The Project: Kuwait

The Project: Kuwait
A Kuwaiti, American and Englishman have joined forces to bring you the best advice and interviews on health and wellness. Each host comes from wildly different backgrounds giving you a worldly experience. Together they provide a well-rounded perspectiv…

Psyched With Dr. D: Vacations Do We Need Them and How We Should Treat Them!
Aug 12 • 34 min
Psyched With Dr. D: Vacations Do We Need Them and How We Should Treat Them!
Haya, Meg and Mahdi Discuss: What Your Back Pain Might Be Telling You and Ways to Relieve it and Specific Stretches That Can Aid You in Your Everyday Life
Aug 10 • 49 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi, Meg, and Haya talk about back pain, ways to relieve it, and specific stretches that can aid you in your everyday life. Meg recently attended a workshop that opened her eyes to the power of…
Psyched With Dr. D: Emotional Wounds and How to Overcome Them!
Aug 5 • 41 min
we all have wounds and we all have that different type of points. And I think we all need to really work on them and put them in the past because they’ve really affected the way we live right now
The Latest from Meg, Haya and Mahdi on who is a “Goldner”, Powerlifting steps to Competing, Women’s Strength, Differences of clients in Kuwait and the US, New Goals and Getting the Mechanics of Workouts Before Attempting New Moments
Aug 3 • 37 min
Meg, Mahdi, and Haya talk on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast about what they have been doing recently in the gym, the differences they have noticed between trainers and clients in Kuwait and in the US, and Haya’s competition coming up in the…
Psyched With Dr. D : Become a Better you, Reprogram Your Mind, Develop New Habits, Create Meaningful Relationships And Become a Better You
Jul 29 • 37 min
what do we do with negative messages? They haunt us. It’s a decision you have to make to get rid of your negative messages. So we got to reprogram our mind
A Conversation with Project Superfan Eelya on Coaching and A Healthy Lifestyle, The Younger Generation, Aiming for a Certain Body Goal, How to Get Abs and Tracking Food
Jul 27 • 58 min
Our guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Eelya, a superfan of the podcast and a coach. She joined Mahdi and Liam in the studio to discuss her coaching philosophy as well as the prevailing mentalities in Kuwait and the younger generation…
Psyched With Dr. D : Identity Challenge, Crisis or Just Plain Confused? We Discuss Self Discovery, Affiliation with One’s Culture and True belonging
Jul 22 • 30 min
Are you struggling with your identity, struggling with your identity? Have you wondered who you are and the real life? Can you identify, do you belong here or there? Are you just trying to find out the secrets to life? No, but in reality, everybody,…
Jassem and Kathrine Discuss What It’s Like to Be An Endurance Athlete. Recovery, Training and Online Resources to Improve your Overall Fitness
Jul 20 • 59 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi talks with Jessem, a Spartan racer and CrossFit athlete, and Kathrine, a weight lifter, Pilates instructor, and triathlete. They talk about what their training and diets look like as well as how they…
Psyched With Dr. D : Victimization and Dealing with Negative People, Keys to Avoiding and Preventing Negativity in Your Environment With Negative People.
