Decision Makers

Decision Makers
The Decision Makers Podcast is hosted by Dalia Strum who is an educator on Digital Marketing and Business Strategy. She has run multiple successful businesses and has worked with some of the largest brands in the world. The Decision Makers podcast will share inspiring insights from some of the most innovative people in the tech, retail, and business industries. In addition to these insightful conversations, it will also incorporate some unfiltered conversations held at conferences and other live events. These convo are meant to inspire as well as provide listeners with tangible takeaways.

Discussing data and the sharing economy with Ron J Williams from Proof Labs and Citi Ventures
Oct 16 • 34 min
We discussed driving traffic into establishments, trying before you buy and most importantly - paying attention to the data. 8:20 Paying attention to the data 11:57 a product is not a product without a market 12:21 Understand the pain point, who has it…
Investing in people with Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation at HSBC
Oct 10 • 47 min
Topics from Today’s Episode: 1:30 Getting into innovation 2:35 Defining innovation - has to add value 3:22 Building in secret 4:18 It’s about culture 4:48 Challenging the status quo 5:18 Invest in people 5:54 Technology is meant to add value into people’s…
Make your marketing initiatives memorable with Andrew Eis, VP of Marketing by CHLOE
Oct 2 • 40 min
Beyond excited to release our first episode of Season 2 of Decision Makers with Andrew Eis who is the VP of Marketing of by CHLOE (a plant based fast casual eatery). He’s one of my favorite marketers who is willing to share all and we deep dive discussing…
Standing out from the competition in the luxury travel industry
Jul 31 • 18 min
This podcast was during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily where we spoke with Deborah Calmeyer from Roar Africa. We discussed what motivated her to take a hobby and turn it into a business, how her company stands out from her competition, and making…
Embracing culture through music and art is part of the W Hotel’s DNA
Jul 24 • 48 min
We spoke with Pablo Henderson, the Global Marketing Director at W Hotels Worldwide, about how his marketing team focuses on the connection between the authenticity of the stories and the guest experience. He discusses how music sets the mood and theme of…
How one company makes sure that their Sales + Marketing teams have dual experience
Jul 18 • 21 min
This episode was recorded during The Lead Innovation Summit at The Brooklyn Expo center. We spoke with New Store and were joined by the Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Granof along with their VP of Sales, Tony DiPaolo. They truly work as a team and live by…
From Smorgasburg to opening your own stores
Jul 10 • 39 min
We spoke with Former finance pro Ben LeBlanc who had an epiphany during his past work life which led to his food startup, Good Stock Soups. He’s a Louisiana native, who he has always loved to cook and eat and wanted the soups he was used to at home but…
Trends within luxury skincare
Jul 3 • 16 min
This episode features Elana Drell-Szyfer, the CEO of ReVive Skincare, where we podcasted live during Women in Luxury hosted by Luxury Daily. We spoke about trends and best practices within the luxury skincare industry.
The value of creating a strong network
Jun 26 • 26 min
This episode featured Mina Fader, who is the Managing Director at the Jay H Baker Retailing Center of The Wharton School. We discussed different layers of strategy that goes into marketing a program, the value of creating a strong network for students…
The “How” is just as important as the “Why” during executing concepts
Jun 19 • 46 min
We spoke with Kelly Markus who was most recently the VP of Experiential at Refinery29 and is now the CVO of Hunters Point, where she works with companies including Apartment Therapy and Lippe Taylor. “The how you do the work is just as important as the…
How do you apply hospitality to other industries?
Jun 12 • 43 min
This conversation was a live podcast, which featured Lindsay Hubbard, the President of Hubb House PR and Terence Tubridy from In Good Company Hospitality. We discussed trends within the Hospitality Industry, the value of social media + digital marketing…
What are Affluencers and how do we connect with them?
