
40 Cans of Fake Pea Mayo
May 31 • 59 min
Arik blows up Allen’s calendar, Allen blows up the Impossible Burger, and science goes too far.
Unexpected Royalty Corner
May 17 • 59 min
Arik pitches an emperor, Allen pitches a Twitter feature, and we get some inside info on anvil-launching.
A Poorly Rendered Plow
May 3 • 57 min
Arik punks pirates, Allen flogs flags, and we fail horribly at evolving infrared vision.
More of a Facty Fact
Apr 19 • 54 min
Arik sells snake oil, Allen extols the virtues of rags, and things get very serious in rural North Dakota.
3 Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger
Apr 5 • 50 min
Allen ruins koalas, Arik ruins guys, Canada ruins its airport codes, and WikiHow was already ruined when we got there.
Evolutionarily Deprecated
Mar 22 • 67 min
Allen offends some marsupials, Arik disproves Jesus, and we discuss a scheme for getting rich.
A Scandal Hydra
Mar 8 • 69 min
Arik shows up the Titanic, Allen mutes everything, and we share some key bird facts.
One Fact at a Time
Feb 22 • 66 min
Arik defends himself from Facebook, Allen defends himself from cougars, and Arik doesn’t know what a hot hatch is.
Nobody’s Getting Scurvy
Feb 8 • 60 min
Allen goes deep on Nutrition Facts, we recap multiple culinary schemes, and Arik drops a history bomb.
I Made This Be Good
Jan 25 • 62 min
Arik continues his tour of the Pacific Northwest, Allen tries not to get drafted, and we crack open more critical adulting tips.
Adulting Life Hack Fact
Jan 11 • 68 min
We do some mass follow-up, Allen has a reckoning about movies, Arik ‘splains Sesame Street, and Allen encounters Hamilton.
Dec 28, 2018 • 55 min
Google News tortures Allen, Paris battles garbage barricades, and the Romans ruin our calendars.
Wait, It Gets Worse
Dec 14, 2018 • 65 min
Allen doesn’t get fired, Arik introduces the horror that is the Alfa Romeo logo, and we learn the facts about garburators.
Cheese Scheme
Dec 1, 2018 • 52 min
Arik’s car melts, Allen details a cheese scheme, and we review some critical tips for home and travel.