Jul 15 • 48 min
The project Kuwait . Hey guys, welcome to this episode. Me and doctor d are sitting down talking about victimization and we hit on so many different topics within the victim card. Okay. Any other self fulfilling prophecy going into how we don’t want…
Abdullah Al Askari on: How to Start a Gym and What to Expect When Venturing into Entrepreneurship, Pitfalls of New Gym Owners, Lets Open a Gym Trend, Regulation of the Training Industry, Ideal Gym Experience
Jul 13 • 56 min
Summary: Mahdi and Liam are joined by Abdullah Al Askari, entrepreneur and fitness guru, for this informational episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. Abdullah talks about the business side of the fitness and health industry based on his experience and…
Psyched with Dr. D : Braking down the fairness of life love and happiness in “ Is life fair “
Jul 8 • 27 min
02:20 They have all these stories about how they feel on just so what do …
هاجر جمال بطلة كويتية ومبدعه في “الكروس فت” ورفع الاثقال تتكلم عن ممارسة المرأة في مجال الرياضه (English/Arabic Episode) Kuwait’s CrossFit Champion, Hajar Jamal Discusses: Being a Female Athlete in Kuwait, Achieving Goals and Becoming the Best at
Jul 6 • 55 min
Hajar, Kuwait’s CrossFit Champion, joined Mahdi for this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. The two discuss the misconceptions and stigmas associated with strong women and especially female trainers in the Middle East. Hajar has experienced plenty of…
Dr. Juliet Dinkha: Freud, PTSD and LSD, Technology Detox, Cyberbullying, Social Media, Social Masks and Body Image
Jul 1 • 59 min
Summary: Dr. Juliet Dinkha is a professor at the American University of Kuwait and a clinical psychologist. She joins Mahdi on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast to discuss all things psychology, both generally in humanity and specific to Kuwait.…
#1 Fitness Podcast Co-Host Adam Schafer of MindPump: Discusses, The Fitness Industry, Creating a Scalable Business Model, Social Influencers ROI or Bust , Kuwait Mecca of Bodybuilding,“the next big thing”, Group Training, Crossfit and Orange Theory
Jun 22 • 73 min
Summary: Our guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Adam Schafer, co-founder of MindPump Media. He joined us to talk about the fitness industry, the business side of MindPump, his experience in the steroid culture, and so much more. Adam…
Free 1 Month! Project GIVEAWAY - local and international
Jun 21 • 2 min
To thank all our fans, the Project KUWAIT is hosting a contest on Instagram! Head on over to @theprojectkuwait and submit your entities.
Secretes to Recovery Reece Dunn Discusses Breathing, Movement, The Meaning of “Chi”, Ice Baths Sauna for Recovery, Tension Relief, Self Expression and finding a State of Flow
Jun 16 • 50 min
Time Stamps:1:31 – Reece Dunn is a breath and movement expert from London who has gotten involved in the movement community in Kuwait. He works with clients on bridging the gap between mind and body, allowing them to practice rel…
Top Programming Mistakes: No Gimmicks No Magic Pill Rob Schillaci Weighs in on the Top 5 Programming Mistakes for Seasoned Athletes and Newcomers, Nutrition and Setting New Habits for Weight Loss and Strength Gains
Jun 8 • 57 min
This week, the Project Kuwait is joined by Rob Schillaci, Fittest Man in Kuwait 2018, and behind-the-scenes Project team member, Haya Al-Qassar, to talk all things programming. In this episode, Rob breaks down the five main programming mistakes that could…
Local Kuwaiti Hero and Rising Star Fahad Al Jarallah Breaks Down the 100 Burpee Challenge, Transitioning from Athlete to Coach, and Kuwaits’ Chances to Becoming a CrossFit Powerhouse
Jun 2 • 46 min
Local Hero and Rising Star Fahad Al Jarallah Brakes Down the 100 Burpee Challenge, Transitioning from Athlete to coach and Kuwaits Chances in becoming a CrossFit Powerhouse
How US Ambassador Lawrence Silverman Manages His Diabetes with Diet and Exercise
May 25 • 37 min
We were pleased to welcome US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence Silverman to this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. Ambassador Silverman talked with Mahdi and Liam about living with diabetes, managing stress, finding time to exercise, and encouraging the…
Eating for Performance and Weight Loss with Two Nutritionists, Lulwa AlArmali and Nasser Alawadh on Kuwaiti Food, Macros, Instagram Credibility of Nutritionists.
May 17 • 59 min
Mahdi is joined by Nassar of Level Up with Nassar and Lulwa, The Functional Nutritionist, for this episode of The Project Kuwait. They discuss a topic that is important to athletes in Kuwait or other countries with traditional cultural gatherings…
Entrepreneur and Fitness Guru Abdullah Al-Askari Discuss Fitness and Health-Related Businesses, Start-Up Cost of Gyms, Copycat Business Models, and The Future of Trainers and Gym Owners in Kuwait
May 10 • 64 min
Mahdi and Liam are joined by Abdullah Al Askari, entrepreneur and fitness guru, for this informational episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. Abdullah talks about the business side of the fitness and health industry based on his experience and shares some…
Mahdi, Meg, and Liam Discuss The Keys to Ramadan & Intermittent Fasting : A Starting Point for Mindfulness, Discipline, Weight Loss and Muscle Growth
May 3 • 44 min
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi, Liam, and Meg discuss Ramadan and ways that you can navigate the social obligations and family expectations when it comes to traditional eating habits. You might not realize that intermittent…
043: Heart Surgeon Dr. Mohammed Albanna Discusses lifestyle, Potential side effects of E-cigarettes , Heart Disease Prevention, Steroids and Blood Vessels blockages, And why exercising could save your life!