May 30 • 18 min
During this #womeninluxury mini podcast, we spoke with Patricia Clark, who is the Senior Vice President of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence. They are a global research company and they focus on data points that support purchase decisions. We discuss marketing,…
Communicating value and transparency within the bedding industry with Boll & Branch
May 22 • 15 min
This is another mini session during #womeninluxury conference hosted by Luxury Daily. We chatted with Missy Tannen, who is the Co-Founder and President of Boll & Branch. They are the world’s most fair and transparent luxury linen company. We discuss…
What is the value of building awareness?
May 15 • 10 min
This is part of our Women in Luxury mini series, that was hosted by Luxury Daily. This episode features Alison Bringé, the CMO of Launchmetrics and we discuss the value of awareness as well as an interesting algorithm that they created to measure…
Speed dating brands before committing with Carlie from
May 8 • 30 min
We spoke with Carlie Clough, who is the Director Of Partnerships from, which is a direct to consumer sampling platform and how people want to try before they buy. Essentially, dating brands before fully committing.
Launching a 400 person event in 2 weekends, the Fyre Festival that worked
May 1 • 44 min
We spoke with Greg Galant, CEO of Sawhorse Media which includes Muck Rack and The Shorty Awards. We chatted about: Voting with a tweet Trending on Twitter Being too early to market Getting 400 people to attend an event that accommodated 300 people How one…
Behind the scenes at NRF, and how they grew to 39,000 attendees
Apr 24 • 9 min
This is the last mini session of our NRF (National Retail Federation) podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast on the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javitz center and spoke with Ana Serafin Smith and Thomas Jordan about some…
Starting a company in College, Julia Haber from Wayv gives perspective on why retail is not dead
Apr 17 • 45 min
This episode we speak with Julia Haber from wave who had an idea in college about how to connect brands with college students. WAYV provides brand partners with unique spaces to engage with college students who primarily focus on fashion, technology and…
Content strategies and collaboration opportunities with Lauren Mayhew
Apr 10 • 34 min
This week we spoke with Lauren Mayhew, who’s a singer, Dj, actress and content creator and influencer. She shares some valuable collaboration strategies, best practices on how she works with brands and also how she discovers other influencers that she…
Social and Digital best practices | Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney’s ABC
Apr 3 • 35 min
This was a live OneQuestionXYZ episode during #DMWF at The Javits Center, we met with Bob Monek who is the Executive Producer of Digital and Social Media at Disney’s ABC. He discusses the inner workings around how they discover and distribute content. We…
Who fights for Apparel and Footwear brands everyday on The Hill?
Mar 27 • 41 min
This episode features Rick Helfenbein who’s the CEO and President of the AAFA, the American Apparel and Footwear Association. They represent world famous brands and they fight for them on the hill everyday. They talk about public policy and the political…
#notaninfluencer Campaign for World Water Day
Mar 22 • 26 min
In honor of world water day - we spoke with Chris Schortgen from They are launching their #notaninfluencer campaign to focus efforts and awareness on raising funds for a million days of clean water to those in need. Please support this…
Robotics changing the supply chain | Tompkins Robotics
Mar 15 • 7 min
This is the second mini episode of our NRF mini series. We spoke with Mike Futch who is the president of Tompkins Robotics where he created a show stopping display to make robotics more attainable to SMB’s. They were able to highlight that it’s not that…
How to get people to stop at your booth during trade shows? | Discount Bandit
Mar 13 • 7 min
This is the first of our NRF podcast series, we ventured out of the studio and took our podcast in the road. We stopped by the Jacob Javits convention center and spoke with Payton Aragon from Discount Bandits about some marketing strategies that they…
Securing deals by doing things differently with Patrick Peters from Jump 450
Mar 6 • 52 min
‘Our first client as an agency was Boxed, we went up against 15 of the biggest agencies. We weren’t an agency before but we had a track record so we went in there and did things completely differently and their mind was blown.” Patrick Peters Patrick is…
