The Working Mom

The Working Mom
It can be a challenge to work and raise children. I’m Sandy Wessel and on this show I talk about all things working mom’s face and how to find peace as a working mom. If you are a working mom and you love it, hate it, or struggle to find the balance t

35: Mama Needs Box Creator Jenn Collins
Aug 15 • 46 min
This week I speak with creator of the Mama Needs Box, Jenn Collins.
34: Career Coach and Mom Marisella Bordrero - Part 2
Aug 8 • 25 min
This week is part 2 of my guest, Career Coach Marisella Bodrero. Last time she gave an incredible story about going from a working mom to a working mom entrepreneur! This week we dig into some of the most common things she finds women are up against…
33: Career Coach and Mom Marisella Bodrero - Part 1
Aug 1 • 29 min
Career Coach Marisella tells us her story and the struggle she had with her daughter and going back to work.
32: Time Management with Working Mom Jenn Dobert
Jul 25 • 40 min
Working Mom Jenn Dobert give us the skinny on how Time Management has helped her as a working mom and can help you too!
31: Working Mom Jena Proctor
Jul 18 • 35 min
This week I have Pinterest Strategist Jena Proctor.
30: Hitting the Wall
Jul 11 • 21 min
This weekend I hit the wall and had a complete emotional breakdown.
29: Working Mom Brandi Wilmot
Jul 4 • 39 min
This week my guest is one of my oldest friends Brandi Wilmot.
28: Working Mom Mary Cook
Jun 27 • 50 min
Today’s guest is workin mom Mary Cook! Mary is an American living in Hong Kong with her husband and son
27: Working Mom Katie Alexander
Jun 20 • 44 min
This week my guest is working mom Katie Alexander, author of This One’s for the Working Mama.
26: Talking Miscarriages with Working Mom Sabrina Hedgpeth
Jun 13 • 43 min
Sabrina Hedgpeth and I dive into being a working mom and experiencing miscarriages.
25: Working Mom Jenn VanHekken
Jun 6 • 45 min
Today I talk with Working Mom Jenn VanHekken and what it is for her to be raising old children and working!
24: Working Mom Dafne Wiswell
May 30 • 46 min
This week my guest is Working Mom Dafne Wiswell.
23: Working Mom Jamie Trull
May 23 • 39 min
This week’s guest is Jamie Trull Owner and Operator of Balance CFO.
22: Working Mom Jennifer O’Shea
May 16 • 43 min
This episode I am speaking with working mom Jennifer O’Shea. We had such a great conversation from work, to making adult friends, to workouts, daycare, and blogging! Loved getting to know her and here her working mom story. Jennifer owns
21: The Realities We Face
May 9 • 31 min
This week I get real with the things I am tackling that I have created for myself.
20: Working Mom Yolanda Boyarin
May 2 • 23 min
Meet Yolanda Boyrin, a working mom that has completely changed gears in her career and is crushing it!
19: It’s Time to Take Care of You
Apr 25 • 24 min
It is time we start taking care of ourselves!
18: Working Mom Megan Stratton
Apr 18 • 31 min
Megan Stratton talks shares her story of being a working mom and you are going to love it!
17: Don’t Hang on to the Guilt
Apr 11 • 20 min
So many time we hold on to the guilt and “shame” of being a working mom because we can feel comfort in having those feelings, as if it proves we love our children.
Episode16: …Period…
Apr 4 • 23 min
Yup! That’s right we are talking about periods.
15: Get Real
Mar 28 • 20 min
Be real, be you!
14: Working Mom Shelly Young
Mar 21 • 31 min
Interview with Shelly Young, and Review of my March God’s Glory Box!
13: This is My Story
Mar 12 • 43 min
This is the story of my life that is hard to share but necessary.
12: Mentorship
Mar 7 • 28 min
Mentorship is important, find out why!
11: Unrealistic Expectations
Feb 28 • 28 min
We all have expectations but are they real?
10: Working Mom Bethany Goetz
Feb 21 • 20 min
Bethany Goetz shares her experience as a working mom.
9: Valentine’s Day Special Guest
Feb 13 • 26 min
In Celebration of Valentine’s Day my husband is joining me!
8: The Turning Point
Feb 7 • 21 min
Turning rejection into passion and embracing the journey to achieve our dreams.
7: Time Management
Jan 17 • 22 min
Take control of your life through time management!
6: The Power of The Tongue
Jan 10 • 21 min
Learn the what power the tongue has over your life as a mother and an employee/business owner.
5: Endings and Beginnings
Jan 3 • 24 min
Reflecting on 2018 and being intentional with 2019
4: Christmas
Dec 20, 2018 • 21 min
Christmas is here and we have so many opportunities to step away from work and focus on the season and family!
3: Marriage
Dec 13, 2018 • 22 min
In this Episode I talk about how important it is to date your spouse and give you some ideas for how to set up a date night and what to do on date night.
2: Worry
Dec 6, 2018 • 22 min
Today’s episode is all about the worry that can accompany a working mom.
1: Guilt
Nov 30, 2018 • 21 min
Today we discuss the guilt as a working mom and ways to overcome the guilt.