Apr 27 • 49 min
Summary: Dr. Mohammed Albanna is a heart surgeon in Kuwait who shares some great insights about heart health with Mahdi and listeners on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. You may not realize that there are simple things you can do every day to…
042: Listener Q&A: Mahdi, Liam, and Meg answer your questions on perking up your chest, losing man boobs, recovery, overtraining, and social responsibility.
Apr 26 • 15 min
042: Listener Q&A Mahdi, Liam and Meg answer questions on perking up you chest and losing man boobs , Recovery, overtraining, Social Responsibilitie
041: Get a Grip How to Improve Your Arms: Mahdi and Liam Discuss the Key Tips to Building Forearm Strength, the Good and the Bad of Using Straps, and Plus-size Athletes
Apr 20 • 27 min
Liam and Mahdi are firm believers in focusing on building forearm strength, and they share with listeners of the Project Kuwait podcast why grip strength is so important as well as specific exercises that will make a huge difference in your forearms.
040: Mohammed Ajialabi: Physical Therapist From Bahrain Discusses Breathing, Movement and his MMA Athletes’ Therapy and Recovery
Apr 13 • 45 min
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Liam and Mahdi are joined by Mohammed Ajialabi, a physical therapist from Bahrain who will blow listeners away with his insights on breathing and strategic movements that can improve your workouts…
039: Mahdi and Meg Discuss: What to Expect When Starting a New Workout Routine or Getting Back to the Gym, Listener Q&A, Reviews, Common Misconceptions About Gym life
Apr 6 • 71 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi and Meg share with listeners the things to keep in mind when you are starting a new workout journey. Whether you are a former athlete or someone new to fitness, this episode has practical steps for you…
038: Coach Saad Discusses Movement as a Cultural Issue in Kuwait vs France, Back Pain, Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Why 8,000+ steps per day may help you feel better
Apr 3 • 54 min
During this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi sits down with Coach Saad, a Kuwaiti trainer who specializes in movement and lack of movement. Coach Saad has found that inactivity is a cultural problem in Kuwait that leads to many problems such…
037: Yalla Move Kuwait a Local Event on April 12, Celebrates Diversity in Movement and Showcases Local and Visiting Movement Practitioners in an Exciting Line up of Workshops.
Apr 2 • 35 min
Yalla Move episode - Meg & Madhi What is Movement and how is it different than exercising? In this episode Meg and Madhi sit with the event organizers of Kuwait’s first ever movement culture festival to answer those questions and more. Yalla Move Kuwait…
036: Lulwa Al Armali The Functional Nutritionist Tells All About Testosterone, Sleep, Fat Loss, Building Muscle and Overall Health
Mar 29 • 53 min
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi and Liam are joined by Luwlwa, the Functional Nutritionist, who explains everything men need to know about their hormones. This episode touches on testosterone, cortisol, insulin, and the…
035: The Psychology of Eating Disorders with Fatma Al-Qadfan Drama Therapist
Mar 24 • 81 min
Summary: Mahdi and Liam are joined on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast by Fatma Al-Qadfan, a drama therapist who is also knowledgeable about eating disorders. She talks about intuitive eating, the best types of accounts to follow on social…
034: Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation ) and how to Overcome it, Competing and Training for Health, Coaching and Developing Athletes with Haya Al-Sharhan
Mar 16 • 50 min
Haya Al-Sharhan, a competitive CrossFit athlete and creator of “MomFit” program is back on the show to discuss the recent change in direction of the CrossFit Open and the new programs she’s creating for women through and after pregnancy. Haya and Mahdi…
033: البحث عن النجاح من خلال عالم “الكروس فت” مع بدر الخميس Bader Al Khamees Finding Success Through Elite Training (English and Arabic)