Lauren Berlingeri | HigherDOSE
Feb 27 • 53 min
Imagine being able to burn calories, detox, relieve pain, and relax all while sitting in a sauna listening to music or meditating. This episode featured the co-founder of HigherDOSE (the caps stand for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins), Lauren…
Paul Cowan | Shutterstock
Feb 20 • 41 min
This podcast is a great example of why I love going to live events. It gave us an opportunity to catch up with Paul Cowan who is the VP of Enterprise and SMB Marketing at Shutterstock. He was also one of my panelists at #DMWF Digital Marketing Conference…
Cindy Barshop | VSPOT Medi Spa
Feb 13 • 50 min
This week we’re chatting with Cindy Barshop, the founder of VSPOT Medi Spa. She share’s her expertise on women’s health, Carl and Cindy discuss their experiences of being part of the Bravo world and she also shares some words of advice for aspiring…
Kalle Simpson | Discover Night
Feb 6 • 60 min
Talk about powerhouse entrepreneur, Kalle Simpson is the founder of Discover Night (the most comfortable pillows with sexy black silk pillow cases) and we discuss user behavior - people typically buy things that they NEED more than things they want. So…
Tara Bodt | Supply Lab
Jan 30 • 43 min
This episode features Tara Bodt from Supply Lab, and some of my favorite takeaways was her story about how she get started, right down to how difficult it was to choose the brand name. She gave key insight on best practices working with sales reps and how…
The Future of Food Live Event
Jan 23 • 44 min
This episode was a live event hosted at the Elsie Rooftop in Time Square during NRF. We featured thought leaders within the food vertical including Julie Vargas, the Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison, Stephen Swartz, the…
Why is Pleasantville Farmer’s Market so successful?
Jan 16 • 53 min
During this Podcast we sat down with Peter Rogovin, head of the Pleasantville Farmers’ Market and discussed the intentional layout, surprise and delight elements, and how the farmer’s market could be used as a product launch pad. Don’t forget to subscribe…
Alyssa Amoroso | Publyssity
Jan 9 • 50 min
We sat down with fellow influencer Alyssa Amoroso, founder of Publyssity blog and podcast. She shares everything from working in PR to launching her blog and crushing the influencer game along with best practices. This conversation is filled with PR…
Jennifer Kyvig Kasper - Fashion and Luxury | Instagram and Facebook
Jan 2 • 48 min
This weeks podcast is from our live launch event at The RealReal in NYC. For those who don’t know the store, they are a high end luxury consignment shop and have some amazing pieces in store and online. We had a wonderful assortment of food and drinks…
Ritesh Gupta | Vayner Media
Dec 26, 2018 • 45 min
During this episode, we chatted with Ritesh Gupta from Vayner Media. We discussed thumb stopping content and the power of storytelling (how even a few seconds make such a big difference). Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a quick review!
Jordan Verroi | Founder of CapGenius
Dec 19, 2018 • 56 min
During this episode we spoke with Jordan Verroi who is a good friend of Carls and also the founder of CapGenius, a creative content keyboard. We focused on Data, market research, relationship-building and even ketchup. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave…
Discussion around The Future of Retail
Dec 11, 2018 • 21 min
This podcast was recorded live at CRE tech venture conference, a conference which connects commercial real estate to tech companies - there were 1000 people in attendance so if you can power through the background noise, this was a really interesting…
Lindsay Hubbard | Founder of Hubb House PR
Dec 11, 2018 • 58 min
We chatted with Lindsay Hubbard | Founder of Hubb House PR about various PR strategies and things that have and haven’t been successful.
Tim Fullerton from WeWork - Social and Collaboration Strategies
Dec 11, 2018 • 31 min
The episode was recorded live at #DMWF, the Digital Marketing World Forum Conference at the Javits Center on November 7th 2018 where we discussed social and collaboration strategies.
Nov 19, 2018 • 1 min
Each week, The One Question XYZ Podcast sits down for real talk with real industry experts to bring you an insider’s perspective on everything related to both marketing and sales—because you can’t have one without the other. Join hosts Dalia Strum, an…