The Renew You Podcast

The Renew You Podcast
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19: Renew Your Parenting: The Making of a Godly Father
Jun 18 • 25 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about Quinn’s Dad and his journey from feeling like he never wanted to be a father to becoming a Godly father that loved not only his two daughters but invested in the lives of many others throughout his years in…
18: Renew Your Faith: How to be a Standout Christian
Jun 11 • 20 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about finding the inconsistencies in our faith walk and giving those areas back to God. In it, Quinn shares a story from her own life where she felt convicted to change and challenges others to find the areas where they…
17: Renew Your Mind: Instant Gratification vs. Real Life Transformation with Jen Allee
Jun 4 • 29 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is about digging deep into God’s Word and how living the Scriptures out in your daily life and staying connected to Jesus is where you can find real and lasting transformation.
16: Renew Your Marriage: From Divorce to Devotion with Misty Phillip
May 28 • 29 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about knowing there is hope for any marriage even ones near divorce when Christ is a part of them. By giving our lives to Him, restoration can be found through prayer and sacrifice. Misty shares her story of how God…
Bonus Episode 4: Quinn Unscripted: Challenges & Reflections
May 21 • 25 min
On today’s bonus episode, Quinn shares her reflections with us about her most recent health-scare, the trials she went though, about how she has found a place of peace in the midst of worry and fear and offers up a few challenges in light of the many…
15: Renew Your Mind: A Grumpy Mom vs. A Good God with Valerie Woerner
May 14 • 28 min
On today’s episode of Renew You, Valerie Woerner, author of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, shares with us some simple truths on how to combat the lies the world tell us about Motherhood and how to find joy in our kids and hope in God through the ups and…
14: Renew Your Trust: Trusting God When Your Kids Are Hurting with Terie Kelly
May 7 • 33 min
In today’s episode, Quinn and Terie (Quinn’s Mom) discuss Quinn’s recent health scare and some ways to help all parents find trust in God when their child is hurting.
13: Renew Your Heart: An Interview with Lorna Wells On Life, Motherhood & Marriage
Apr 30 • 30 min
On today’s episode of Renew You, Lorna Wells, the wife of Christian Artist Tauren Wells, talks about how God is at work in her heart, how she applies that to the way she lives her daily life, the way she parents her kids and the way she strives for a…
12: Renew Your Faith: Jesus Over Everything: An Interview with Lisa Whittle
Apr 23 • 40 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is an inspiring interview with Lisa Whittle on living up to our spiritual potential, pursuing holiness, the power of prayer and living a life with Jesus Over EVERYTHING.
Bonus Episode 3: Easter Edition: Who Do You Follow?
Apr 16 • 17 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is a short and sweet episode reflecting on Easter week, who Jesus is and how we can truly follow Him.
11: Renew Your Relationships: Living Out Your Faith as a Daughter-In-Law
Apr 9 • 32 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about renewing our relationships with our Mother-in-laws and finding ways to improve our mindset and actions toward honoring her even when it’s hard!
10: Renew Your Faith: From Addiction to Freedom with Justin Kessler
Apr 2 • 33 min
Todays’ episode is all about overcoming and breaking free from the things that hold us back from becoming who God has called us to be and that He can transform us and give us a new identity. Justin’s journey of faith is evidence that God does just that if…
Bonus Episode 2: Quinn Unscripted: Spring Break & Starbucks
Mar 26 • 21 min
Today’s episode is another Bonus Episode from Quinn. She shares her Spring Break story with us all about family road trips, national park visits, hiking with littles, cavernous caves and experiencing the supernatural at Starbucks!
9: Renew Your Marriage: A He Said/She Said Conversation on Encouraging Your Spouse
Mar 19 • 41 min
Today’s episode is about how you can achieve that happy wife/happy life by learning ways to encourage your spouse on a regular basis when they are dealing with the tough moments of life.
8: Renew Your Hope: An Interview with Caroline Harries on Finding Hope in the Waiting
Mar 12 • 33 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about finding hope in Christ when the world says there is no hope and living in peace and joy while you’re waiting.
7: Renew Your Relationships: 6 Ways to Stop a Fight in its Tracks
Mar 5 • 19 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is about helping us find ways to fight fair when tempers flare - a few helpful tips for conflict resolution.
6: Renew Your Mind: An Interview with Amy Weatherly on Letting God Use Your Gifts
Feb 26 • 32 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about trusting God and specifically learning what took Amy from selling makeup to being on the path that has allowed her writing to be shared and make an impact around the world.
5: Renew Your Mouth: God & Gossip
Feb 19 • 28 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about learning what gossip is, why we are tempted to do it and how to stop it.
4: Renew Your Marriage: The Secret Mindset of Successful Couples
Feb 12 • 28 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about creating unity in your marriage.
Bonus Episode 1: Get to Know Quinn
Feb 11 • 13 min
Go behind the scenes with Quinn Kelly and find out 10 serious and silly things you need to know about the Renew You host.
3: Renew Your Friendships: Hi and Bye Felicia!
Feb 11 • 31 min
Three Types of Friends We All Need and When to Say Goodbye to Those We Don’t
2: Renew Your Parenting: Joy When It’s Hard
Feb 11 • 27 min
How to Use the Hardest Moments in Parenting to Draw Yourself and Your Children Closer to God
1: Renew Your Mind: Expectations
Feb 11 • 23 min
Today’s episode of Renew You is all about the story behind the Renew You Podcast’ and how fear has no place with faith.
Renew You Podcast: Intro Episode
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