Mar 11 • 63 min
Liam and Mahdi are joined by Bader Khamees for this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. Bader started out as a serious weight lifter and bodybuilder, but has transitioned to CrossFit in recent years. He describes what he has learned through the various…
032: Kuwait Moms Guide and Stop Crying Studios ; How to Get Yourself and Your Kids More Active
Mar 9 • 44 min
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait, Mahdi and Liam interview Jamie, founder of the Kuwait Moms Guide, and Jon P., Jamie’s trainer and the founder of Stop Crying Studios. They share with listeners some very practical tips about starting and…
031: Pilates Expert Catherine Klaffer Breaks Down How Pilates Can Make You a Better Athlete and Enhance your Body and mind
Mar 1 • 57 min
Our guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Catherine, a Pilates enthusiast and instructor. Catherine describes her experience with other workout modalities and what about Pilates makes it so effective and beneficial to the overall…
030: Kuwaiti Super Star Fahad Al Zaid talks about training, recovery , work ethic and how to be successful in your sport
Feb 23 • 29 min
Summary: On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi interviews Kuwaiti rising star baseball player Fahad Al Zaid and his father. Fahad is 16 years old and 5 years into his already prolific baseball career, training 3 hours per day in order to…
029: The Truth About PMS with Lulwa Al Armali “The Functional Nutritionist” Meg and Mahdi
Feb 16 • 61 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, we are joined again by Luwlwa, the Functional Nutritionist, who is broaching a taboo topic. Luwlwa and Meg share their expertise on the female cycle and hormones as well as learning how to have a healthy…
028:Kuwait Scorpions Rugby Club
Feb 12 • 55 min
Mahdi and Liam were honored to be joined by two of the main members of the Kuwait Scorpions Rugby Club for this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast. They discuss rugby’s long history in Kuwait as well as their hopes for its future growth.
027: Olympian Faye Sultan describes her journey to the Olympics
Feb 10 • 44 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi, Meg, and Liam are honored to interview Faye Sultan, a Kuwaiti Olympic swimmer in the 2012 and 2016 Games. Faye shares with listeners about her journey as a swimmer and the importance of being involved…
026: Secret to gaining serious strength, deadlifts and it’s effects on your hormones, celery juice detox, how to maximize recovery
Feb 6 • 80 min
traffic in Kuwait and the tendency of bikers to not pay attention or ride recklessly, deadlifts increase testosterone and hormone levels, strongman competitions, strongman exercises, celery juice detox, calorie restriction, impact of having a personal…
025: Hala Mahrous Cancer Survivor Discusses her symptoms, Diagnosis, and her Workouts Before and After her Surgeries
Feb 4 • 55 min
On this episode of The Project Kuwait podcast, Meg and Mahdi are joined by Hala Mahrous, a thyroid cancer survivor who came on to tell her story. She discusses her symptoms, her interactions with doctors along the way to her diagnosis, and her workouts…
024: Jennifer Allen Physiotherapist Discusses Importance of Physiotherapy and its Impacts on the Body, Questions you Should Ask a New Physiotherapist, Biomechanics and Body Composition,
Jan 29 • 51 min
Mahdi’s guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Jennifer Allen, a physiotherapist who has relocated to Kuwait from Canada. Jen discusses with us the importance of physiotherapy and its far-reaching impacts on the body. She and Mahdi also…
023: Dane Lynch weighs in on Movement Patterns, Calisthenics, Competition Programming, and Kids Training
Jan 24 • 52 min
In this episode, Mahdi and Liam sit down with Dane Lynch and discuss the importance of proper movement patterns. Learning how to move and control your body is an important lesson that carries over into everyday life, athlete or average Joe.
022: Coach Fit Marky, From Employee to Own Boss, Franchise gym Work conditions vs Boutique Gym, Keys to Deadlifting, Training and Becoming a Successful Dad
Jan 22 • 48 min
Mahdi’s guest on this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is Coach “Fit Marky”. Mark quit his office job to pursue his dream of being a personal trainer and coach, and he has done very well for himself. After several years of working for a big box gym,…
021: Lulwa Alarmali “The Functional Nutritionist” Impacts of food on body, Gut health and inflammation, Manipulating Glycogen Stores, Cholesterol Precursor to Sex Hormones, Processed Foods
Jan 20 • 49 min
Summary:On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi and Liam are joined by Lulwa Alarmali, “The Functional Nutritionist.” Lulwa shares abundant insights into the impacts of food on the physiology of the body as well as gut health and…
020: Steroids a Controversial Topic: The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Elite Sports, Morality and Ethics in sports, The USSR and it unfair advantage, NFL,MLB and Crossfit drug policies
Jan 15 • 40 min
On this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast, Mahdi, Liam, and Meg discuss the controversial topic of the use of performance enhancing drugs in elite sports. Though professional athletes like Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, and Lance Armstrong have been…
019: Asmaa Belrhiti - Proud Mom Diaries, Mom of 2 kids with special needs, CrossFitter, and advocate for Autism and Down syndrome
Jan 13 • 59 min
Asmaa Belrhiti is the proud mother of two children with special needs. She’s created Proud Mom Diaries as a platform to educate the world about children with special needs. She offers support and resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers. She openly…
018: 2019 Predictions for the Health and Fitness Industry, PX90 and Insanity vs CrossFit, Free Workout Resources, Intelligent Trainers and The importance of Accessory work
Jan 9 • 60 min
Summary: The topic of this episode of the Project Kuwait podcast is reviewing 2018’s fitness trends, looking ahead to 2019, and working out at a gym 101. Mahdi and Liam share from their own experiences and bring in the advice of industry experts to…
017: Rob Schillaci - Fittest Man in Kuwait 2018 Competitive CrossFit vs CrossFit as a Training Program and its Benefits
Jan 6 • 50 min
017: Rob Schillaci - Fittest Man in Kuwait 2018 Discuses Competitive CrossFit vs CrossFit as a training program and its benefits
016: Haya Al Sharhan - MomFit
Dec 31, 2018 • 52 min
Program discussed in episode: The MomFit Program is a postpartum rehab/rebuilding plan to help get moms back into fitness after pregnancy.
015: This Week in The News (16-20 Dec) , FSR, Crossfit Q8, DXB, and Kuwaiti Baseball
Dec 20, 2018 • 8 min
This Week in the news
014: Diabetes in Kuwait PT. 2, With Dr. Neil Coffee
Dec 18, 2018 • 52 min
Dr. Neil Coffee is the strategic analyst of research into Diabetes prevalence in world nations.
013: Kuwait’s Silent Killer: Diabetes PT. 1,What is Geo spatial research, Dasman Diabetes Institute
Dec 16, 2018 • 29 min
Kuwait’s Silent Killer, Kuwait ranks 7th worldwide
012: This Week in the News (Dec 5-13)The Burrow, Flare Fitness, Fawzia Sultan, NBK, Dubai Fitness Championships
Dec 13, 2018 • 7 min
This Week in the News
011: Spartan Race Review, Helpful tips and tricks, Train on a budget (DXB,Oman and Kuwait)
Dec 11, 2018 • 34 min
Spartan Race Review (DXB,Oman and Kuwait)
010: Surviving the Holidays
Dec 9, 2018 • 37 min
In this episode we offer up some of our tips for surviving the holidays without losing focus and still be able to enjoy the food
09: From the Talent Incubator - Kommunity
Dec 3, 2018 • 33 min
From the Talent Incubator - Kommunity
06: Kuwait’s Battle of the East Review
Nov 21, 2018 • 57 min
How the development of athletes in the GCC region has been influenced by The CPCF Battle Fitness Festival.
04: Who are we?
Nov 21, 2018 • 30 min
Meet the hosts!
05: What does a great body need?
Nov 21, 2018 • 40 min
What your body needs to look and feel it’s best.
08: What makes a good Coach?
Nov 21, 2018 • 42 min
How to spot a slacker coach and avoid wasting your money!
07: Stress Management 101
Nov 21, 2018 • 37 min
In a fast pace 21st century it’s hard to avoid stress but there are many ways to cope with it.
03: Managing Motivation, First steps to the gym, Tips to get going and more
Nov 20, 2018 • 31 min
Debunking lies about your motivation.
Meg, Liam and Mahdi Discuss Dieting, Keto, Taking the First steps to Choosing the Right Diet for you, Gut health for a better life
Nov 20, 2018 • 42 min
Why diets don’t work and what you can do instead.
01: We love to love-hate CrossFit
Nov 19, 2018 • 42 min
Why each of us started and parted ways with CrossFit.